Try It Tuesday: Wrapping Up My Intros!

My #oneword for 2019 is: Embrace. I’m opening my arms wide to life this year – even on Tuesday, the day so often seen as ho-hum.

I’m giving poor maligned Tuesday a hug.

What’s This Try It Tuesday thing, anyway?

Try It Tuesday is one part how-to, one part home lab, and one part journal – a way for me to explore some things I’ve always wanted to try, but never quite got around to.

Oh…and I record every step of the way.

I’m hoping it will inspire me, and encourage you to take something you’ve always wanted to try , and, well – Try It!

How It Works:

I rotate through four Try It projects, and chronicle the whole process: my initial research, gathering materials, the actual nuts, bolts, laughter and tears (or laughing so hard I cry, as the case may be) along the way…all of it!

When I finish one Try It, I’ll do a wrap-up and reveal its replacement!

Welcome to Try It Tuesday Intro Wrap Up!

My first four Try Its are:

 Bullet Journaling


Watercolor Painting

Menu Planning

I intended to get this wrap up post done last week, but life intervened in the form of what should have been a simple plumbing job being spectacularly bungled. So I’m a week late reporting on my first month Try It Tuesday.
So, how did I do?

Bullet Journaling:

I looked at some articles:

I saved another couple of posts to explore later:

I bought a new dot-grid journal the same size as my standard journals, both because I like the pretty blue agate cover pattern, and because it will fit more comfortably in my handbag for travel.

I also bought some stickers for embellishment, and my first ever washi tape.

I thought about starting some spreads – but never quite got around to it.

I’ll update again next Tuesday, February 9 – by which time, I aim to have at least a basic February calendar spread or two to share with you.


I read several articles on finances.

I discussed the 60% plan and no spending days with both of my teens. They’re on board to give the 60% plan a try but had reservations about no spending days, so we’ll give ourselves some time to feel out ground rules before we move forward with that.

We decided to track our expenses for February, and begin the 60% plan in March, when we have a better idea of where our money goes.

I’ve had an informal financial meeting/discussion with the kids at least weekly.

Jeremiah (17) tallied the amount we spend at the laundromat and suggested it was time to fix the broken washer hose and replace the dryer, both things already on my project list.

I’ll report again on Budgeting progress on Tuesday, February 12, by which time tracking should be well underway, and I will be reading Prosperity for Writers and working through the exercises. I will also be employed as a freelance reporter for a small local paper.

My daughter is not inhibited when it comes to watercolor exploration.

Watercolor Painting:

Ummm….you hear the crickets, too, right?

The closest I’ve come here is watching this video with my son. While fun, it’s really not what I had in mind…

By the time I report again on Tuesday, February 26, I will have watched all the videos I collected in my intro post, and purchased watercolor paper, at least.

Menu Planning:

I had my greatest success here. I read all the articles/posts I linked last time, including:

I made a menu plan and shopped for it.

I cleaned out the fridge to make room for the ingredients – and saved on food costs at the store by buying them (good for the budget!)

I tried my hand at guacamole, which my son and I devoured.

 I resumed using my Instant Pot. I hard-boiled eggs and made steel-cut oats twice.  

I also made pork chops with mushroom cream sauce, which was okay, and honey barbeque meat loaf with mashed red potatoes. The meatloaf was gone in a day, and the potatoes the day after that.

I didn’t quite make everything – I was short an ingredient for the roasted parmesan brussels sprouts and didn’t find time to make the vegetarian minestrone soup.

By the time I update again on Tuesday, March 5, I will have made these, set a schedule for planning meals, creating shopping lists, and recording favorites and never-again meals.

So that’s where things stand, one round in – a mixed bag of sorts, as I go forward.

Will I end up with loveliness, chaos – or a liberal blend of both?

The only way I’m going to find out is by trying. You can find out by popping by next Tuesday to see what kind of (potentially beautiful) mess I’ve gotten myself into this time.

If you don’t want to wait that long, follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram, where I’ll be posting updates randomly along the way.

What’s On Tap for Next Week?

Bullet Journaling

Let’s see how far I can come in a week!

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