Wandering the Universe: R2Y7 Week 10

Hey there!


I haven’t really been wandering the universe, but I also haven’t really been updating my ROW80 progress. I keep meaning to, but it seems there’s always something else to take care of.

To an extent, that’s true. I’m still adjusting to some aspects of being a widow and a solo parent. All the things Jim used to take care of are now my responsibility, and it’s a lot to learn and do.

But a lot of it is me trying to go in too many directions at once. I’ve been looking at my goals and my purposes and winnowing my goals list. Next round, I’ll take a different approach to goal-setting and execution.

       A micro-universe?

But, for now – my Week 10 progress.


Overall Progress:

Completed: 6/19; 32%
In Progress: 9/19; 47%
Still Waiting: 4/19; 21%


Completed: 3/4; 75%
In Progress: 1/4; 25%
Still Waiting: 0/4; 0%

Overarching Objective:


I tend to the needs of my body, mind, and soul.

I devote one hour to physical activity five days weekly by the end of Round Two/Year Seven.

  • I carry my phone with me when I am active. I did well enough with this to give myself a win.
  • I take a weekly hike with my dog and invite the kids. Miah and I walked 8 miles with the dogs – we hadn’t set out to go so far, but it was a lovely day, and a lovely walk.
  • I track my activity for this week. Again, well enough.

I devote time daily to mindfulness training by the end of Round Two/Year Seven.

  • I do the One-Minute Meditation five times, and add She Let Go (a two-minute meditative poem) once, as I sit on my meditation cushions. 2/5; 1/1.


Completed: 0/2; 0%
In Progress: 2/2; 100%
Still Waiting: 0/2; 0%

Overarching Objective:


I create a home environment that sparks joy, nurtures creativity, and affords sanctuary.


I complete one home maintenance task weekly.

  • I select and complete one item this week. Chose to call for a junk removal estimate; called but didn’t connect with the person I need to speak to.

I complete Phase One of my bedroom reset (move bed, patch hole in floor, move dresser).

  • I complete preparations for Phase One. I’m nearly ready for this; it’s taken longer than I intended, but solid progress has been made this week.


Completed: 1/2; 50%
In Progress: 1/2; 50%
Still Waiting: 0/2; 0%

Overarching Objective:


I create a routine and streamlined systems that maximize return on investments of time, money, energy, and attention.


I account for my 12 Week Year Progress.

  • I conduct my Week 10 Accountability Meeting.

I assist both kids with projects they can’t complete on their own.

  • I return our broken, warranteed Fire devices. Labels printed; devices gathered and packed.



Completed: 0/1; 0%
In Progress: 1/1; 100%
Still Waiting: 0/1; 0%

Overarching Objective:


I build a library of fiction and non-fiction material as I move toward a financially sustainable and personally meaningful writing career.

I complete Story a Day May.


I add 50,000 words to work(s) in progress for JuNoWriMo.

  • I write 2,222/day on average. My current count is 12,558; average would be 17,776, so I am at 71% of my target.


Completed: 3/8; 38%
In Progress: 2/8; 25%
Still Waiting: 3/8; 37%

Overarching Objective:


I scaffold my writing career through current and new assignments, volunteering, platform building, and marketing.

I submit my three assigned freelance articles each month, and pitch two new freelance markets and five additional articles by the end of the round.

  • I pitch my hometown tourism article to my current publisher.
  • I choose four local events to attend during this round. 3/4 selected; 2/4 attended.
  • I draft, research, and revise the Eliza Hamilton article (1/4) and pitch it to my current editor.

I volunteer for ROW80, JuNoWriMo, Pixels to Platform, and as a DIY-MFA 101 Ambassador.

  • I update the ROW80 Facebook page with twice weekly update, #TBT, and Feed Me Friday threads.
  • I check in with my ROW80 Accountability Partner, Kathy Pulver, as we arrange and have our weekly sprinting session. I completely forgot!
  • I update the Pixels to Platform Facebook thread each Friday.
  • I host a Twitter word sprint from 1am-3am Thursday – Saturday mornings.
  • I attend video chats and appear at least 3 times on the DIY-MFA 101 Facebook page in my role as Ambassador. 1/3 appearances.



Completed: 0/2; 0%
In Progress: 1/2; 50%
Still Waiting: 1/2; 50%

Overarching Objective:


I continue targeted learning which will advance my writing career.

I complete Pixels to Platform; review/move forward with DIY-MFA 101, and explore something from the DIY-MFA HUB weekly.

  • I choose one DIY-MFA HUB webinar, interview, forum thread, or live call to explore, and follow through.
  • I complete DIY-MFA 101 Module One About two-thirds through.


Want to be accountable for your personal writing (and other) goals? 

Come ROW with us!

Find us on Facebook, at our blog, and at the #ROW80 Twitter hashtag!

Till Next Time!


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