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Hey there!

I didn’t post a midweek update because I spent all night Tuesday till 9am Wednesday finishing up the first two of my three freelance articles. Then Wednesday’s meeting was an…eventful…two-hour ordeal.

This past week has shown me that I need to evaluate my Master Action Plan and tweak my task distribution. Ideally, the only actual writing I’ll assign myself for the freelancing week, (the second week of each month) will be writing the three assigned articles.

I’m still new at this, and it seems to take pretty much all the mental acuity I have for the week.

There was a time when I would have seen these changes as a failure, but “the writing challenge that knows you have a life” is more than a slogan – and, after all, freelance writing that pays decently isn’t exactly ditching my professional writing goals!

How are you doing with your goals as we enter Week 3?
Are there changes that would better honor your reality?
If so, will you make them?

Cluttered Desk Cluttered Mind
This is my desk AFTER a cleanup session – and it’s a lot tidier than the inside of my mind!

Overall Progress:

Completed: 5/24; 21%
In Progress: 11/24; 46%
Still Waiting: 8/24; 33%



Completed: 0/4; 0%
In Progress: 2/4; 50%
Still Waiting: 2/4; 50%

Overarching Objective:

I tend to the needs of my body, mind, and soul.

I devote one hour to physical activity five days weekly by the end of Round Two/Year Seven.

  • I carry my phone with me when I am active to track my activity. Some, but not as often as I wanted (I forgot to charge it a time or three).
  • I resume tai chi class and swim 300 meters, inputting those activities into my tracker as well. Uhhh….no.

I devote ten minutes daily to mindfulness training by the end of Round Two/Year Seven.

  • I do the One-Minute Meditation five times, and add She Let Go (a two-minute meditative poem) once, as I sit on my meditation cushions). I did the One-Minute Meditation – well, once. 

I implement Intuitive Eating Principles  by the end of Round Two/Year Seven.

  • I read through all the worksheets and ask any questions I have on the forum. 



Completed: 1/2; 50%
In Progress: 1/2; 50%
Still Waiting: 0/2; 0%

Overarching Objective:

I create a home environment that sparks joy, nurtures creativity, and affords sanctuary.

I complete the 31 Day Love the Home You Have Challenge.

  • I complete items 7-12 of my Challenge and take photos. I stopped at Day 8, when life got a bit too crazy. Will pick up starting on Monday, Week 3.

I complete one home maintenance task weekly (list to follow).

  • I select and complete one item from the task list each week. A success!!! Not only did I do Week 2’s propane delivery task, but I also moved the granite block that was Week 1’s unfinished business.

Shadow Jewelry


Completed: 1/5;20%
In Progress: 2/5; 40%
Still Waiting: 2/5; 40%

Overarching Objective:

I create a routine and streamlined systems that maximize return on investments of time, money, energy, and attention.

I complete the entire 12 Week Year goalsetting and accountability process.  

  • I conduct my Weekly Accountability meeting with ReGi.

I create an adaptable routine that accommodates all facets of my life.

  • I create my Perfect Week and begin daily time-blocking. 

I organize all email folders and OneDrive writing, hometending, and homeschool files.

  • I conduct a twice-daily email pruning, using a dice-roll app to decide which folder to address, and how long I will devote to the process. This should feel fun, like a personal challenge. I did this maybe three times during the week.
  • I attend to 3 actionable emails each session, until all backlogged messages have been addressed. I think I did this twice.
  • I conduct once-weekly 11:11 organizing session for OneDrive writing files. I didn’t even remember this was a goal…

Scene From My Wednesday


Completed: 0/3; 0%
In Progress: 2/3;67%
Still Waiting: 1/3; 33%

Overarching Objective:

I build a library of fiction and non-fiction material as I move toward a financially sustainable and personally meaningful writing career.

I complete rough draft of The Last House (a Kifo Island prequel).  

  • I write 1,111 words/day, through April 30. I met my quota on Sunday, then added a few hundred words between Friday and Saturday.

I draft all 26 Blogging From A-Z posts and twelve  eight Try It Tuesday posts. I’m 86’ing the A-Z goal for now; I can’t see how I could catch up and visit people at this point. I’m changing the total for Try It Tuesday: I’m behind quota, and not likely to get to it on freelancing weeks.

  • I draft my G-L posts. I did draft G and H before the freelancing claimed pretty much all my writing time.
  • I draft a Try It Tuesday post on Sunday.



Completed: 3/6; 50%
In Progress: 2/6; 33%
Still Waiting: 1/6; 17%

Overarching Objective:

I scaffold my writing career through current and new assignments, volunteering, platform building, and marketing.

I submit my three assigned freelance articles each month, and pitch two new freelance markets and five additional articles by the end of the round.

  • I attend the meetings as assigned.
  • I draft, research, revise, and submit my articles, using the templates I’ve created to streamline the process. 2/3 submitted, and the third in progress.

I volunteer for ROW80, JuNoWriMo, Pixels to Platform, and as a DIY-MFA 101 Ambassador.

  • I update the ROW80 Facebook page with goals link, twice weekly update, #TBT, and Feed Me Friday threads each week.
  • I check in with my ROW80 Accountability Partner, Kathy Pulver, as we arrange. I dropped the ball some here, but we are in touch.
  • I update the Pixels to Platform Facebook thread each Friday.

I appear as requested/possible for Pub518 author/bookselling events, update my Patreon monthly, and produce a twice-monthly newsletter by the end of the round.

  • I create a plan to appear regularly at Patreon and in followers’ email inboxes. Never even started this one…

at the invertebrate house 


Completed: 0/4; 0%
In Progress: 2/4; 50%
Still Waiting: 2/4; 50%

Overarching Objective:

I continue targeted learning which will advance my writing career.

I complete Pixels to Platform and DIY-MFA 101, and explore something from the DIY-MFA HUB weekly.

  • I choose one DIY-MFA HUB webinar, interview, forum thread, or live call to explore each week, and follow through.
  • I download and assess the final module, then create a three-week plan for completing it. I downloaded it before the round started, but never looked at it this week.

I finish lessons 6 and 7 of How to Revise Your Novel.

  • I complete the current scene I am working on for Lesson 6 and assess how many scenes remain. I did a tiny bit of this…
  • I set a schedule to complete Lesson 6. I did nothing here.

Want to be accountable for your personal writing (and other) goals? 

Come ROW with us!

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  1. Although you missed some items, you checked off several, and even hit a few bonus points here and there. When you’re dealing with big changes, that’s seriously cool.

  2. You’ve got so much going on, Shan! And you still manage to do quite a lot, for others out there too. Thanks and well done!

  3. Even though you were busy, you still got some things done. It does seem to make sense, though, to set that week aside to focus on just the freelancing.

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