#atozchallenge Day 2: Building Some Hygge into my Hometending

Hey there, and welcome to Day 2 of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge!

A little later, I’ll update how I did on Day 1 of the 31 Day Love Your Home Challenge, but for now, let’s dive on into Day 2, shall we?

The phrase for today is to “Build something”, and the challenge is to declutter the first area of my home that comes to mind. Though a drawer or closet was suggested, something else was the first thing I thought of:

My overarching goal is to build a life that flows in and out of a hyggelig home that supports and nurtures us all – and so today I will build organization into the coat area by the door, which has become a landing pad for anything anyone doesn’t want to deal with in the moment.

I’ve put off cleaning this area because it’s slated to move. But it’s not functional (or, as you can see, attractive) as it is, and the change is still some indeterminate amount of time in the future. Meanwhile, we’re dealing with chaos every time we want to come, go, or walk our two largeish dogs.

It’s interesting, the way we can put up with crazy-making things just because we have an ideal in mind we can’t make happen yet.  I’d been holding the eventual change, which involves insulating our enclosed porch, closing off an unused double window, and then moving the coat hooks into what will essentially be a mudroom once we add an infrared heater (okay, and clean up the pile of clutter and winter debris that landed there over the last few months…).

It will be a perfect use of the space.

But we’re not ready to tackle those projects yet, and, in the meantime, there’s calamity at the door. It’s time for a stepping stone between where things are today, and the ideal I’ve got in my head. It’s time to build a measure of organization, so we can get in and out of the door easily.

It’s time to take back the coat hooks!

Check back tomorrow for a new picture and an update!

And speaking of updates:

As you might recall if you read here yesterday, my first assignment was to appreciate something in every room of our home. I skipped the kids’ rooms, which aren’t my domain, and added the porch, garage, and yard to the mix, plus pinpointed something we can improve in each space.

Ready? Here goes!

My bedroom:

I appreciate the color scheme, and want to improve the layout (actually in the plans for the next week or two).


I appreciate the working shower (more on that in an upcoming post!) and would like to improve the space with a deep cleaning that’s long overdue.

Dining room:

I appreciate the emerging sense of order, and want to get rid of the old makeshift pantry.


I appreciate that the roof doesn’t leak anymore, and need to fix the storm door knob.


I love that it’s greening up, and want to get it raked before it needs mowing.


I am thrilled that we finally have clean counters after a long and hard-fought battle with clutter, and want to get the fridge thoroughly cleaned.

Living Room:

I appreciate the new functionality we’ve created over the last few months, and want to create more of that in the seating in front of the bay window.


What challenges you in your home? Do you have something you’re waiting for the right time to fix, but which is driving you nuts? I challenge you to find an intermediate step you can take right now to make things just a little better – and then to follow through and share your victory in the comments.

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Till Next Time….