Course Correction: #ROW80/12 Week Year; R1Y6: EoW5


Hey there, fellow ROWers!

I haven’t reported in for the last week. Life kind of spun out in strange directions – my son has two friends visiting from out of state this weekend, so we wanted to get Phase Two of the living room reset finished so they had enough space to hang out.

I also scheduled our plumbing work so it would all be finished before the guys came…or at least that was the plan. Sometimes, though, plans don’t go the way we expected them to – and we’ve ended up with a series of delays and almost unbelievably shoddy workmanship that stymied the efforts to have the work done and took up a lot of my time and energy, besides.

Given that, I’m only listing goals I addressed this week, and I’m not tallying percentages.

It was a frustrating week, but I’m the kind of person who’s naturally inclined to seek out the silver lining in any situation.

I’ve known for several years that I expect myself to complete an impossible amount of work each week but correcting the overreach has been a challenge.

This past week seems to have given me the glimmers of an answer.

Going forward, I will have only 3 action steps for each of my six goals – a total of 18 action steps per week. If I finish these, the rest of the week is free time. I might work on goals, or just recharge.

I have a good feeling that I’m on the path to a better, more rational approach.

Have you ever decided to change course with your goals?


Spotlight Goals:

  • I prepared 2 breakfasty entrees (steel cut oats; hard boiled eggs).
  • Listen to chapters 1-3 of The Art of Asking.
  • I explore the Awareness quote, mandala, and essay in Paths to Wholeness.

Waiting in the Wings:

  • I walk Noli at least once daily when weather/preparations permitted.
  • I set up my new bookshelf somewhere in the living room.
  • I practice one-minute meditation while using my meditation cushions.


  • I complete my profile on the Intuitive Eating
  • I organized 3/5 shelves my new bookshelf to create an appealing station from which I can work in the common rooms.


Spotlight Goals:

  • I scheduled, paid for, and worked toward getting plumbing repairs made in an acceptable manner.
  • We completed Phase Two the living room reset before our Thursday guests got here.
  • We got closer to completing our daily hometending list once this week.

Waiting in the Wings:

  • We decluttered the kitchen floor.
  • I finish reading Love the Home You Have; pp 125-211.


  • We started organizing kitchen appliance/furniture placement to optimize space/efficiency.
  • We discussed replacing the broken washer hose next week.
  • I reached out to see a gently used dryer next week.

LIFETENDING Ta-Das/Progress:

Spotlight Goals:

  • Clear email inbox from 333 to 222 messages; maintain below 230.
  • Conduct weekly financial session and invite the kids to participate.

Waiting in the Wings:

  • Begin keeping track of expenses on February 1.
  • Checked in at Slack and ROW80.
  • Conduct my WAM with ReGi.


Spotlight Goals:

  • Finish revisions for “Bedroom To-Dos (And Not To Do’s)”.
  • Submit to Third Arc Lit-Letter by 1/31/19.
  • Added 333 words to “Arachnid Nebula.”

Waiting in the Wings:

  • Added 342 words to “Love and Loss”.


Spotlight Goals:

  • Network via professional groups and through my daily life.
  • Share weekly threads to Pixels to Platform and ROW80.
  • Posted a link to Albany NNWM.


Spotlight Goals:

  • I signed up for Neil Gaiman’s Master Class in Storytelling.
  • I read all the current prompts for the DIY-MFA Book Club.

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  1. Love that new focused list of just 3 action steps that balance so neatly with that sense that ‘free’ time just might be free time! I too struggle with a sense of progress when my ‘to do’ list gets too long. Being away from home this month gives me a sense of more ‘space’ — and time for writing, though that’s a little harder to squeeze in. May you have a lovely week ahead.

    • I didn’t exactly finish, but I took some free time anyway – with the teens on Sunday, on a road trip to return our “extra pair” on Monday, and to play some games and hang with my daughter last night and this evening.

      The process is a work in progress, and I am learning how to set goals I have some chance of achieving, rather than All The Things I can imagine…

      I am so happy for your sense of spaciousness, and hope you can keep it when you return home.

      I seldom find much time or mental focus for writing when I travel – I seem to be in much more of an “input” mode at those times. I’ve mostly learned to just accept that.

      The writing tends to come in a rush a few days after I return home.

      Travel safely and joyously, Beth!

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