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Hey there!

I’m a day late getting this posted. I’ve decided to take create SiesTaDa Sunday – essentially, a day of semi-rest. Instead of having a daily checklist, I chart my Ta-Das: the things I’ve accomplished.

I think this is essential for me. I tend to think I should always be moving forward on one or another of my goals – but everyone needs time to rest and renew.

I’m hoping that by doing so, I can keep up the Week One momentum!

Have you ever tried a Ta-Da list?

Do you take rest days from your writing?

Free Air Open Space

Overall Progress:

Completed: 15/19; 79%
In Progress: 3/19; 16%
Still Waiting: 1/19; 5%



Completed: 3/3; 100%
In Progress: 0/3; 0%
Still Waiting: 0/3; 0%

Overarching Objective:

I tend to the needs of my body, mind, and soul.

I devote one hour to physical activity five days weekly by the end of Round Two/Year Seven.

  • I carry my phone with me when I am active to track my activity. Every day, though I’ve forgotten a time or two and needed to go back for it.

I devote ten minutes daily to mindfulness training by the end of Round Two/Year Seven.

  • I do the One-Minute Meditation three times. 3/3.

I implement Intuitive Eating Principles by the end of Round Two/Year Seven.

  • I locate and download the Intuitive Eating Principles and Worksheets. I bought the Kindle workbook early Saturday.



Completed: 1/2; 50%
In Progress: 1/2; 50%
Still Waiting: 0/2; 0%

Overarching Objective:

I create a home environment that sparks joy, nurtures creativity, and affords sanctuary.

I complete the 31 Day Love the Home You Have Challenge.

  • I complete items 1-6 of my Challenge and take photos. 6/6.

I complete one home maintenance task weekly (list to follow).

  • I create a list of at least fifteen potential items, and complete one small task from it. I’ve brainstormed an 18-item list and have a small project underway.

To DO Today 


Completed: 3/3; 100%
In Progress: 0/3; 0%
Still Waiting: 0/3; 0%

Overarching Objective:

I create a routine and streamlined systems that maximize return on investments of time, money, energy, and attention.

I complete the entire 12 Week Year goalsetting and accountability process.  

  • I conduct my Weekly Accountability meeting with ReGi.
  • I complete the process through planning how to deal with anticipated obstacles. Finished this Friday evening.

I organize all email folders and OneDrive writing, hometending, and homeschool files.

  • I assess my email folders and delete the Leisure Time Reading file (if I haven’t read it by now; I’m not going to).

Scene From My Wednesday


Completed: 2/2; 100%
In Progress: 0/2; 0%
Still Waiting: 0/2; 0%

Overarching Objective:

I build a library of fiction and non-fiction material as I move toward a financially sustainable and personally meaningful writing career.

I complete rough draft of The Last House (a Kifo Island prequel).  

  • I write 1,111 words/day, through April 6. 6/6; 7,285 words.

I draft all 26 Blogging From A-Z posts and eleven Try It Tuesday posts.

  • I draft one A-Z post each day, through April 6. 6/6.



Completed: 4/5; 80%
In Progress: 1/5; 20%
Still Waiting: 0/5; 0%

Overarching Objective:

I scaffold my writing career through current and new assignments, volunteering, platform building, and marketing.

I submit my three assigned freelance articles each month, and pitch two new freelance markets and five additional articles by the end of the round.

  • I confirm the times/location of each meeting and print agendas if posted. No agendas posted yet; meetings will occur next week.

I volunteer for ROW80, JuNoWriMo, Pixels to Platform, and as a DIY-MFA 101 Ambassador.

  • I update the ROW80 Facebook page with goals link, twice weekly update, #TBT, and Feed Me Friday threads.
  • I check in with my ROW80 Accountability Partner, Kathy Pulver, as we arrange. We’re finalizing our arrangements.
  • I update the Pixels to Platform Facebook thread each Friday.

I appear as requested/possible for Pub518 author/bookselling events, update my Patreon monthly, and produce a twice-monthly newsletter by the end of the round.

  • I let Shannon know that I am willing to assist at events as needed.


Claw Hand


Completed: 2/4; 50%
In Progress: 1/4; 25%
Still Waiting: 1/4; 25%

Overarching Objective:

I continue targeted learning which will advance my writing career.

I complete Pixels to Platform and DIY-MFA 101, and explore something from the DIY-MFA HUB weekly.

  • I choose one DIY-MFA HUB webinar, interview, forum thread, or live call to explore each week, and follow through.
  • I assess where I am with Pixels to Platform and map my way to the end of the current module (4/5). I have a plan to finish this module by the end of Week 2.

I finish lessons 6 and 7 of How to Revise Your Novel.

  • I complete the current scene I am working on for Lesson 6 and assess how many scenes remain.

I submit my poetry for the Poetry Workshop (get details) and participate in the workshop if selected.

  • I reread all poetry in my chapbook file and compile. I need 6 pages for the submission; make additions/deletions as needed, create cover page, draft/revise intro, and submit.

Want to be accountable for your personal writing (and other) goals? 

Come ROW with us!

Find us on Facebook, at our blog, and at the #ROW80 Twitter hashtag!

Till Next Time!

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