Course Holding Steady: R1Y6  EOW6 Update

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Hey there!

Last week, I decided to change my approach, because I was clearly trying to do far more than I could possibly accomplish in a week.

The first week went well, despite the ongoing Plumbing Saga. I managed to start everything, and finish half of it. Not the 85% I was hoping for, or even close to it, but I can see the potential for getting there by the end of the round, which is part of my overall goal.

In other news, my short story “R.I.P. Left Shoe” and two poems have been accepted for a local anthology, Influences of the Moon. “Left Shoe” is outside my comfort zone by a fair margin, and these are the first poems I’ve sold.

I also begin my new job reporting on local town board meetings this week, and I’ll be spending some time hanging with one of my favorite dogs who doesn’t live at my house while his people are away.

And, hopefully, the Plumbing Saga will come to an end without my having to speak to a lawyer…

How was your week?

A break in the clouds…

18 targets total

Completed: 9/18; 50%
In Progress: 9/18; 50%
Still Waiting: 0/18; 0%



I tend to the needs of my body, mind, and soul by creating, maintaining, assessing, and adapting action plans for each.

Completed: 3/3; 100%
In Progress: 0/3; 0%
Still Waiting: 0/3; 100%


  • I resume weight training, and swim 250 meters this week.


  • I complete the One-Minute meditation twice, and listen to the 2-minute meditative poem, She Let Go, both while sitting on my meditation cushions; and explore the (very appropriate) Balance quote, mandala, and essay from Paths to Wholeness.


  • I visit with Miah’s friends and their families, attend my weekly writing group, and interact with at least 5 online groups this week.


Not my house! Schuyler Mansion in Albany, NY.



I oversee home repairs, maintenance, and improvements; develop a sustainable hometending routine; and continue learning to address my deeper clutter issues.

Completed: 1/3; 33%
In Progress: 2/3; 67%
Still Waiting: 0/3; 0%


  • I oversee plumbing remediation, clean furnace filter, schedule ceiling fan and light fixture cleaning, and buy and replace washer hose, with assistance from Jeremiah.


  • We complete all daily master hometending list items and review every other day items.

A Year to Clear What Is Holding You Back:

  • I complete Lessons 18-20, share Lessons 14-17 in class discussion, and visit three other posters for each lesson shared.



I organize my life and implement changes that allow me to effectively use my time and energy.

Completed: 0/3; 0%
In Progress: 3/3; 100%
Still Waiting: 0/3; 0%


  • I set my calendar for this busy month; reduce email inbox from 229 to 111 messages and maintain below 123 messages; deal with all items currently in Actionable file (thanks to Shannon Kauderer for the idea!); and collect early material for Lise’s second quarter homeschool report.


  • I conduct weekly financial session with kids; direct deposit check; tally all regular and recurring expenses; and track spending.


  • I complete Lead/Lag indicators for all goals and targets; check in at Slack 6 times; ROW80 and my Accountability Partner twice; and conduct my Week 6 WAM with ReGi.



I plan, plot, draft, revise, and submit writing for market and for passion.

Completed: 3/3; 100%
In Progress: 0/3; 0%
Still Waiting: 0/3; 0%

 Marketable Writing:

  • I reread all Story Toolkit work folder planning/plotting material for The Last House, a Kifo Island prequel novel-in-progress. (This goal has changed slightly to honor my reality – some pages missing, and little time to find them this week).

Fan Fiction:

  • I add 333 words to my Enterprise fan fiction side stories “A Beagle’s Bedside Manner”, “Love and Loss”, and “Parted From Me”; and 666 words to “Arachnid Nebula.”
  • I add 2,222 words to Unpromised (an Enterprise fan fiction novel WIP); rough revise and post one chapter to



I continue to learn, build a platform, and network as a foundation for eventual sales, and to offer content of value to my readers.

Completed: 1/3; 33%
In Progress: 2/3; 67%
Still Waiting: 0/3; 0%

Website/Blog/Social Media:

  • I complete Pixels to Platform Module Four and create an editorial calendar for 2019.
  • I schedule and honor a strategic block of three hours to begin batching this month’s Try It Tuesday posts and the belated Month One recap.


  • I draft, revise, and send my inaugural newsletter/related post, and share to ROW80 and Pixels to Platform groups as scheduled.
at the invertebrate house
Jim and the kids at the National Zoo Invertebrate House, Washington, D.C., 2008.


I focus on active learning that builds my professional writing and revision skills.

Completed: 1/3; 33%
In Progress: 2/3; 67%
Still Waiting: 0/3; 0%

  • I complete DIY-MFA 101 Play Sheets 5.1.4. and 5.1.5, watch Video 2, and skim/simmer play sheets for that video; draft/post/share 3 DIY-MFA Book Club prompts.
  • I complete Lesson 6 of How to Revise Your Novel for On Any Given Tuesday, pages 17-21 (end of scene).
  • I skim intro materials for Neil Gaiman’s storytelling Master Class.

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