Seven Weeks Late…. Or Am I? #ROW80 /12WeekYear MW7


Hey there!

You know how things sometimes just fall into place? Well…. This round hasn’t been one of those times for me.

When the round started, I was deep in the process of editing some transcripts for a time-sensitive freelance project. I spent almost three weeks dogsitting my German Shepherd buddy Reven while his people were in Japan. With my regular freelancing and a public-interest article assignment, plus two other dogtending gigs and a major hometending purge ….well, I’m not sure busy is the most apt word.

Then my editor’s husband died suddenly, and she decided to stop publishing the small weekly paper I wrote for. The dynamic of my life shifted, opening up the chance to build the framework for a virtual assisting career sooner than anticipated.

Given the chance to take a leap of faith – I generally leap.

                              Self portrait in motion, Lise Burton at age 9.

Overall Totals:

Completed: 14/68; 21%
In progress: 27/68; 39%

Still waiting: 28/68; 40%


Completed: 2/9; 23%

In progress: 4/9; 44%

Still waiting: 3/9; 33%

Year 9/Round 4 Goal:

I set mindful goals using the 10% rule to challenge myself without overwhelm.

I complete the 12 Week Year goalsetting process for Year 9.  

Since it’s complete, I’ve changed this tactic: I execute my 12 Week Year Plan.

  • I evaluate my existing Ideal Weeks and adapt as needed.
  • I block my week from Monday-Friday.
    • I score and share blocks to Slack (skipping final selftending block).

I conduct a WAM and after-action review with my accountability partner(s), adjusting goals and process as needed to achieve 85% of my action plan tactics weekly from Weeks 6-12.

  • WAM/after-action review for Week Seven.
  • Assess after-action reviews for last week.
    • Adapt goals/tactics as indicated.
    • Adapt processes as indicated.

I take one day each week to rest, renew, and move at a leisurely, unplanned pace.

  • Schedule rest day.
  • Take rest day.


Completed: 3/27; 11%
In progress: 15/27; 56%

Still waiting: 9/27: 33%

Year 9/Round 4 Goal:

I ready our home for winter by completing my three seasonal tactics.

I assure heat and safety through the cold season.

  • I tend to keeping us warm:
    • I/we set up the 8’ firewood rack in garage.
    • I research and select a programmable thermostat.
    • I apply for a HEAP grant.
  • I tend to keeping us safe.
    • I assess current levels of ice-melt, shovels, and kitty litter.
      • I arrange appropriate storage for snow/ice removal gear on porch.
    • I/we mount my bedroom smoke detector.

I clear space for the essentials of winter living.

  • Arrange for the disposal of the truck and motorcycle.
  • I clear space in the garage for outdoor items and firewood.
  • I declutter/organize the yard and enclosed porch in preparation for winter.

I feather our nest for the “hibernating” season.

  • I complete Phase Two of my bedroom reset.
    • I clear new workstation corner.
      • I declutter all bins and baskets as I go through the workstation corner.
    • I set up window dressings, TV, and bin shelf (with help from Miah).
      • I wash and dress the window.
    • I declutter workstation.
  • We complete Phase One of Dining Room/Kitchen project.
    • Declutter pantry.
      • Clean pantry.
      • Clean space pantry will move to.
        • Move pantry.
        • Organize pantry.
      • Block off broken dining room window.
        • Find or purchase sheet insulation.
          • Prepare insulation and plywood (measure/cut if/as needed).
            • Install insulation and plywood.
          • We complete Phase Three of Living Room reset.
            • Move straight section of sectional.
              • Clean revealed area.
            • Declutter large cabinet.
              • Move to new location.
                • Relocate TV.


In progress: 3/5; 60%

Still waiting: 2/5; 40%

Year 9/Round 4 Goal:

I complete three projects from my Bog List.

I advance our family finances toward security.

  • I do the first two exercises in Lauren Greutmann’s budgeting mini-course.
  • I set up online banking through credit union.
    • I set up direct transfer to credit union savings acct.

I tend to vehicle donation/preparation for winter.

  • I check into next steps for vehicle disposal.
    • I proceed as indicated.

Professional Development:

In progress: 4/5; 80%

Still waiting: 2/5; 20%

Year 9/Round 4 Goal:

I level up my career by completing my three targeted tactics.

I complete all regular assignments (two local government articles; one public interest piece; freelance virtual assisting for Smart Money Mamas).

I expand my professional reach by pitching articles on Stillwater tourism (already written) and the Saratoga Surrender Site dedication ceremony (on spec), and by gathering resources and brainstorming virtual assisting services I can offer (and leads for whom to offer them to).

  • I go through Gina Horkey’s list and choose those services that I can/would like to offer.

I increase my visibility by creating business cards, updating my existing website, and creating a VA website during the course.

  • I review the cards.
  • I check in twice at the VA Leads Facebook group.
  • I do all basic setup for my new website.
  • I complete the VA Leads Intro Course.

New Writing:

Completed: 3/7; 43%

Still Waiting: 4/7; 57%

Year 9/Round 4 Goal:

I complete 50,ooo words of Her Name is Lavender, a prequel for my Kifo Island novel-in-progress Still Nameless, and a completed draft of a short story for the “Useless Sidekicks” anthology.

I complete 50,000 words of Her Name is Lavender for NaNoWriMo. Due Week 9.

  • I complete at least 1,667 words per day.
    • November 10.
    • November 11.
    • November 12.
    • November 13.
    • November 14.
    • November 15.
    • November 16.

New Learning:

Completed: 10/15; 67%
In progress: 1/15; 7%

Still waiting: 4/15; 26%

Year 9/Round 4 Goal:

I target new learning to facilitate my professional and financial goals.

  • I complete Pixels to Platform.
    • Organize Module 5.
    • Complete Play Sheets 5.1.1 and 5.1.2.
      • 1.1.
      • 1.2.
    • Watch Video 2/3.
      • Skim Play Sheets 5.2.1 and 5.2.2.
        • 2.1.
        • 2.2.
        • Complete Play Sheets 5.2.1 and 5.2.2.
          • 2.1.
          • 2.2.
        • Watch Video 3/3.
          • Skim Play Sheet 5.3.1.
            • Complete Play Sheet 5.3.1.
            • Post completion of Course to fb group.


  • I complete DIY-MFA 101. Due Week 10.
    • I make a plan to complete the course by the end of Week 10.
    • I list out the plan in my lead indicators file.


  • I complete 30 Days or Less to a VA Career(get full/correct name from course).
    • I complete the YA Leads Intro mini-course.


Want to be accountable for your personal writing (and other) goals? 

Come ROW with us!

Find us on Facebookat our blog, and at the #ROW80 Twitter hashtag!

Till Next Time!



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