Live From Inside the Snow Globe: ROW80R1/12WY6;EOW3

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Hey there!

Yup, you read that right! For the first time since November, we’re getting a measurable snowstorm! Since that one had a lot of slushiness, and only gave us a few inches, this one is the first significant wallop of the season.

We’re well prepared here. We’ve got a few days’ worth of firewood, a full kerosene tank, and freshly stocked pantry and fridge. We bought some bottled water, because there’s a chance of power outages with this storm, and we have a well. We also have a pair of Subarus, but we don’t need to take them anywhere. Other than walking the dogs, we can wait out the storm from inside the house.

As for my progress through Week 3, it was definitely affected by my Midweek Adventure with my daughter. We were only gone 54 hours total, but there was the preparation and recovery time – and that added up to Monday- Friday. Not to mention the removal of the Christmas tree and storm prep, which didn’t make the list, but took a good chunk of Saturday.

Still, some things got done, some got started – and a lot of connections were made. All in all, a good week.

How about you?
Did you have a good week?
Are you in the path of this or another storm?
How do you prepare for potentially dangerous weather?

May you find smiles even in the snow!

60 items total

Completed: 30/60; 50%

In Progress: 9/60; 15%

Still Waiting: 21/60; 35%


A hot sweet beverage for a cold day… #Selfcare


Completed: 13/15; 87%

In Progress: 2/15; 13%

Still Waiting: 0/15; 0%


  • I swim as desired during Midweek Adventure.
  • I finish reading Intuitive Eating; 80%- 100%.
  • I record my sleep times.


  • I finish reading Chop Wood, Carry Water; Chapters 11-16 and Afterword.


  • I explore quote, mandala, and essay for Anger in Paths to Wholeness.
  • I explore meditative coloring.
  • I create a place to sit and begin using my meditation cushions.
  • I touch base with my Slack group six days weekly (not just for accountability, but for community).
  • I interact on #AllStarTrek as possible.
  • I reach out to 3 other online groups I am part of.
  • I spend one-on-one time with two mom friends during Midweek Adventure.
  • I touch base with both kids daily.
  • I spend time just being with the dogs.
  • I take Lise on Midweek Adventure.
  • I facilitate Jeremiah’s plans to host his friends at the end of the month.



It’s a good time to cozy up with a candle and a good read – or several!



Completed: 3/7; 42%

In Progress: 2/7; 29%

Still Waiting: 2/7; 29%

Home Repairs:

  • I call the plumber, discuss changes (no toilet; add hot water heater leak), and schedule repairs/upgrades.

Home Maintenance:

  • I research how to change/clean furnace filter, or delegate to Jeremiah.


  • We complete our daily master hometending list items once this week.
  • I encourage the kids to take an active role in assisting with these tasks.

A Year to Clear What’s Holding You Back:

  • I complete Lessons 16-18.
  • I share Lessons 13-17 on class forum.
  • I interact with three others for each lesson shared.


The late great Corki-dog knew…sometimes you just gotta shake it off!



Completed: 9/17; 53%

In Progress: 3/17; 18%

Still Waiting: 5/17; 29%


  • I reduce my email inbox from 989 to 666 messages.
  • I respond, delete, and save messages as indicated.
  • I maintain email inbox at 675 or fewer messages.
  • I move all of Jim’s Employment files to his archive folder.
  • I organize all folders and files remaining in the Employment directory.
  • I create relevant folders for Fiction Writing directory.


  • I read three new financial articles.
  • I create an envelope for dining out/takeout, and stock amount remaining after tallying up the amount we’ve spent thus far.
  • I tally up all regular and recurring expenses.


  • I create lead/lag indicators for all goals.
  • i complete my Week 3 WAM with ReGi.
  • I check in at Slack 6 days/week; ROW80 2 days/week.
  • I chat with my ROW80 Accountability partner at least 3 times.

The Stuff of Life:

  • I message my editor with questions about reporter job.
  • I choose one other income builder to focus on for the rest of the Year.
  • I prep for our Midweek Adventure.
  • I facilitate Lise preparing for our Midweek Adventure.


They wrote their names all over my heart!


Completed: 0/5; 0%

In Progress: 1/5; 20%

Still Waiting: 4/5; 80%

  • I add 333 words to each of four fan fiction side stories in progress.
  • I add 1,111 words to Unpromised, my fan fiction novel in progress.
  • I complete rough revisions for 2 chapters.
  • I post one chapter to
  • I reread all existing planning/plotting materials for The Last House, one of my two Kifo Island novels in progress.
Sometimes, even Subarus are bested by the snow…


Completed: 4/11; 36%

In Progress: 1/11; 9%

Still Waiting: 6/11; 55%

Pixels to Platform:

  • I complete 4.2 Play Sheets.
  • I watch Module Four, Video Three.
  • I skim 4.3 Play Sheets.
  • I post Friday interaction invitation.

