#atozchallenge Day 7: Gathering Myself and the Hygge of Hometending

Hey there, and welcome to Day 7 of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge and the 31 Day Love Your Home Challenge!

Today’s theme is “Gather”, and the challenge is to focus on my “sanctuary” – my bedroom.

This one was kind of a natural, even on a very busy day. My bedroom tends to be in an inverse relationship with the rest of the house.

When I’m focused on cleaning our common spaces, as I have been these last few weeks, my room gets largely ignored. By the time I return to it, I tend to just drop things or move them out of my way rather than actually put them away.

Yet, when I feel the rest of the house could smother me in chaos, having my room feel tidier gives me a sense of sanity.

What would be ideal is to have a middle ground between these two extremes – but that’s not something I could accomplish in the fifteen or twenty minutes I had to devote to it (this week, I have time-sensitive freelancing assignments that take priority).

But, using the theme of “gather” and the feeling that I was too disheveled to center myself for the tasks at hand, I decided to focus on one area that could really help me to gather myself – my desk.

Honest, there IS a desk somewhere under this pile…

I used my time to gather some office supplies in a basket, put away the laundry, move things that didn’t belong there (like the bookstore shopping bag from the last trip, on Valentine’s Day!), and gather like things into piles I can tend to over time.

It’s nowhere near perfect. I can’t really even use it yet as anything other than a staging area for further organization.

But removing Mount Chaos made my room feel airier, and my life a bit lighter. I can even see my desktop monitors, which really makes me want to set things to rights enough that I can get reacquainted with that machine…and that gives me hope I can eventually find the hygge here.

Does your room end up being a landing pad?

Is there something you could do in fifteen minutes to start you on the path to gathering yourself and reclaiming your sanctuary?

I’d love to hear your stories!

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Till Next Time!