Welcome to My Lovely Chaos!

Why, hello there!

Please, come on in, sit down, and make yourself at home. I know – the place is kind of bare, and there’s not much to see yet. But all that’s temporary. Over the coming weeks, I’ll be unpacking, painting, decorating – and trying to get the Noli-dog out of my desk chair! =D

In the meantime, it’s great to have  you here in the middle of this lovely chaos in the making. Are you comfortable? Can we offer you a beverage to sip? A pit bull to cuddle? Something completely different?

What’s that? You’d like a story? Well, okay. You’ve come to the right place.

Timestamp: February 20, 2018

My kids and I are sitting in a booth at a local restaurant, eating dessert. It’s my husband’s 54th birthday, and we’re celebrating without him. 
He’s been dead a little over a month now, and we’re here to honor him by living his motto:

“Eat Dessert First.”

It was his way of enjoying life’s sweeter moments while he could, and it seems like the best way to remember him on his birthday. We eat delicious sundaes, then family fare. We laugh together, and cry a little, too. We share favorite memories, and make a step or two toward healing. 

It’s sweetness as balm against the grief. It helps us cope with everything that’s changed, and is still changing.  It binds us together, and gives us a space to share and remember.

It’s one of many ways we strive to find and create loveliness in times of chaos.

I want to help you find the loveliness  in your chaos, too – or even just a bit of extra joy to bring a touch of magic to the everyday.

Just ring the doorbell button below, and we’ll let you right in! You get our twice-monthly Lovely Chaos Newsletter. In every issue, we’ll explore a simple way to find a little more sweetness in challenging times.

And since spamming is a very UNlovely kind of chaos, we’ll never spam you, or sell your email address to anybody, ever!

Plus, because I’m happy you’re here, I’ll send you 33 Ways to Find the Lovely in Your Chaos. It’s a list of quick little mood boosters – enough for a month, with a couple to spare for when you really need them!

Join us, and we’ll find the blessings and yessings in life’s messings together!

Take a chance! Type something in this box, and see what happens! =D

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