Try It Tuesday:

  • I research and draft 1/15 post.
  • I format, finish, and schedule 1/15 post.
  • I share 1/15 post to Twitter (x3); Facebook (x3); and Instagram (x2).
  • I research and draft 1/22 post.
  • I gather resources for 1/29 update post.


  • I research how to make Google Analytics work with my website, or delegate to Miah.
  • I network in person, and through 3 social media groups this week.
GoofySIbs At the Mall
Joyful learners… then and now!


Completed: 1/5; 20%

In Progress: 0/5; 0%

Still Waiting: 4/5; 80%

DIY-MFA 101:

  • I complete 5.1 Play Sheets.
  • I watch DIY-MFA 101 Module Five, Video Two.
  • I skim 5.2 Play Sheets and simmer.
  • I participate in the first page crit session with page 1 of The Last House

How to Revise Your Novel:

  • I complete Lesson 6 on pp 13-21 of On Any Tuesday Night.

Want to be accountable for your personal writing (and other) goals? 

Come ROW with us!

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Till Next Time!

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  1. Stay safe, Shan! Being from a sub-tropical climate, I cannot imagine how inconvenient and dangerous those storms can be.

    How are you finding the meditative colouring? I find any project I do with my hands, away from the computer, a very refreshing change and a recharge of the batteries. I’d love to know about other people’s experience.


    • I’m from here, so it doesn’t phase me much. All Subarus are all-wheel drive and very sure-footed (wheeled?) in the snow.

      I don’t drive in ice if it can be avoided (and it usually can be). So the kids and I dashed out on Tuesday night. We got the plumbing part we needed just before the home improvement store closed for the night. We left with our groceries minutes before the grocery store closed for the night, and, since 17 yo Jeremiah volunteered to stay with our laundry, we were out of the laundromat with our clothes folded and about 20 minutes to spare.

      Nice to be well provisioned with all the necessities taken care of when the icy mess rolled in.

      Today, a day later, it’s rainy and expected to push 50 F, so Lise and I are heading to the Y so she can shower and maybe swim, and I can go to tai chi class.

      I love the coloring. Right now, I’m using gel pens in a Tiffany stained glass style book. It’s nice while I listen to an audiobook, or gather my thoughts. I used to hand quilt before I was a mother, and have been thinking of taking that and/or embroidery back up at some point. I’ve also always been fascinated by spinning and weaving.

  2. The progress you made this week isn’t defined by a list or chart, Shan, but it’s there and it’s real. Glad to know you’re all set for the snow (even though, at least here, the biggest issue is the wind and the cold… got to keep those pipes from freezing).

    • You’re right, of course. The goals can be adapted or given extra focus anytime – but Lise will only be 14 for a few more months. She’s fast becoming not-a-child, as I’m sure you’ve noticed while interacting with her recently.

      I don’t want to waste this time I have with either of the kids while they still are kids (well, Miah really isn’t much of a kid anymore, and hasn’t been for a year and a half or so…).

      I feel as though I’m building the solid foundations of our adult relationships now.

      Definitely the most important goal I have. ❤

    • They used to let me take a lot more, and share a lot more, than they do today. I’m glad for the opportunity, and the chance to look back at all those happy glowy grins!

  3. Glad you still found the time to work on your goals!
    I live in an area where dangerous weather is scarce so we’re mostly unprepared… I do like to keep an extra gas cooker on the side in case there’s no power but to be fair we’re so close to the hospital our district never gets an outage. So that’s mostly the country girl’s memories acting out.

    Anyway, have a nice week, Shan, and stay warm!

    • Apparently, though, I didn’t find time to answer your comment! Sorry about the delay!

      I’m still a country girl, so I like to know I’ve got my backups. I’m very happy for the wood stove and the ability to stay warm even if the power goes out and takes the furnace with it!

    • I stayed cozy and kept on with the goals – but I really dropped the ball when it came to answering comments.

      That seems to be a consistent weak area for me.

      Thanks for commenting, even if it took me a while to get back to you!

    • I definitely agree with that first statement!

      We got through the storm well enough. We were well provisioned and didn’t need to go anywhere. We never lost power, so we stayed warm and comfy inside.

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