#ROW80 Week Three Midweek Check-in: ROC and ROW – A Little Bit Slower Now….

Hey there, ROW80 friends!

I’m off to a slower start this week. I’ve got a lot of client care, and it’s limiting the amount of time I have to spend on these goals.

On the plus side, I’ve gotten some big things moved into the “in progress” category, and I still think I’m looking good to have a fair amount done by the end of the week. And of the ones not officially started, I have been mulling a few.

So, what does it look like?

Here’s one big move forward for the week!

Week Three Goals:

Completed goals:      10%

In progress goals:     20%

Still waiting goals:    70%

  1. Complete formatting for light shines; shadow falls.
  2. Schedule my next #8sentencesunday excerpt for 1/29/23 and share in linky list.
  3. Follow up with Nikki; share and post in Sacred Biz Rebels and Spirit Sanctorium.
  4. Follow up with Camille and Michelle (Quiet the Quagmire booking leads).
  5. Complete Lesson 15 of How to Revise Your Novel.
  6. Add my freebie to my site; update nurture sequence buttons in ConvertKit; announce the mailing list on FB and Twitter. My freebie is on my site and password protected. Started updating buttons. Downloaded my Big Why page to use for the announcement.
  7. Finish Izzi’s video testimonial template and Joni’s testimonial; share Joni’s to FB and Twitter. I’ve finished Joni’s and posted to FB. Izzi’s template is selected, and her video downloaded.
  8. Reach out to Lillian again re: exit interview completion. She completed her exit interview and gave me some excellent feedback and food for thought.
  9. Create a basic sharing structure for my 2023 content baskets and brainstormed content.  
  10.  Write and share a #fanficstacks story for this week.
Looking forward to sharing more of this once the week’s client care is done tomorrow!

If you’re wondering how these weekly goals fit into my larger goals, here are those lists. Bolded items are in progress or completed. January is shaping up pretty well, overall.

January 2023 Goals:

Completed goals: 33%
In progress goals:   67%
Still waiting goals:     0%

  1. Finish formatting light shines; shadow falls. This starts in earnest next week.
  2. Resume sharing excerpts on #8sentencesunday.
  3. Set earning goals for Q1 and monthly.
  4. Meet earning goals for January. I’m currently at $937.50 for the month. So. Very. Close!
  5. Set booking goals for Q1 and monthly.
  6. Meet booking goals for January. One booking done; one to go.
  7. Complete Lesson 15 of How to Revise Your Novel. Should be done by week’s end.
  8. Launch and publicize newsletter. Nurture sequence mostly finished; freebie is on my site and password protected. Just need to pull the pieces together and then I can launch!
  9. Create a basic marketing/content plan for the year. I’ve got my content baskets and brainstormed topics; next week, I’ll start building out the structure.

Q1 Goals: I’ll update these at the end of each month.

  1. Format and publish light shines; shadow falls.
  2. Share excerpts on #8sentencesunday until finished or end of quarter.
  3. Meet earning goals for Q1.
  4. Meet booking goals for Q1.
  5. Complete Lessons 15-17 of How to Revise Your Novel.
  6. Launch and publicize newsletter; publish biweekly content.
  7. Create a basic marketing/content plan for the year.

Writing/Business Goals for 2023: I’ll update these at the end of each quarter.

  1. Publish and market light shines; shadow falls.
  2. Earn 3x what I did last year (a little over 30k).
  3. Market and fully book QtQ programs.
  4. Finish How to Revise Your Novel.
  5. Engage/connect/interact with clients, potential clients, and readers.
For right now, this is where my focus is…

And that’s all I have for now.

How are your goals going? Do you have a favorite project? Is there a specific win you’re celebrating, or a challenge you’d like cheering on for?

ROW80/ROC80 is a writing/creativity challenge. You set your own creativity goal or goals and work on them for 80 days. If they aren’t a good fit for you, you’re free to change them. Check-ins with the community on Wednesdays and Sundays, so we can cheer you on or help you pick yourself up.

Here’s the linky to join the list !

You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter (#ROW80)!


    • A cool thing about doing exit interviews at the end of people’s programs is that I get great feedback. Some is like this, and some is ideas for how I can make things better. In some ways, that’s actually my favorite, because it gives rise to so many new ideas!

    • Alberta, my “secret” is that I invested in a fantastic group business coaching program for a year and a half. I learned a tremendous amount about how to organize/prioritize.

      Also, my once-little humans are now 21 (and working) and 18. So I have more help and less I NEED to do urgently (although there are twice as many dogs as there used to be).

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