#WeWriWa: Between Action and Rest

Hey there, and welcome! I’m so happy to be back here at #8sentencesunday. While I know I can share more than 8 sentences now, I’m going to try to keep my excerpts to just eight sentences, because I do love a challenge. =)

Speaking of challenges, I have a new goal. By the time I’ve completely shared this story here, I will have the collection available via Kindle.

Which means I’ll need to make a more consistent effort at the process.

For now, though, my goal is to share the next section of “Storm at Song Glass Cabin.” Our narrator is working on Infinity – a stained-glass project – when the light starts to fade.

We rejoin the story here:

A front cover waiting to meet the Big Wide World!

A clap of close thunder. My tongs slip out of my hand, clattering into the metal work tray. Colored glass scatters across my worktable and onto the floor. 

Fat drops of rain splatter and ping against the window, but not hard enough that I need to worry about damage to the colored panes of Song Glass Cabin. I stay where I am, protected from the elements, suspended between action and rest. Maybe the storm will blow over and the late afternoon sunshine will return.

The fallen glass is a deconstructed rainbow. I should clean it up, but it reminds me of the way the streaming colors painted dancing dust motes while I sipped my morning coffee.

“Storm at Song Glass Cabin” first appeared in Exploits of the Adirondacks, an anthology published by 518 Publishing Company.

It will be included in my upcoming first collection of short stories and poetry, light shines; shadow falls. Stay tuned for details as I wend my way through Amazon’s self-publishing maze. =)



  1. The imagery in this snippet made me feel as if I were there. Great snippet.

    • Hey there, Veronica!

      You can’t guess how many times I’ve thought of you and your writing over the last few years!

      This story came forth as Truth once it got going, and I was rather amazed at all the imagery this character has filled their life with….

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