#atozchallenge Day 3: Connection, Clutter, and Hygge of Hometending

Hey there, and welcome to Day 3 of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge! A little later, I’ll update how I did on Day 2 of the 31 Day Love Your Home Challenge, but for now, let’s dive on into Day 3, shall we?

Today’s theme is connection, and the challenge is “Less is More” – to clear the horizontal surfaces of one room or area of clutter and chaos. 

As a family, we tend to connect most often in the entertainment area at one end of our long, narrow living room, so today I invited the kids to help me clean all the horizontal surfaces in that space – then, after Miah and I took our “girls”, Noli and Smokey, to the dog park, we gathered in the tidied space for dinner and conversation.

As you can see, there was a lot of clutter in this space when the day began. Things were in a state of flux as it transitioned from being a catchall to an entertainment area that houses gaming equipment, wrapping paper, and the internet router.

Lots of things found “parking space” on the table, my new shelves, and the bookcase by the couch. There was a substantial layer of dust over everything, and we were practicing a laissez-faire approach  no one is thrilled with.

It was time to do something about it. I committed to devoting the time and energy needed to make the space more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. My son, who is 6’3” and can easily reach places I can’t without a ladder or chair, pitched in. He dealt with the shelves at the end of the room, which held a welter of gaming equipment, cables, and the like, and I cleaned the small coffee table, infrared heater, and my ladder bookshelf, as well as putting the sectional cushions back in order after the pup scattered them.

A little later, my daughter joined us, and did the bookcase by the couch, which pretty much covered the area.

As the picture shows, it’s not perfect. No home interiors magazine editor is likely to ask to do a photo layout of this space. It’s still evolving, and probably will be for some time to come – just like our family is evolving.

But it’s more comfortable for the three of us, and the newly decluttered and dusted surfaces have a soft glow of care about them as I sit on the sectional and type up this post. In tending to this space together, we shared both laughter and frustration. We connected while we worked, and we connected again later, while enjoying the results of our efforts.

I call that a solid win!


And now, for the results of my Day 2 “Build Something” challenge – here’s the coat hooks, decluttered:


Where does your family connect? Could that part of your home use some sprucing up? Could you do it together?

I challenge you and yours to give the horizontal surfaces in your favorite gathering a facelift. And, if you dare, share the “after” photo in the comments below, so I can cheer for you!

Connect with more creative C posts here!

And join me again tomorrow, when we will be Doing What is Difficult….

Till Next Time!

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