Steady Amid Chaos: #ROW80/12 Week Year Y8R3 Week Two

Hey there!

This week’s title refers to a week where I spent all of Monday and a good deal of Tuesday driving from here to there (and sometimes back again): first my gig giving lunch to a sweet pregnant golden retriever, then lunch and checking into our hotel room in Albany, 30 minutes away, to celebrate Lise’s 15th birthday, then back home to drop her off so Miah and I could attend the Town of Saratoga board meeting for the first of my three monthly freelance assignments (25 minutes in a different direction), then back home to drop Miah off and pick Lise up and make it back to the hotel in time for room service dinner.

Tuesday was breakfast with her in the hotel restaurant, back home to drop her off and go give lunch to mama-to-be golden, then, a few hours later, back out to the Village of Victory meeting (another 25 minutes each way).

Wednesday was mama dog and the Village of Schuylerville (yup, 25 minutes) followed by some light shopping (25 minutes in yet another direction).

Thursday …well, no more meetings at least. Friday I didn’t need to visit mama, because her family was home, but I did have my tattoo consultation and go care for my German shepherd buddy that evening, and twice Saturday, which was also the birth anniversary of our second child, Elijah, who died at 12 days old.

Sunday was writing group.

In short, I’m glad I made progress on these goals at all this week! And, though 56% is a lot less completed than I’m ultimately aiming for, it’s also a very good score for a freelance week – which shows me that I’m moving in the right direction for setting targets I can accomplish without insanity.

This is a good thing.

Completed: 9/16; 56%.
In Progress:
6/16; 38%.
Still Waiting: 1/16; 6%.


Completed: 1/3; 34%.
In Progress:
1/3; 33%.
Still Waiting: 1/3; 33%.

  • I complete my action plans for Q 2-4. 0%
  • I block my time Monday-Thursday. 100%
  • I score my week and meet ReGi and possibly Lauren for our Weekly Action Meeting. 50%; I was ready, but the others had unavoidable obligations.


Completed: 1/2; 50%.
In Progress:
1/2; 50%.
Still Waiting: 0/2; 0%.

  • Continue decluttering workstation. 100%
  • I declutter and weed walkway flowerbed closest to house. 10%; A very modest start.


Completed: 3/7; 43%.
In Progress:
4/7; 57%.
Still Waiting: 0/7; 0%.

  • Set tentative testing schedule with Lise (start date after Wednesday, July 10). 100%
  • Ask her to decide whether to start with the math or language scctions of the test before we begin. 100%; she chose math.
  • Draft Lise’s 2019-2020 IHIP through Social Sciences. 5%; Another very modest beginning.
  • I continue gathering vehicle titles. 100%; I needed to go through a lot of paper I wasn’t ready to deal with after Jim’s death, but I have them all now.
  • I track grocery spending from Week One. 50%; we have the ballparks, but not exact figures.
  • I track Week Two grocery spending. 50%; see above.
  • I add these to my planner (in notes section). 50%; added ballparks.

Professional Development:

Completed: 4/4; 100%.
In Progress:
0/4; 0%.
Still Waiting: 0/4; 0%.

  • I prepare for my three assigned local government meetings. 100%
  • I attend my attend three assigned local government meetings. 100%
  • I draft, revise, polish, and submit Article 1/3. 100%
  • I begin drafting Article 2/3. 100%

Want to be accountable for your personal writing (and other) goals? 

Come ROW with us!

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Till Next Time!



  1. Shan, I love the spirit of this post. You’re so open to the world and all it offers, making space for yourself and your loved ones and your own emotional journey and balancing all of that with a goal-setting mindset. Hats off to you for all you’ve accomplished this week! I hope you are well!

  2. Shan, I’m just amazed at how positive and kind you are after going through so much. And I obviously just see the tip of the iceberg…
    I can’t think of anything yo say, so here’s a virtual hug. \(^o^)/

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