#ROW80 #ROC80: ROC and ROW – ROWing through the ROCy Bits

Hey there, ROW80 friends!

It’s been a bit of an off-kilter week (and I totally forgot to update yesterday). I’ve woken up very early two days this week (like, just after dawn early!). With all the rain we had last week, my sloped yard was becoming a meadow. I’ve finally got most of it mowed (an electric mower means I can only mow what the batteries will let me mow, and then I need to recharge).

With the being up early and the physical exertion, I’ve also tanked out early a time or two.

All of this has led to a feeling of being behind, even though my progress so far really doesn’t reflect that. I’m doing well enough – the only thing that hasn’t been started is the formatting, and I want to wait until I finish client care for the week, so I can focus on it.

Another thing that might be making a difference is that I’ve decided to add some weekly quotas to my personal routines, so I can maximize my productivity in key areas without exerting a lot more energy (because I know I tend to expect more from myself than is reasonable for two regular, not-me humans). So, keeping track of these things is new, and feels… odd, still.

How’s your week going?

Feeling a bit wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey this week…

Week Six Goals:

Completed goals:      20%
In progress goals:     60%
Still waiting goals:    20%

  1. Spend at least 30 minutes (or until complete) formatting light shines; shadow falls on KDP and publish.
  2. Share next excerpt on #8sentencesunday; ask for ARC reviewers; complete Week Two of Story A Day May. 4/7 stories done.
  3. Spend two hours on Lesson 16 of How to Revise Your Novel.
  4. Fill in remainder of June social media content; update newsletter lists. I’ve done June and July for Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  5. Complete beta read of first fifteen chapters of Rounding for Home. Chapters 12 and 13 completed; I expect to finish 14 today.

May Goals:

  • Format light shines; shadow falls on KDP and publish.
  • Continue sharing excerpts on #8sentencesunday until the story is finished; ask for ARC reviewers; complete Story A Day May (I wouldn’t normally combine goals like this, but I’m close to the end of the story, and want to keep this list to five. I think I can fairly easily do both, especially if I batch the blog posts).
  • Finish Lesson 16 of How to Revise Your Novel.
  • Follow through on social media schedule; fill in June and July’s content; update newsletter lists; finish beta sequence; and post at least twice to blog and newsletter.
  • Complete beta read of first twenty chapters of Rounding for Home.
I feel like my edges are as amorphous as the shoreline…

Q2 Goals: I’ll update these at the end of each month.

  1. Format and publish light shines; shadow falls.
  2. Share excerpts on #8sentencesunday until finished; ask for ARC book reviews I can use. Moving through the final few excerpts.
  3. Complete Lesson 16 and begin Lesson 17 of How to Revise Your Novel (goal adapted; Lesson 17 is the first cutting lesson, and I don’t want to rush through it). Moving through Lesson 16.
  4. Launch and publicize newsletter; drip out nurture sequence.
  5. Create a basic marketing/content plan for the year.

Writing/Business Goals for 2023: I’ll update these at the end of each quarter.

  1. Publish and market light shines; shadow falls.
  2. Earn 3x what I did last year (a little over 30k).
  3. Market and fully book QtQ programs.
  4. Finish How to Revise Your Novel.
  5. Engage/connect/interact with clients, potential clients, and readers.
Hoping all the fragments will come together to form beauty!

And that’s all I have for now.

How are your goals going? Do you have a favorite project? Is there a specific win you’re celebrating, or a challenge you’d like cheering on for?

ROW80/ROC80 is a writing/creativity challenge. You set your own creativity goal or goals and work on them for 80 days. If they aren’t a good fit for you, you’re free to change them. Check-ins with the community on Wednesdays and Sundays, so we can cheer you on or help you pick yourself up.

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