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Hey there!

I meant to get this post done yesterday, but life has been going by at a zoomie warp speed, and, before I knew it, the day was over.

Usually, I cut off my updating at midnight Tuesday, so I can have a clear demarcation. But this afternoon, I updated my goals list before I remembered I hadn’t posted yet. I could have gone back and made an accurate copy, but that would be time not used for other things, so I let it slide. It might mean this update looks more impressive than my end-of-week one does – but we’ll see.

I’m getting close to the tipping point where I’ll be finishing things more quickly. I do have some one-off and quick goals each week, but others take more time and attention, so there’s quite often a cascade effect of sorts toward the end of the week.

How do you adapt to those time when life seems to be moving faster than you are?

Zoom! Zoom! How quickly they went from 2 and 5 to 14 and 17 – Jeremiah drives real cars now, and Lise isn’t far off!

70 items total

Completed: 28/70; 40%

In Progress: 22/70; 31%

Still Waiting: 20/70; 29%



Completed: 12/19; 63%

In Progress: 5/19; 26%

Still Waiting: 2/19; 11%


  • I swim 250 meters.
  • I attend a Tuesday or Thursday tai chi class.
  • I do 3 sets of 5 reps on three weight machines: arms, legs, and back, keeping the weight light, and recording it.
  • I set a new end point for each of Noli’s main walk routes, adding 100-500
  • I record my sleep times.
  • I join the Intuitive Eating
  • I read 3 articles on Meal Planning.
  • I make pork chops, meatloaf and mashed potatoes, vegetarian minestrone soup and steel cut oats in the Instant Pot, and experiment with making guacamole and roasted parmesan Brussels sprouts.


  • I listen to Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic.


  • I explore quote, mandala, and essay for Atonement in Paths to Wholeness.
  • I play with meditative coloring three times this week, for 3:33 minutes each.
  • I create a place to sit and begin using my meditation cushions.
  • I do the One-Minute Meditation at Insight Timer.
  • I touch base with my Slack group six days weekly (not just for accountability, but for community).
  • I interact on #AllStarTrek Sunday-Friday.
  • I interact at 4 other online groups I am part of.
  • I make a “coffee date” with a friend.
  • I touch base with both kids daily.
  • I spend time just being with the dogs.



Completed: 3/9; 34%

In Progress: 4/9; 44%

Still Waiting: 2/9; 22%

Home Repairs:

  • I prepare, oversee, and pay for Stage 1 of plumbing work.
  • I prepare, oversee, and pay for Stage 2 of plumbing work.

Home Maintenance:

  • I schedule time to change/clean furnace filter in Week 6.


  • We complete our daily master hometending list items once this week.
  • I encourage the kids to take an active role in assisting with these tasks.
  • I read Love the Home You Have (211 pages).

A Year to Clear What’s Holding You Back:

  • I complete Lessons 1720.
  • I share Lessons 13-19 on class forum.
  • I interact with three others for each lesson shared.



Completed: 6/16; 37%

In Progress: 7/16; 44%

Still Waiting: 3/16; 19%


  • I reduce my email inbox from 660 to 333 messages.
  • I respond, delete, and save messages as indicated.
  • I maintain email inbox at 345 or fewer messages.
  • I organize all folders and files remaining in the Employment directory.
  • I create relevant folders for Fiction Writing directory.


  • I read three new financial articles.
  • I hold my weekly financial meeting at the kitchen table.
  • I tally up all regular and recurring expenses.


  • I create lead/lag indicators for all goals.
  • I complete my end of first quarter (EOQ1) evaluation of all Year 6 goals.
  • I complete my Week 3 WAM with ReGi.
  • I check in at Slack 3 days/week; ROW80 on Sunday.
  • I chat with my ROW80 Accountability partner at least 3 times. 2/3.

The Stuff of Life:

  • I message my editor with questions about reporter job.
  • I choose one other income builder to focus on for the rest of the Year.
  • I facilitate Jeremiah’s plans to host his friends at the end of the month.



Completed: 3/9; 33%

In Progress: 1/9; 11%

Still Waiting: 5/9; 56%

  • I reread, get feedback, rewrite, and get beta feedback for New Widow list story.
  • I add 333 words to “A Beagle’s Bedside Manner.”
  • I add 333 words to “Arachnid Nebula.”
  • I add 666 words to “Love and Loss.”
  • I add 666 words to “Parted From Me.”
  • I add 2,222 words to Unpromised, my fan fiction novel in progress.
  • I complete rough revisions for 2 chapters.
  • I post one chapter to
  • I reread all existing planning/plotting materials for The Last House, one of my two Kifo Island novels in progress.



Completed: 3/12; 25%

In Progress: 3/12; 25%

Still Waiting: 6/12; 50%

Pixels to Platform:

  • I complete 4.2 Play Sheets.
  • I watch Module Four, Video Three.
  • I skim 4.3 Play Sheets.
  • I post Friday interaction invitation.

Try It Tuesday:

  • I research and draft 1/22 post.
  • I format, finish, and schedule 1/22 post.
  • I share 1/22 post to Twitter (x3); Facebook (x3); and Instagram (x2).
  • I gather resources for 1/29 update post.
  • I prep the basics of 1/29 update post.


  • I complete 8 Just Jot It January posts, and share to social media.


  • I research how to make Google Analytics work with my website.
  • I network in person, and through 3 social media groups this week.



Completed: 1/5; 20%

In Progress: 2/5; 40%

Still Waiting: 2/5; 40%

DIY-MFA 101:

  • I complete 5.1 Play Sheets.
  • I watch DIY-MFA 101 Module Five, Video Two.
  • I skim 5.2 Play Sheets and simmer.
  • I participate in the DIY-MFA 101 Book Club.

How to Revise Your Novel:

  • I complete Lesson 6 on pp 1321 of On Any Tuesday Night.

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  1. You’re making great progress, but something Shanny noted last check-in… a lot of your progress seems to be in the top layers of your list. Maybe mixing the goals up every once in a while might help shift focus? *shrugs* Dunno myself, just a thought.

    • I’ve actually been doing that this week. Each day, I swap things around in my Day Map. Thing is, many of the learning goals, in particular, take a lot of time, so they take a lot longer to complete.

      Of course, since I spent decades not tending to my own needs very well, and since the lifetending goals are my prime life focus, and the hometending is going to make every other goal better and life a lot sweeter, if there’s an imbalance, having it skew toward tending isn’t a problem for me.

      I see the tending goals as the foundation for everything else, honestly – kind of the base in my personal Hierarchy of Needs. Hard to focus on the loftier goals if I have no space to work on them, no level of personal well-being to bring to the task, and kids and animals whose needs aren’t being met, you know?

      Hey, if you start back up with sponsor posts, I think that just gave me an idea for one! =D

      • Sounds good! I bet a lot of us tend to forget ourselves in the flurry to “get it done”. If you want to write the post at your leisure, I’ll prep it for Round 2.

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