Making a Habit of It (Again): #ROW80 R2MW7 Update


Hey there!

Yup, that’s right! Here I am with another update. Might be this reclaiming of my updating habit is working…

So far this week, not a lot has been finished, but the majority of my action steps have been started, so I expect the completion number to start rising soon (maybe ever before today is over!).

It helps that the weather here is bright and warm, and that our car is in the shop, so working on at-home items is easier to do.

How is your week going?


Completed: 5/41; 12%
In progress: 26/41; 63%
Still waiting: 10/41; 25%




I live my life in harmony with my finances.


Completed: 2/6; 33%
In progress: 4/6; 67%

Year 11/Round Two Goal:

I develop an intentional relationship with money.

  • I read one chapter of Overcoming Underearning and do exercises each week upon completing the Financial Goalsetting mini-course.
  • I complete the Financial goalsetting mini-course and listen to the Smart Money Mamas podcast once each week.
    • I assign lessons for this week. Complete Module Two.
    • I schedule the lessons and podcast for this week.
    • I follow through on the assigned material.
  • I check bank and credit union account balances daily.
    • I consider the best time to do this.
    • I schedule the check-ins.
    • I follow through with the check-ins. (4/7 days).


Completed: 1/11; 9%
In progress: 6/11; 55%
Still waiting: 4/11; 36%


Home is sanctuary, and the cradle of creativity.

Year 11/Round Two Goal:

We improve our home within our budgetary framework.

  • I/we devote time each month to improvement/repair projects.
    • I review my existing lists of small home projects and incorporate into one.
    • I share the list with Miah and Lise and ask for their input.
    • I add to the list as/if new ideas occur.
    • I talk with Miah about working together on 1-5 specific projects from the list.
    • I/we follow through as circumstances permit.
  • I devote an hour each to inside and outside maintenance/organization each week.
    • I create lists of indoor and outdoor projects I want to address this Year.
    • I schedule blocks of time each week when I will address these projects.
    • I choose a primary and secondary activity in each area. Outside: yard maintenance (mowing/weeding/decluttering; wood and brush piles). Inside: food storage overhaul and entertainment area reset.
    • I follow through on devoting the time (segmenting accepted), focusing first on primary goal, then secondary if it is completed/I need a break.
      • Outside: 50/60 minutes.
      • Inside: 0/60 minutes.
  • I complete an adapted 27 Thing cleanup cycle each week (three rounds per room, including the porch and garage).
    • I schedule blocks of time each week when this can be a focus.
    • I follow through on the cycle in each room.



Our finances are secure.

Completed: 1/9; 11%
In progress: 6/9; 67%
Still waiting: 2/9; 22%

Year 11/Round Two Goal:

I nurture a proactive family financial approach.

  • I invite Miah and Lise to learn along with me as we create our financial plan together.
    • I check bank and credit union balances each day.
    • I track expenses.
    • I share the concept/purpose of the “ramen budget.”
    • We brainstorm and list our essential items and expenses.
    • We add our “wants” in a tiered fashion, from most important to most expendable.
    • We use this information to create a budget we can all live with.
  • We set a financial plan at the end of the month for the month ahead.
    • We discuss individual and family financial intentions/goals.
    • We use these insights to inform our budgetary decisions on an ongoing basis.
  • I gather information on life insurance, trusts, and wills and share with Miah and Lise as they wish.
    • I share any new developments with both offspring as desired during our monthly financial planning.

Professional Development:


I am rewarded richly for my work.

Completed: 2/11; 18%
In progress: 6/11; 55%
Still waiting: 3/11; 27%

Year 11/Round Two Goal:

I create a business plan.

  • I research small and virtual assisting business plans and draft my own.
    • I list my personal priorities for this quarter.
    • I create a schedule for addressing these priorities.
    • I begin conducting my business plan research.
  • I spend an hour each week on administrative matters such as site development, accounting, and file organization.
    • I schedule each week’s session or sprints.
    • I list activities to address in each segment, by priority.
    • I follow through on each session or sprint, moving through my priority list.
  • I tend to my current clients and develop new clients as desired to meet my business plan.
    • I give priority to my existing clients, meeting their needs each week.
    • I invoice/time track current clients as needed, in accordance with our agreements.
    • I prospect for new clients weekly, pitching as indicated.
    • I follow up with two past clients or prospects each week.
    • I cold-pitch one new client this Year.


I flow smoothly through the drafting and revision processes.

Completed: 0/4; 0%
In progress: 3/4; 75%
Still waiting: 1/4; 25%

Year 11/Round Two Goal:

I address monthly writing and revision targets.

  • I focus on revision and beta-reading during and after April CampNaNoWriMo.
    • I devote five hours to How to Revise Your Novel to regain momentum.
    • I beta Chapters 12-14 of Stained Blood, through on the schedule, messaging chapters to author as completed.
  • I write 100-word exploratory children’s stories for Story-A-Day May.
    • I write drabbles for May 17 – 23 as exploration for the concept and potential story starts.
      • May 17.
      • May 18.
      • May 19.
      • May 20.
      • May 21.
      • May 22.
      • May 23.
  • I write 50,000 words of potential blog content for JuNoWriMo.
      • I brainstorm blog topics:
        • Writing blog/site.
        • VA site blog.

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  1. Love the use of mantras here. As I move into the summer season, maybe I’ll need to dream up some summer mantras! You have such good balance between your goals–the creative, the financial, the family sides of things are all incorporated here. Happy almost-summer, Shan! 🙂

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