The Amazing Reappearance of The Invisible Woman: ROW80/12 Week Year Y8R3mW6 Update

Hey there!

Yes, it has been a few weeks since I posted an update. I wasn’t intending to do a vanishing act; the first several weeks of this round were just packed: three freelance articles for a local weekly paper, homeschool testing and planning for next year, final revisions on a short story and a rewrite of a poem which will be published in an anthology this fall, CampNaNoWriMo, my daughter’s birthday, my birthday, my first tattoo, travel to Baltimore (a few states away so my Brony could attend the final BronyCon…

In the midst of this, my estranged mother had a massive, fatal stroke, and my late husband’s father broke his hip, and died the day after my mother. At the end of the same week, I observed the sixteenth anniversary of our newborn son’s death.

Life has been…. interesting.

I could do with a touch of boredom – a slow news day or three on both the personal and national fronts.

For now, though, I’ll focus on returning to my regularly scheduled update. So far, this week isn’t going so well, but Sunday was spent preparing to leave Baltimore, then driving home, and I’ve been in a bit of a catch-up and recovery mode since then. I didn’t set this plan until Monday, so I expect to have made a good deal more progress by the end of the week.

Overall Scoring:

Completed: 0/26; 0%

In Progress: 9/26; 35%

Still Waiting: 17/26; 65%


Completed: 0/6; 0%

In Progress: 1/6; 17%

Still Waiting: 5/6; 83%

I install the 12 Week Year as my “operating system” for goal setting and execution.

  • I block my week Monday Thursday, and draft my non-freelance “Ideal Week.”
  • I assess potential obstacles and create Plan B for each.
  • I create lead indicators for each tactic in the Tending categories.
  • I complete after-action review.
  • I score my week and meet ReGi and possibly Lauren for our Weekly Action Meeting.
  • I use the WAM and review to adjust goals/tactics as/if needed to reach 85%.


Completed: 0/5; 0%

In Progress: 3/5; 60%

Still Waiting: 2/5; 40%

I complete 3 major hometending projects.

  • Finish workstation declutter.
  • Declutter and weed flowerbeds by door.
  • Text pictures to the junk company.
  • Clean floor and walls where Hoosier cabinet and pantry were.
  • Declutter, wash, move, and organize pantry.


Completed: 0/6; 0%

In Progress: 2/6; 34%

Still Waiting: 4/6; 66%

I complete 3 major administrative projects.

  • I download the financial app Miah uses (see if the desktop will take it).
  • I make sure he has access to all current receipts/bank statements.
  • I send him links about 60/30/10 and 50/30/20 budgeting.
  • I file Lise’s 2019-2020 test scores (I will send an e-file with her fourth-quarter report).
  • Read DMV title email carefully, gather materials, and send fees as needed.
  • Schedule a time to visit DMV with Miah (Wednesday the 21st, maybe?).

Professional Development:

Completed: 0/2; 0%

In Progress: 1/2; 50%

Still Waiting: 1/2; 50%

I complete all scheduled assignments/revisions and submit to two scaffolded markets.

  • I choose five fiction and five non-fiction markets to explore in Q2.
  • I research poetry chapbook front matter.

New Writing:

Completed: 0/1; 0%

In Progress: 1/1; 100%

Still Waiting: 0/1; 0%

I complete my 3 novels-in-progress begun in 2017.

  • Complete The Last House rough draft.

New Learning:

Completed: 0/6; 0%

In Progress: 1/6; 17%

Still Waiting: 5/6; 83%

I complete DIY-MFA -101.

  • I complete Module Six.
  • I download Module Seven.
  • I organize Module Seven.
  • I read Module Seven checklist.
  • I watch Module Seven, Video One.
  • I skim play sheets for this video.

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Till Next Time!




  1. Being slow to get back into things after the busyness of the last weeks is understandable. I’m sure you’ll keep making more progress.

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