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Hey there!

This week, I pared down my mountain range of goals, with the aim of getting a narrower range of focus that allows me to devote my concentration to the things I most want to accomplish. It’s still a work in progress: two days this week were devoted to interstate travel.

Next week is my Freelancing Week, so most other goals will be taking a distinct back seat while I attend three local government meetings and report on them.

The goal for this week is to get all three articles written, and still complete at least 60% of my other goals.

How about you? Do you ever need to revamp your goals?


I didn’t go to this year’s rainy Albany Tulip Festival, but 2017 was a lovely year for it!


Overall Progress:

Completed: 12/21; 57%
In Progress: 7/21;  34%
Still Waiting: 2/21; 9%



Completed: 1/4; 25%
In Progress: 3/4; 75%
Still Waiting: 0/4; 0%

Overarching Objective:


I tend to the needs of my body, mind, and soul.


I devote one hour to physical activity five days weekly by the end of Round Two/Year Seven.

  • I carry my phone with me when I am active to track my activity. Some, but I also forgot some.
  • I double the amount of time and/or steps from Week Two. I need to check this; but I took two hikes on Monday; so it looks good.
  • I take a hike with Noli and invite one or both kids. At Algonquin Park in Newburgh, NY.

I devote ten minutes daily to mindfulness training by the end of Round Two/Year Seven.

  • I do the One-Minute Meditation five times, and add She Let Go (a two-minute meditative poem) once, as I sit on my meditation cushions). 3/5 One-Minute Meditation and She Let Go once. 

Cluttered Desk Cluttered Mind


Completed: 2/2; 100%
In Progress: 0/2; 0%
Still Waiting: 0/2; 0%

Overarching Objective:


I create a home environment that sparks joy, nurtures creativity, and affords sanctuary.


I complete the 31 Day Love the Home You Have Challenge.

  • I complete items 9-10 of my Challenge and take photos.

I complete one home maintenance task weekly.

  • I select and complete one item from the task list. Chose assembling the new mower.



Completed: 6/6; 100%
In Progress: 0/6; 0%
Still Waiting: 0/6; 0%

Overarching Objective:


I create a routine and streamlined systems that maximize return on investments of time, money, energy, and attention.


I honor my goalsetting and accountability process.  

  • I honor all scheduled interaction with my ROW80 Accountability Partner. Finally!
  • I check in daily with my Slack Accountability Team, excepting travel days.
  • I conduct Week 6 WAM with ReGi.

I organize all email folders and OneDrive writing, hometending, and homeschool files.

  • I conduct three email prunings. 4/3.
  • I attend to 5 actionable emails each session, until all backlogged messages have been addressed. I think I did ten, twice, so I’m counting it.

I honor my reality by listing weekly obligations and planning to accommodate them.

  • Review goals daily to be certain they can accommodate two road trips this week and adapt accordingly throughout the week. 

Scene From My Wednesday


Completed: 2/2; 100%
In Progress: 0/2; 0%
Still Waiting: 0/2; 0%

Overarching Objective:


I build a library of fiction and non-fiction material as I move toward a financially sustainable and personally meaningful writing career.

I complete Story a Day May.

  • I allocate time for story creation each day, excepting travel days. It wasn’t pretty, but I wrote every day I didn’t travel.
  • I complete one rough draft story each day, on average, to the posted prompt(s). It wasn’t pretty or orderly, but it got done. 



Completed: 1/4; 25%
In Progress: 3/4; 75%
Still Waiting: 0/4; 0%

Overarching Objective:


I scaffold my writing career through current and new assignments, volunteering, platform building, and marketing.

I submit my three assigned freelance articles each month, and pitch two new freelance markets and five additional articles by the end of the round.

  • I submit request for payment of four articles currently still pending payment. I’ve been paid for three; need to check records to be sure there’s still one outstanding before I reach out.
  • I choose four local events to attend during this round. Simmering, but no firm choices made.

I volunteer for ROW80, JuNoWriMo, Pixels to Platform, and as a DIY-MFA 101 Ambassador.

  • I update the ROW80 Facebook page with Sunday check-in thread.
  • I post my intro to on the DIY-MFA 101 Facebook page, and interact at least three times in my role as Ambassador. Interacted 1/3 times.

Claw Hand


Completed: 0/3; 0%
In Progress: 1/3; 34%
Still Waiting: 2/3; 66%

Overarching Objective:


I continue targeted learning which will advance my writing career.

I complete Pixels to Platform and review my progress on DIY-MFA 101, and explore something from the DIY-MFA HUB weekly.

  • I choose one DIY-MFA HUB webinar, interview, forum thread, or live call to explore each week, and follow through.
  • I download and assess the final module, then create a three-week plan for completing it.

I finish lessons 6 of How to Revise Your Novel.

  • I honor my Lesson 6 schedule of one page M-Sat, and two pages on Sunday, adapting as needed to accommodate road trips. Two pages on Sunday; nothing since. Might need to look at this more closely, with Freelance Week nearly upon me.

Want to be accountable for your personal writing (and other) goals? 

Come ROW with us!

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Til next time…

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  1. Hi Shan, been of the blog reading for a while. I dont really know why. I try a similar approach than you with any life goals: to concentrate on one or two things a week and it seems to work well. However, I seem to have a basic problem with goals: as soon as something works I seem to stop like I punish myself for achieving something. As things are at the moment in tve UK I cant get therapy so I need to figure this out by myself. So glad you got your freelance job and that the plumming is sorted. You are in my thoughts and prayers daily and when things get rough know I believe in you! 🙋‍♀️🐝

  2. I’m giving myself a break this week and focusing on just a couple of goals that really motivate me at the moment. So I completely relate to your smaller range right now, though I usually like having lots of varied goals.

    Good luck with your goals and life.

  3. I recently pared down my goals to focus on one main thing a day. It’s really helped. I was stressing myself out even though I was the only one holding me to that schedule. Anyway, looks like it’s going pretty well, especially with having 2 travel days in there.

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