#WeWriWa: Into the Mist

Hey there, once again!

Last week, when I posted, it was with sporadic internet I assumed was part of a national issue my provider was having.

And then, early on Monday morning, as I was chatting with my son about possible road trips to Niagara Falls, Ellis Island, and the Museum of Natural History, our house power went out.

We are not in a position to pay for the kind of repairs that we expected we’d need, but we do need power, so we called an electrician my youngest found and liked the reviews for.

Youngest chose well. The electrician not only got us scheduled in for the same day, but called a buddy of his who works on the road crew for our power company, in case it was on their end, so we wouldn’t have to wait needlessly.

And, as it turns out, that was a great decision. We have two giant pine trees at the edge of our property, and someone thought, when our house’s original power line was set up, that it was a good idea to put it through those two old trees.

The trees had other ideas. Over the years, the branches grew, and eventually started abrading the power line. Four hours, four trucks, six people, a new power line,  and some limbs the size of trees later, we had power (and nicely groomed old trees, and a head start on next winter’s firewood).

What we didn’t have was internet. So we called the service provider, Spectrum. Despite a very frustrating user interface, their support was excellent, and it was determined that our modem/router combo had no power and was probably killed in the power outage.

So, the next day, we were scheduled for attention. Two visits, a technician, a maintenance guy, and a supervisor on the phone later, we finally had internet – which took a new line, a new modem, and a new router.

Happy to say, we have steady power and internet now, so on to the order of the day.

Sometimes things connect in odd ways, like this impromptu long-ago flatware and coffee-mug sculpture from my then-preteen son, now 21.

Here’s the description for light shines; shadow falls short story/poetry collection (subject to tweaking in the coming weeks):

Yearning for delicious reading that scatters tiny treasures through your busy life? Add light shines; shadow falls to your collection and enter new realities today!

Five breathtaking bite-sized journeys into other lives. Ten autobiographical poems that sample author Shan Jeniah Burton’s life – from the child of volatile parents to the journey of married life, through joy and grief and beyond, interwoven with five lyrical short stories that range from the fantastical to the almost-like-real-life-but-not-quite: 

 A woman, two hawks, and her child self…
 A graffiti artist’s lilac-scented shame…
 A life history told in stained glass…
 A life-changing cup of coffee…
 A most unusual engagement…

You’ll learn why red is a tricky color, follow the ongoing path of a marriage, and feel the deceptive power of the word, “Yes.”

Each story and poem is a treasure of imagery and sensory delights. Each explores light and shadow in its own unique way. 

Savor them one at a time, or feast on them all in one sitting – the choice is all yours. Scroll up and treat yourself today!

And now it’s time for the next installment of “Storm at Song Glass Cabin.” Last week, our narrator  remembered her son and his first word…

We’ll pick up from there.

Photo credit: Jeri Minick

I miss the innocence, but no man can remain an infant.

I move on, as he did, long ago.

 “Mom, it’s Sean. Can you hear me? Are you still here?”

Sorrow, with the two of us clinging together. A shadowy man vanishes into the mist. Claude, heading off into the arms of a faceless woman, her luscious curves the only thing discernible in the fog.

Photo credit: Jeri Minick

“Storm at Song Glass Cabin” first appeared in Exploits of the Adirondacks, an anthology published by 518 Publishing Company.

It will be included in my upcoming first collection of short stories and poetry, light shines; shadow falls. Stay tuned for details as I wend my way through Amazon’s self-publishing maze. =)



    • I’m not wholly sure where it all came from, but there were a few disparate pieces, and I have always loved stained glass. One of Jim’s uncles works in it. =)

  1. So much emotion in this snippet. Glad you got a good electrician. Hopefully, you won’t have any more problems.

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