#WeWriWa: The Balance of Life

Hey there! It’s time for Weekend Writing Warriors’ #8sentencesunday again!

It’s been a busy, busy week. I’m dogsitting for friends who are out of the country, and my schedule is out of tune with the typical flow of my life. It makes for lots of adjustments, and figuring out how to do the things I want and need to do.

Which is why I’m getting to this post on Thursday night, so it doesn’t get forgotten like it did a couple of weeks ago. Also, tomorrow is my birthday, and I have a date with an amazing salad and the novel revision course I’m working through extremely slowly with a trickster piece of fanfiction….

By the way, I am loving all of your comments! If anyone is willing to allow me to use them as testimonials when the book is published, please just drop me a line and let me know. It would be a fantastic way to help a fledgling self-publisher along – for free!

Here’s the book description again. I haven’t gotten it entered into KDP yet, but am hoping to next week, or the following if dogtending consumes my extra brainspace.

Yearning for delicious reading that scatters tiny treasures through your busy life? Add light shines; shadow falls to your collection and enter new realities today!

Five breathtaking bite-sized journeys into other lives. Ten autobiographical poems that sample author Shan Jeniah Burton’s life – from the child of volatile parents to the journey of married life, through joy and grief and beyond, interwoven with five lyrical short stories that range from the fantastical to the almost-like-real-life-but-not-quite: 

 A woman, two hawks, and her child self…
 A graffiti artist’s lilac-scented shame…
 A life history told in stained glass…
 A life-changing cup of coffee…
 A most unusual engagement…

You’ll learn why red is a tricky color, follow the ongoing path of a marriage, and feel the deceptive power of the word, “Yes.”

Each story and poem is a treasure of imagery and sensory delights. Each explores light and shadow in its own unique way. 

Savor them one at a time, or feast on them all in one sitting – the choice is all yours. Scroll up and treat yourself today!

And now it’s time for the next installment of “Storm at Song Glass Cabin.” As we left our narrator, she heard a branch break close to her cabin.

Photo credit: Jeri Minick.

I spin, following the sound of shattering glass.

Deadly slivers are all that remain of The Balance of Life. Two years of painstaking labor made difficult by stiffening fingers and weakening eyes. Now it is only thousands of tiny memory-shards.

Sean hung this piece for me six months ago. I can still hear him complaining in a voice too much like Claude’s.

The Balance of Life, Mom? Really? Are you planning to die or something?”

Photo credit: Jeri Minick.

“Storm at Song Glass Cabin” first appeared in Exploits of the Adirondacks, an anthology published by 518 Publishing Company.

It will be included in my upcoming first collection of short stories and poetry, light shines, shadow falls. Stay tuned for details as I wend my way through Amazon’s self-publishing maze. =)



    • Thank you, Teresa! I’ve written a lot of poetry in my life. In everything, I am drawn to shapes and textures, rich colors and deeper meanings…

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