Y11R2/W1: In With a…Whimper?

Hey there!


I’m a week late getting started, as I was training for a potential new position. The experience was good, until it wasn’t.

I’m here now to list my goals, tactics, and action steps. It wasn’t the best week for accomplishments, so I’m focusing on turning that around this week.


How is your April going?


I feel like the tail’s been wagging the dog….


Completed: 6/43; 14%

In progress: 17/43; 40%

Still waiting: 20/43; 46%


Completed: 3/13; 23%

In progress: 6/13; 46%

Still waiting: 4/13; 31%


I live my life in harmony with my finances.

Year 11/Round Two Goal:

I develop an intentional relationship with money.

I read one chapter and do exercises for financial information 3 times each week.

    • I choose two books to work from (in sequence, as possible). Overcoming Underearning and You Are A Badass with Money. 100% completed.
    • I assign chapters/exercises for each week. Through Week 4 (and end of Overcoming Underearning; 25% completed.
    • I schedule blocks of time for this work. Reading: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, Block One. Exercises: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, Block Three. 100% completed.
    • I follow through on the assigned material. 2/3 chapters; 1/3 exercises. 50% completed.


I complete the Financial Goalsetting mini-course and listen to the Smart Money Mamas podcast once each week.

    • I assess where I am in the course.
    • I assign lessons for each week.
    • I find the podcast on my app.
    • I schedule the lessons and podcast for this week. Scheduled the podcast for Tuesday morning. 50% completed.
    • I follow through on the assigned material. Podcast finished. 50% completed.

I check bank and credit union account balances daily (beginning Monday, April 6).

    • I consider the best time to do this. Considering a pair of options – early and late in the day. 25% completed.
    • I schedule the check-ins.
    • I tie the check-ins to an existing habit, to build the habit.
    • I follow through with the check-ins. 33% completed.


Completed: 1/14; 7%

In progress: 4/14; 29%

Still waiting: 9/14; 64%


Home is sanctuary, and the cradle of creativity.


Year 11/Round Two Goal:

We improve our home within our budgetary framework.

I/we devote ten hours each month to improvement/repair projects.

    • I review my Room by Room Rubric.
    • I share it with Miah and Lise.
    • I review my existing list of small home projects.
    • I share the list with Miah and Lise and ask for their input.
    • I add to the list as/if new ideas occur.
    • I talk with Miah about scheduling time each week to work on projects from the list. Exploratory conversation; 10% completed.
    • We schedule the time.
    • I/we follow through with the schedule.

I devote an hour each to inside and outside maintenance/organization each week.

  • I create lists of indoor and outdoor projects I want to address this Year.
  • I schedule blocks of time each week when I will address these projects.
  • I choose a primary and secondary activity in each area. Inside: primary-workstation reset; secondary-kitchen cupboard reset. Outside: woodpile-primary; backyard cleanup-secondary.
  • I follow through on devoting the time (segmenting accepted), focusing first on primary goal, then secondary if it is completed. Inside 100% completed; outside 50% completed; total 75% completed.

I complete an adapted 27 Thing cleanup cycle each week (three rounds per room, including the porch and garage).

  • I schedule blocks of time each week when this can be a focus. Consideration; 25% completed.
  • I follow through on the cycle in each room. Bedroom completed (1/8 rounds finished; 13% completed).


In progress: 2/2; 100%


Our finances are secure.

Year 11/Round Two Goal:

I nurture a proactive family financial approach.

I ask Miah and Lise to help me as we create our “ramen budget” – the minimum necessary for survival.

    • I share the concept/purpose of the “ramen budget.” Introductory conversation; 50% completed.

I sit down at a time that is convenient for all of us at the end of pay cycle to set a monthly financial plan for the coming fiscal month.

I gather information on life insurance, trusts, and wills and share with Miah and Lise as they wish.

    • I begin my research. Listened to a relevant podcast, though this is due Week Three; 25% completed.

Professional Development:


Complete; 1/9; 11%
In progress: 4/9; 44%

Still waiting: 4/9; 45%


I am rewarded richly for my work. 

Year 11/Round Two Goal:

I create and adhere to a business plan.

I research small and virtual assisting business plans and draft my own.

    • I list my personal priorities for this quarter.

I spend a three-hour block each week on administrative matters such as site development, accounting, and file organization.

    • I schedule each week’s session. I’ve decided on Saturday, but not when; 50% completed.
    • I list activities to address in each block, by priority. I have a mental list; 25% completed.
    • I follow through on each block, moving through my priority list.

I tend to my current clients and develop new clients as desired to meet my business plan.

    • I give priority to my existing clients, meeting their needs each week. 3/6 tasks; 50% completed.
    • I invoice/time track current clients as needed, in accordance with our agreements. 3/6 shifts/projects; 50% completed.
    • I prospect for new clients weekly, pitching as indicated. One potential client identified and pitched; 100% completed.
    • I cold-pitch one new client.
    • I follow up with two past clients or prospects.



Complete; 1/1; 100%


I flow smoothly through the drafting and revision processes.

Year 11/Round Two Goal:

I address monthly writing and revision targets.

I focus on revision and beta-reading during and after April CampNaNoWriMo.

    • I spend at least 2 hours on this course. 4 hours in 2 days; 200% completed!

I write 100-word exploratory children’s stories for Story-A-Day May.

I write 50,000 words of story/ potential blog content for JuNoWriMo.


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Till Next Time -Be Kind, Be Smart, Be Safe, Be Well!




  1. We all have an off-week — or longer! Sounds like you have the right attitude, and that’s half the battle! It’s a new week, and a new chance to meet your goals. Hope yours is wonderful, and good luck!

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