And That’s a Wrap! Y8R3 (2019) Final

Hey there!

So Round Three is in the books. I was thinking I hadn’t made much progress, but when I tallied everything up, it was better than I thought.

Overall R3 Score: 70%


It’s not the 85% I was aiming at – but it’s 70% further along than I was when I began the round. I feel good about that. It’s solid progress, and I can build on it.

The truth is, my goals and tactics were, in some cases, too much to begin with. What’s unquantifiable is the knowledge I’ve gained, but it will show up in the next round. My goals will be more attainable, based on the progress from this round.

What have you learned this round?

Can you leverage that learning to do even better next round?

Selftending: 66%

Year 8/Round 3 Goal:

I install the 12 Week Year as my “operating system” for goal setting and execution.

My tactics:

  • I complete the 12 Week Year goalsetting process and execute. 100%!
  • I conduct a WAM and after-action review each Saturday night with my accountability partner(s). Due Weeks 1-12. Every week but 5, when I was traveling, and 12, which hadn’t happened yet. 83%
  • I adjust my goals and process as needed to achieve 85% of my action plan tactics weekly. I think I made it once or twice; we’ll say twice, for 17%.

Hometending: 47%

Year 8/Round 3 Goal:

I complete 3 major hometending projects.

My tactics:

  1. I complete Phase Two of my bedroom reset: my workstation corner is decluttered, set, and organized; the console table is my night table).  I bit off more than I could possibly chew here; Maybe 40%.
  2. I complete Phase One of the yard reset: schedule junk removal; research motorcycle/truck donation; weed, mow, and maintain. Got started with all of it. Maybe about 60%.
  3. I complete Phase One of the kitchen/dining room reset: clean, declutter, and organize Hoosier cabinet, baker’s rack and pantry; move Hoosier cabinet and pantry to new locations; dismantle and remove old pantry; patch floor by door; declutter top of washing machine; island; fridge; and freezer. I tried to tackle far more than I could accomplish here; let’s say 40%.

Lifetending: 92%

Year 8/Round 3 Goal:

I complete 3 major administrative projects.

My tactics:

I complete all of Lise’s end of year/beginning of year homeschool administration. 100%!

I take next steps to get all vehicle titles/registrations/insurance transferred into my name. 100%!

I assess our finances and set up a 50%/30%/20% budget. Not as far as I wanted. About 75%.

Professional Development: 93%

Year 8/Round 3 Goal:

I complete all scheduled assignments/revisions and submit to two scaffolded markets.

My tactics:

I complete all needed edits to my Influences of the Moon short story, “R.I.P. Left Shoe”, and my two poems, “Phases” and “In Silent Witness.” 100%!

I complete all assigned articles for the Greenwich Press/Salem Review, and request back payment for articles already submitted. 100%!

I submit to one new, scaffolded fiction and one new, scaffolded non-fiction market. Just need to do the “fiction” submission, which will actually be a poetry chapbook for a contest. About 80%.

New Writing: 54%

Year 8/Round 3 Goal:

I complete my 2 Kifo Island novels-in-progress begun in 2017.

My tactics:

I complete the first draft of the Kifo Island prequel The Last House. Moving through the conclusion; 85%.

I complete the first draft of the Kifo Island novel Still Nameless. Um…still rereading and organizing – about 30%.

I write a 999 word or less TnT fan fiction Story A Day, on average. Not so much; got slowed down during Freelance Frenzy. On Day 10; call it about 47%.

New Learning: 70%

Year 8/Round 3 Goal:

I complete DIY-MFA -101.

My tactics:

I complete all back modules – currently, finishing Module 5, and doing Modules 6 and 7. 100%!

I complete Modules 8-10. Into Module 9; about 40%.

Want to be accountable for your personal writing (and other) goals? 

Come ROW with us!

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Till Next Time!



  1. Just like you, I thought I did not do well when actually, things were going well.
    I did some training and reading that will definitely help me wrap those work-related goals: I learnt how to make online courses that are engaging for the students and how to share these once they’re ready, so I’ll wrap them up in R4 and hopefully start sharing next year.

    And congratulations on reaching those 70%! You rock!

  2. Well, 70% is still more than half, almost 3/4 even, so that’s not too shabby, especially if you know you aimed a little too high. Here’s hoping the next round is even better.

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