On the Cliff of Eighteen: ROW80/12WY Week 9


Hey there!

Big changes are coming to my family, and my life! Tomorrow, my son Jeremiah will turn eighteen. I know I join many other parents who have come this way before me in feeling a sense of awe and disbelief that that newborn baby I cradled so gingerly (even though he was already a giant among babies!) could become this strapping, shaving, booming-voiced, utterly amazing 6’3” of newly-minted man.

I wish his father was alive to see him now. They’d be even better buddies than they were. Jim would be impressed with Miah’s fiscal responsibility, his driving, his ability to fix and install things around the house, his sense of humor, and his willingness to help. He’d be proud that Miah is gearing up to get his license and a job, and that he has entrepreneurial ambitions.

I will enjoy this transition for us both – but excuse me if I need to go wipe away a few tears as I move from Mom as support system to Mom as backup staff… and look in wonder at this man where my baby boy used to be.

My giant baby at 2 days old.

Overall Scoring:

Completed: 14/19; 74%
In progress: 4/19; 21%
Still waiting: 1/19; 5%


Completed: 4/4; 10%

I install the 12 Week Year as my “operating system” for goal setting and execution.

  • Schedule and honor goaltending and WAM prep blocks.
  • Update all lead/lag indicators and create Action Plan on Sunday.
  • Conduct WAM on Saturday night.
  • Read long-range goals/visions daily.


Completed: 1/4; 25%

In progress: 2/4; 75%

Still waiting: 1/4; 25%

I complete the next phase of 3 hometending projects: bedroom reset; yard maintenance; and kitchen/dining room reset.


  • I complete four ten-minute sessions of workstation reset. 3/4 completed.


  • I text new junk pile photos to company. I’ve decided to take them a third time, now that I’ve weeded enough that the pile can be seen again!
  • I complete three ten-minute weeding sessions and delegate mowing.

Dining Room:

  • I complete two ten-minute session on the pantry project.
Outside the New York State Museum (Albany, NY), November, 2008


Completed: 3/4; 75%

In progress: 1/4; 25%

I complete the next phase of three 3 administrative projects: Lise’s end-of-year/beginning-of-year homeschool administration; transfers of vehicle titles/ registration/insurance; and setting a workable budget.


  • I create a template for Lise’s fourth quarter report, and ask her for details of her independent research.

Vehicle tending:

  • I complete title transfer for Forester; register/re-register Forester and Outback.

Money Matters:

  • I itemize/categorize all August payments/expenses, deduct totals from 50/30/20 budget, based on two-thirds of current income.
  • I move forward on two more sources of money “just out there somewhere.”

New Writing:

Completed: 2/2; 100%

I complete my 2 Kifo Island novels-in-progress begun in 2017.

  • Move forward on rough draft of my Kifo Island prequel WIP: The Last House.
  • Move forward on locating, organizing, and read throughs of remaining scenes of my Kifo Island WIP: Still Nameless.

Professional Development:

Completed: 3/4; 50%
In progress: 1/4; 25%

I complete all scheduled assignments/revisions and submit to two scaffolded markets.

  • I read through my poetry to find more candidates – aiming for squarely in the middle of the page range.
  • I revise, order, and polish.
  • I gather needed info for Pub518 press release/workshop articles.
  • I send Shannon interview questions, and make arrangements to interview at least one other owner.

New Learning:

Completed: 1/1: 100%

I complete DIY-MFA -101.

  • I complete Module Eight of DIY-MFA 101.


Want to be accountable for your personal writing (and other) goals? 

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Till Next Time!


    • Considering the chaos at the beginning, it was a really good week of progress!

      Thank you – I will pass on your birthday wishes, and am sending mine to your boy a day early.

  1. What a milestone and what a mix of pride and love. Another amazing week of accomplishments for you! My ‘baby’ is now in her 40’s. She’s her own person, but she’s still my baby. Cherish those times with both your ‘little’ ones and have a great week.

    • Thank, Beth – for the compliments, the well-wishes, and for sharing.

      I’ve never been one to see my kids as my babies once they stopped actually being babies. I can still see the babies they were contained in them, but I accept them where they are. Maybe it’s an outgrowth of unschooling and living in partnership with them for so long, focused on providing them the greatest possible autonomy at each stage of life…. or just a quirk of the way I work.

      Today I have an adult son who has acted quite grown for the last few years, and matured greatly during Jim’s illness and death when he was 16.

      One of my goals is to stop saying “the kids” – because he isn’t one. Lise likes “offspring.” I’m not sure Miah cares at all, but it’s important to me, personally. I’ve never liked the way my parents calling me their “kid” well into my adulthood seemed to give the carte blanche to treat me like a child (and carry on milder versions of the abuses of those days). I don’t want to fall into the same pattern.

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