Freelance Frenzy: ROW80/12WY Week 11

Hey there!


Last week, I wrote about tangoing with life. This week, I kicked that up to a frenzy.

Not only did I attend three local government meetings and write Article One, I completed my first professional interview to promote the latest anthology I appear in, which released on Friday.

I added in a half-day road trip to pick up my son, then a day working a book fair with the anthology publishers (more promotion). Oh, and after that, I walked three miles trying to find which of the state university’s many many parking lots I’d parked in!

I’ve included an after-action review, because I seem to keep making the mistake of thinking I can achieve in my typical scope even when life is at its busiest.

Thankfully, this week will be a little mellower, pace-wise….I think.

Three Anthologies from 518 Publishing Company – each with some of my work included!

Overall Scoring:

Completed: 8/19; 42%
In Progress: 7/19; 37%

Still Waiting: 4/19; 21%

Freelance Frenzy Week After-action review:

Selftending and Professional Development goals were fine as-is.

Hometending needed to be reduced to only maintenance.
Lifetending needed not to include the homeschool reporting.
New Writing and New Learning needed to be set aside for the week.


Completed: 4/4; 100%

I install the 12 Week Year as my “operating system” for goal setting and execution.

  • Schedule and honor goaltending and WAM prep blocks.
  • Create Week 11 Action Plan on Sunday.
  • Conduct WAM on Saturday night.
  • Read long-range goals/visions and update action plan/lead indicators as schedule/energy permit.


In Progress: 2/3; 66%

Still Waiting: 1/3; 34%

I complete the next phase of 3 hometending projects: bedroom reset; yard maintenance; and kitchen/dining room reset.


  • I move forward with workstation reset by washing walls in corner and completing workstation decluttering.


  • I send junk pile photos to junk company; continue weeding; mow or delegate mowing; and research where to donate motorcycle and truck.


  • I bring/delegate bringing commons to a tolerable level of cleanliness and maintaining; declutter top of washing machine and island; and complete pantry decluttering/cleaning.


Completed: 1/4; 25%

In progress; 3/4; 100%

I complete the next phase of three 3 administrative projects: Lise’s end-of-year/beginning-of-year homeschool administration; transfers of vehicle titles/ registration/insurance; and setting a workable budget.


  • I draft, revise, and submit Lise’s fourth quarter report with standardized test scores.

The Stuff of Life:

  • I pick up Miah on Friday; check transmission fluid level in Forester and add as needed.

Money Matters:

  • I do my dogtending gigs as scheduled (puppies farewell on Monday *sniff!* and Maddie Tuesday-Friday).
  • I request back payment from Meghan, Ariel, and Textbroker.

Professional Development:

Completed: 3/4; 75%

In progress: 1/4; 25%

I complete all scheduled assignments/revisions and submit to two scaffolded markets.

  • I draft, revise, polish, and submit Pub518 anthology release article.
  • I update my info at the Pub518 site and work the Albany book fair on Saturday.
  • I attend three local government meetings.
  • I draft, revise, research, polish, and submit Town of Saratoga article.

New Writing:

In Progress: 1/3; 34%
Still Waiting: 2/3; 66%

I complete my 2 Kifo Island novels-in-progress begun in 2017, and write a Story A Day (on average) in September.

  • Complete Story A Day pieces for Days 7– 14.
  • Complete The Last House.
  • Complete organization/reread of Still Nameless.


New Learning:

Still Waiting: 1/1: 100%

I complete DIY-MFA -101.

  • I complete Module Nine of DIY-MFA 101.

Want to be accountable for your personal writing (and other) goals? 

Come ROW with us!

Find us on Facebookat our blog, and at the #ROW80 Twitter hashtag!

Till Next Time!

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