Lovely Chaos… The Blog!

Will you find it at the rainbow’s end….?


But there’s no need to go treasure hunting. I’ll be linking new blog posts and bringing in my favorites from my preceding blogs over the next weeks.

Writing blog posts comes naturally to me. Figuring out the best systems for linking and sharing them…? Well that takes more time… and maybe a bit of rainbow magic.

But I’m ready to get this bloggin’ party started! For now, I’m going to link and excerpt posts from my sister-blog, Shan Jeniah’s Lovely Chaos.

I’m sure there’s a better, easier way to approach this. I’ll be spending some time this winter exploring and updating both blog and website, with the goal a streamlined, cohesive whole that functions as a single unit, like a house with two doors.

Until then, posts will be manually linked below and/or in the Brand-New Lovely Chaos widget in the sidebar on the right!


Hey there, fellow ROWers!

A busy week has ended, and another waits in the wings!

Between household events, writing coursework, and NaNoWriMo, it was a busy, busy week for me. I think my 12 Week Year goalsetting framework is helping, though, because I somehow managed to accomplish a good deal, despite many comings and goings. I completed nearly half of my Week Five goals, and another ten are in some stage of progress. At the end of the week, only three items weren’t started!