Baby-Stepping Into Habit: #ROW80 R2W6

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Hey there!

I havem’t done nearly as well at checking in over the past several rounds as I’d like.
t for years; I can regain it. I’m starting small; rather than try to account for the last weeks, I’ll just pick up with this one.

What do you do when you want to restart a habit?

A steep winding trail up a rocky peek, with steps and handrails.
Sometimes it feels like a steep, steep climb. Moro Rock Trail, Sequoia National Park.



Completed: 4/35; 11%
In progress: 20/35; 57%
Still waiting: 11/35; 32%




I live my life in harmony with my finances.

Completed: 1/4; 25%
In progress: 3/4; 75%

Year 11/Round Two Goal:

I develop an intentional relationship with money.

  • I read one chapter of Overcoming Underearning and do exercises each week upon completing the Financial Goalsetting mini-course.
  • I complete the Financial goalsetting mini-course and listen to the Smart Money Mamas podcast once each week.
    • I assign work for this week.
    • I schedule the lessons and podcast for this week.
    • I follow through on the assigned material.

  • I check bank and credit union account balances daily.
    • I follow through with the check-ins.
      • Sunday.
      • Monday.
      • Tuesday.
      • Wednesday.
      • Thursday,
      • Friday.
      • Saturday.




Home is sanctuary, and the cradle of creativity.

Completed: 1/10; 10%
In progress: 7/10; 70%
Still waiting: 2/10; 20%

Year 11/Round Two Goal:

We improve our home within our budgetary framework.

  • I/we devote time each month to improvement/repair projects.
    • I review my existing list of small home projects.
    • I add to the list as/if new ideas occur.
    • I talk with Miah about working together on projects from the list.
    • I/we follow through as circumstances permit.
  • I devote an hour each to inside and outside maintenance/organization each week.
    • I create lists of indoor and outdoor projects I want to address this Year.
    • I schedule blocks of time each week when I will address these projects.
    • I choose a primary and secondary activity in each area. Woodpile, food storage; mowing/weeding, entertainment area reset.
    • I follow through on devoting the time (segmenting accepted), focusing first on primary goal, then secondary if it is completed.
  • I complete an adapted 27 Thing cleanup cycle each week (three rounds per room, including the porch and garage).
    • I schedule blocks of time each week when this can be a focus.
    • I follow through on the cycle in each room. 1/8; 17% completed.
      • Bedroom.
      • Bathroom.
      • Dining room.
      • Kitchen.
      • Porch.
      • Living room.
      • Entertainment area.
      • Garage.

83259408_3026396910738203_6476684930020540416_n (1)



Our finances are secure.

Completed: 0/5; 0%
In progress: 4/5; 80%
Still waiting: 1/5; 20%

Year 11/Round Two Goal:

I nurture a proactive family financial approach.

  • I invite Miah and Lise to learn along with me as we create our financial plan together.
    • I check bank and credit union balances each day.
    • I track expenses.
    • I share the concept/purpose of the “ramen budget.”
  • We set a financial plan at the end of the month for the month ahead.
  • I gather information on life insurance, trusts, and wills and share with Miah and Lise as they wish.
    • I continue my research.
    • I assess Miah and Lise’s interest in learning more about what I’m doing.

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Professional Development:


I am rewarded richly for my work. 

Completed: 2/12; 17%
In progress: 4/12; 33%
Still waiting: 6/12; 50%

Year 11/Round Two Goal:

I create a business plan.

  • I research small and virtual assisting business plans and draft my own.
    • I list my business priorities for this quarter.
    • I create a schedule for addressing these priorities.
    • I find resources to research.
    • I research two resources.
  • I spend an hour each week on administrative matters such as site development, accounting, and file organization.
    • I schedule this week’s session or sprints.
    • I list activities to address in each segment, by priority.
    • I follow through on each session or sprint, moving through my priority list.
  • I tend to my current clients and develop new clients as desired to meet my business plan.
    • I give priority to my existing clients, meeting their needs each week.
    • I invoice/time track current clients as needed, in accordance with our agreements.
    • I pitch at least two new clients from leads (or use social media lead generation).
    • I follow up with two past clients or prospects each week.
    • I choose my cold-pitch client for this Year.

Scene From My Wednesday


I flow smoothly through the drafting and revision processes.

Completed: 0/4; 0%
In progress: 2/4; 50%
Still waiting: 2/4; 50%

Year 11/Round Two Goal:

I address monthly writing and revision targets.

  • I focus on revision and beta-reading during and after April CampNaNoWriMo.
    • I devote five hours to this course to maintain momentum.
    • I complete Chapters 11-14 and message to author as completed.
      • 11.
      • 12.
      • 13.
      • 14.
  • I write 100-word exploratory children’s stories for Story-A-Day May.
    • I write drabbles for May 10-17 as exploration for the concept and potential story starts.
      • 10.
      • 11.
      • 12.
      • 13.
      • 14.
      • 15.
      • 16.
      • 17,
  • I write 50,000 words of potential blog content for JuNoWriMo.
    • I brainstorm blog topics:
      • Writing blog/site.
      • VA site blog.

Want to be accountable for your personal writing (and other) goals? 

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Till Next Time -Be Kind, Be Smart, Be Safe, Be Well!










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