Sometimes, You’ve Got the Bug: ROW80/12 Week Year MW11

Have you ever had your big plans felled by a tiny little virus?

Yup, that’s what happened to me on Tuesday night. I was chugging along on my goals and tactics, and then – full stop. A stomach virus Miah and Lise had late last week came for me after I thought I’d escaped it, and Wednesday was pretty much spent sleeping.

I’m feeling better today, though I’m moving at a slow speed and building in rest time so as not to overdo.

The good news is that before I got sick, I did manage to finish DIY-MFA 101! It took 14 months, and there are a few things I set aside until a better time presents itself, but I’ve watched all the course videos and read through all the material.

I also took a leap of faith on Sunday, and recorded an interview as the guest on the excellent Exploring Unschooling podcast. My episode will air early next month. It was scary and fun, and I hope beneficial to some new unschoolers, too.


So, what have you been up to?

Maybe Winter Storm Ezekiel had a stomach virus, too?


Overall Totals:

Completed: 8/36; 22%
In progress: 15/36; 42%
Still waiting: 13/36; 36%


Completed: 2/8; 25%

In progress: 5/8; 63%

Still waiting: 1/8; 12%


I set mindful goals using the 10% rule to challenge myself without overwhelm.

I execute my 12 Week Year Plan.

  • I block my week from Monday-Friday excepting Wednesday (sick day).
    • I score my blocks and share them to Slack (skipping the final, selftending block score is OK).

I conduct a WAM and after-action review with my accountability partner(s), adjusting my goals and process as needed to achieve 85% of my action plan tactics weekly from Weeks 6-12.

  • WAM/after-action review for Week Eleven.
  • Assess after-action reviews for last week.
    • Adapt goals/tactics as indicated.
    • Adapt processes as indicated.

I take one day to rest, renew, and move at a leisurely, unplanned pace.

  • Schedule rest day.
  • Take rest day. 


In progress: 2/6; 34%

Still waiting: 4/6; 66%

I ready our home for winter by completing my three seasonal tactics.


I assure heat and safety through the cold season.

  • I apply for a HEAP grant.
  • I arrange storage for ice melt.

I feather our nest for the “hibernating” season.

  • We complete Phase One of Dining Room/Kitchen project.
    • Declutter top of washer.
      • Organize top of washer.
    • Declutter top of island.
      • Organize top of island.



In progress: 2/4; 50%
Still waiting: 2/4; 50%

I complete three projects from my Bog List.


I advance our family finances toward security.

  • I track all expenses (bank, credit union, PayPal).
  • I set up automatic savings deposit with credit union.
  • I record dates/amounts of all recurring payments, and which account they’re paid from.

I complete Lise’s first quarter homeschool report and submit by December 15.

  • I complete rough draft of report.

Professional Development:

In progress: 4/6; 67%

Still waiting: 2/6; 33%

I level up my career by completing my three targeted tactics.

I complete all regular assignments (two local government articles; one public interest piece; freelance virtual assisting for Smart Money Mamas).

I expand my professional reach by pitching articles on Stillwater tourism (already written) and the Saratoga Surrender Site dedication ceremony (on spec), and by gathering resources and brainstorming virtual assisting services I can offer (and leads for whom to offer them to).

  • I check in on the VA leads site twice.
  • I begin a list of those I would like to offer my services to. 
  • I sign up to do transcription/captioning through Rev or another online service.

I increase my visibility by creating business cards, updating my existing website, and creating a VA website during the course.

  • I create business card design for VA services.
  • I update writer site info on book releases.
  • I make a schedule for posting in the new year:
    • Picking up old threads.

New Writing:

Completed: 1/4; 25%

In progress: 1/4; 25%

Still waiting: 2/4; 50%

I complete 50,000 words of Her Name is Lavender, a prequel for my Kifo Island novel-in-progress Still Nameless, and a completed draft of a short story for the “Useless Sidekicks” anthology.


I plot my “Useless Sidekick” story.

  • I reread the intro material and first lesson of Holly Lisle’s flash fiction course.
  • I locate and reread the stories I already had in progress.
  • I create enough starts for five-eleven stories total, including “USA to the Rescue!” flashes that will be the exploratory basis of the larger story.
  • I read Lesson Two and begin writing my middles as needed. 

New Learning:

Completed: 5/8; 63%

In progress: 1/8; 12%

Still waiting: 2/8: 25%

I target new learning to facilitate my professional and financial goals.


I complete DIY-MFA 101.

  • Watch Video Two and Read Play Sheets.
    • Decide whether to complete each play sheet now, or save for 2020.
      • Proceed as indicated.
    • Watch Video Three and Read Play Sheets.
      • Decide whether to complete each play sheet now or save for 2020.

I move forward with 30 Days or Less to VA Success.

  • I complete Module Two.
  • I complete Module Three.
  • I make a plan to complete the remainder of the course by year’s end.


Want to be accountable for your personal writing (and other) goals? 

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  1. You did well despite the virus. I hope you’re fully recovered!
    And to answer your question, yes, I’ve been stopped in my tracks by viruses more than once and it’s so annoying! Especially colds, when I feel fine overall and then can’t do a thing without feeling exhausted or that my brain is mush…

    • Thank you, Shannon! It has been a looong time coming, to be sure! I’m really looking forward to returning for the segments I set aside, but also having the focus to turn to other things for a while.

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