One Down; 11 to Go: 12 Week Year 8/ #ROW80 Round 3, EoW1

Hey there!


I’m going to keep it short and sweet this time. Tomorrow is my daughter’s fifteenth birthday, I have the first of three freelancing assignments for the week, and I start a new dogtending gig – so time is precious, and then some, right now….so away we go!

                 How can this tiny little person already be turning fifteen?!

Overall Scores:

20/25 completed; 80%

4/25 in progress; 16%

1/25 still waiting; 4%




I install the 12 Week Year as my “operating system” for goal setting and execution.

3/4 completed; 75%

1/4 in progress; 25%

0/4 still waiting; 0%


I complete the 12 Week Year goalsetting process and execute.

  • I create my goals, tactics, and Q1 Action Plans. About 60% A bit too ambitious for opening week.
  • I block my time Monday-Thursday. 100% This worked very well.

I conduct a WAM (Weekly Accountability Meeting) and after-action review each Saturday night with my accountability partner(s).

  • I score my week. 100% 
  • I meet ReGi and possibly Lauren for our Weekly Action Meeting. 100% 
Feeling helpful, age 11.



I complete 3 major hometending projects.

5/5 completed; 100%

0/5 in progress; 0%

0/5 still waiting; 0%


I complete my base bedroom reset. (This means all furniture and shelving will be moved/installed/repaired/upgraded, and the space decluttered and organized).

  • Clear corner; get serial number from safe; initiate decluttering of workstation surface. 100%

I clean and maintain the front yard and driveway. (This means removing clutter, organizing, weeding, and mowing as needed).

  • I take photos and email junk removal company for an estimate. 100%
  • I weed front flowerbed. 100%

I clean, declutter, and organize the dining room and kitchen, creating a more purposeful space. (This means the floor by the door has been patched; fridge, freezer, pantry, cupboards, and drawers are organized, all shelves are clean and things are in sensible places with no clutter; prep is done for the kitchen reset; dining room is ready to be used for – yeah, DINING!)

  • Brainstorm steps needed to complete floor patching. 100%
  • Replace dish drainer and clean counter beneath. 100%
Goofy Midsummer’s Evening Plushtache…how Lise does Shakespeare!


I complete 3 major administrative projects.

5/6 completed; 83%

1/6 in progress; 17%

0/6 still waiting; 0%



I complete Lise’s end of year/beginning of year homeschool administration.

  • Order CAT Survey Test. 100%
  • Examine all materials upon receipt. 100%

I get all vehicle titles/insurance transferred into my name and make decisions about what to do with the truck and motorcycle.

  • I gather marriage and Jim’s notarized death certificates. 100%
  • I begin gathering vehicle titles. 100%

I thoroughly assess our finances and set up a 60%/30%/10% budget.

  • I track June fixed PayPal expenses.
  • I track grocery spending. 75% (know ballpark; need to look at receipts and record).
January 12, at a bakery, because she wanted to sweeten the hard edges of her dad’s death anniversary with pastries, “Dad sometimes took us out for doughnuts.”

Professional Development:

I complete all scheduled assignments/revisions and submit to two scaffolded markets.

2/2 completed; 100%

0/2 in progress; 0%

0/2 still waiting; 0%


I complete all assigned articles for the Greenwich Press/Salem Review, and request back payment for articles already submitted.

  • I request overdue payment from editor. 100%

I submit to one new, scaffolded fiction and one new, scaffolded non-fiction market.

  • I begin gathering resources for potential markets. 100%
Her first (and so far only) poem, at age 9.

New Writing:

I complete my 3 novels-in-progress begun in 2017.

1/4 completed; 25%

3/4 in progress; 75%

0/4 still waiting; 0%


I complete the first draft of the Kifo Island prequel The Last House.

  • I reread the last three scenes I wrote. 3/3; 100%
  • I write 3,333 words on this draft. Actual count:1,176/3,333 words; 35% Too many irons in the fire planning and learning left little mental energy for creation.

I complete the first draft of the Trueborn novel, Solemates.

  • I write 3,333 words on this draft. Actual count:2,264/3,333 words; 68% See above.

I complete the first draft of the Kifo Island novel Still Nameless.

  • I reread through Scene 15. Reread 12/15; 80% Being busy away from home made finishing a little harder.
Learning about Elijah, the brother she never had the chance to meet, at age 3.

New Learning:

I complete DIY-MFA -101.

4/4 completed; 100%

0/4 in progress; 0%

0/4 still waiting; 0%


I complete all back modules – currently, finishing Module 5, and doing Modules 6 and 7.

  • I complete Module Five. 100%
  • I complete Module Six; Videos 1 and 2. 100%

I resume Ambassadorial duties, with major apologies, and spend at least an hour a week in related activities from weeks 2-4.

  • I make an apology post. 100%
  • I interact on FB group page. 100%
On her twelfth birthday, not so very long ago…

Want to be accountable for your personal writing (and other) goals? 

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