We Will Adapt: #ROW80/#12WeekYear Y10R1: Week Eleven

Hey there!


Part of me feels I shouldn’t be making such a cheery greeting, with COVID-19 spreading across the world, and my state the hardest hit. But… we’re all alive until we aren’t, and something my life has shown me is that I have a superpower. I can find the silver lining in anything, and joy even when I’m frightened.

I have long since vowed to only use this superpower for good – so I’m going to greet my friends and readers as cheerfully as I can.

Other things I’m doing to spread joy are: yard and hometending; waving to passing cars; spending time just being with my offspring; preparing foods my family wants to eat; and sharing more fanfiction than I have in quite some time.

What about you? Are you spreading any joy these days? If so, how? If not – are there ways you could?


Completed: 12/16; 75%
In progress: 4/16; 25%

I cut this week’s action plan significantly, to give myself time to adjust to rapidly changing circumstances. It seems to have been a good approach.


Completed: 6/7; 86%
In progress: 1/7; 14%

I prioritize self-nurturance, physical activity, and social connection.

I read for information and/or pleasure daily.

  • I make time every day for at least 10 minutes of reading.
  • I dedicate an additional 20 minutes to reading four times each week.
  • I dedicate an additional 30 minutes to reading three times each week. Due Weeks 1-12.
  • I dedicate an additional hour to reading once each week.

I devote a minimum of 30 minutes every weekday, and 90 minutes over the weekend, to physical self-care.

  • I cook at least two meals each week.
  • I take Noli for a walk every day, excepting my day off.

I nurture current social connections, build new ones, and make an investment in future social endeavors.

  • I connect throughout the week with five friends through social media.
I feel a bit like the tail’s been wagging the dog….


Completed: 3/5; 60%
In progress: 2/5; 40%

I hometend for one hour four weekdays every week and three hours every weekend.

I work 27 Thing cleaning cycles through the house for maintenance/smaller tasks (use a timer!).

  • I complete one graduated cycle, adding outside and porch.

I do 10-minute sprints on larger projects five times weekly.

  • I choose a single project for weekly focus, using secondary/tertiary goals from last week if applicable. Posting an ad for the swimming pool.
  • I choose a stretch project to advance if I complete primary project. Clearing the side of the garage.
  • I choose a tertiary project to advance if I complete secondary project. Re-covering the well house.
  • I complete each sprint.


Completed: 3/4; 75%

In progress: 1/4; 25%

I explore ways to fit lifetending into my life.

I list and triage the tasks I want to accomplish each week.

  • List projects.
    • Check bank balance Wednesday-Saturday.
    • Finish Module One of financial goalsetting mini-course.
    • Provision as possible for at least two weeks.
      • Have everyone make a list.
      • Fulfill lists as best we can in this priority:
        • Hannaford order for pick up.
        • Price Chopper order for pick up.
        • Amazon for delivery.
        • Check into Chewy.
          • Set up delivery?
        • Check Target/Wal-Mart as last options/for pick-up or delivery.
        • Check back as needed for staples and be willing to adapt.
      • Restock firewood.
      • Do the laundry.
      • Pay electric bill @Price Chopper.
      • Remind Miah to pre-order Animal Crossing.
      • Fill the gas tank.
      • Get new flea collars for dogs (via Chewy or Amazon, or locally?).
  • Triage projects.
    • Tuesday: 33% completed; 67% in progress.
    • Wednesday: 91% completed; 9% still waiting.
    • Thursday: 67% completed; 33% still waiting.
    • Friday: 100% completed!
    • Saturday: 67% completed; 33% still waiting.

I schedule the tasks in my weekday schedule, based on priority and where they will fit into the flow of my days.

I score how effective I was at following the schedule (this will inform future weeks’ lists/scheduling). Completed: 72%; In progress: 13%; Still waiting: 15%.

Want to be accountable for your personal writing (and other) goals? 

Come ROW with us!

Find us on Facebook, at our blog, and at the #ROW80 Twitter hashtag!

Till Next Time -Be Kind, Be Smart, Be Safe, Be Well!



  1. Not exactly spreading joy around, but tending ours by practicing gratitude.
    We’re lucky because we’re geeks, so finding ways of having a good time at home is only natural. Last Saturday, we used this superpower to salvage our good friends’ bachelor and bachelorette parties by joining them into an online game night.
    It can’t make up for their wedding being most likely postponed, but we did have a good time and the groom asked for a second round soon.

  2. Great goal progress! I’ve been spreading joy by playing Animal Crossing with friends, sharing as much as I can in the game, and trying to keep regularly scheduled meetings still going online as much as possible!

  3. I try to keep a good sense of humor no matter what kind of ruckus is going on, even though it sometimes comes out more snarky than I would have liked. I’ve written a couple posts on my other blog about COVID19 and have had amazingly positive feedback. People hear so much in the news and on the internet that they just want someone to break it down and tell them what they need to hear, so that was my intention.

    Hang in there and keep up that positive attitude.

  4. Good job on your goals! Especially good that you’re giving yourself a break and adjusting when needed. Take care, stay safe, and have a great week – and keep spreading cheer, we all need it!

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