Ahead to Adventure! 12WY6 ROW80 R1/ MW3 Update

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Hey there!

I’m a day late for good reason – I’m on a midweek adventure with my daughter. We started with a Panic! at the Disco concert, and are now in the final hours of a two day water park adventure with other unschoolers.

Sometimes, other goals take a backseat to my most important one – connecting with my kids while they still ARE kids.

So, while there may not seem to be much progress on this week’s goals – there’s been plenty in the family bonding arena.

Do you have goals that take precedence over writing-things?
If so, what are they?

These are the moments I live for! With Lise Burton, age 14, on Tuesday.

60 items total

Completed: 10/60; 17%

In Progress: 19/60; 32%

Still Waiting: 31/60; 51%


Self-decoration on the Oregon Coast, age 10.



Completed: 3/15; 20%

In Progress: 9/15; 60%

Still Waiting: 3/15; 20%


  • I swim as desired during Midweek Adventure.
  • I finish reading Intuitive Eating; 80%- 100%.
  • I record my sleep times. 


  • I finish reading Chop Wood, Carry Water; Chapters 11-16 and Afterword.


  • I explore quote, mandala, and essay for Anger in Paths to Wholeness.
  • I explore meditative coloring.
  • I create a place to sit and begin using my meditation cushions.
  • I touch base with my Slack group six days weekly (not just for accountability, but for community).
  • I interact on #AllStarTrek as possible.
  • I reach out to 3 other online groups I am part of.
  • I spend one-on-one time with two mom friends during Midweek Adventure.
  • I touch base with both kids daily.
  • I spend time just being with the dogs.
  • I take Lise on Midweek Adventure.
  • I facilitate Jeremiah’s plans to host his friends at the end of the month.


Hometending by her own choice, about 11.


Completed: 2/7; 29%

In Progress: 2/7; 29%

Still Waiting: 3/7; 42%

Home Repairs:

  • I call the plumber, discuss changes (no toilet; add hot water heater leak), and schedule repairs/upgrades.

Home Maintenance:

  • I research how to change/clean furnace filter, or delegate to Jeremiah.


  • We complete our daily master hometending list items once this week.
  • I encourage the kids to take an active role in assisting with these tasks.

A Year to Clear What’s Holding You Back:

  • I complete Lessons 16-18.
  • I share Lessons 13-17 on class forum.
  • I interact with three others for each lesson shared.
After Phantom of the Opera. She was 9, and mightily silly!


Completed: 2/17; 12%

In Progress: 6/17; 35%

Still Waiting: 9/17; 53%


  • I reduce my email inbox from 989 to 666 messages.
  • I respond, delete, and save messages as indicated.
  • I maintain email inbox at 675 or fewer messages.
  • I move all of Jim’s Employment files to his archive folder.
  • I organize all folders and files remaining in the Employment directory.
  • I create relevant folders for Fiction Writing directory.


  • I read three new financial articles.
  • I create an envelope for dining out/takeout, and stock amount remaining after tallying up the amount we’ve spent thus far.
  • I tally up all regular and recurring expenses.


  • I create lead/lag indicators for all goals.
  • Complete my Week 3 WAM with ReGi.
  • Check in at Slack 6 days/week; ROW80 2 days/week.
  • Chat with my ROW80 Accountability partner at least 3 times.

The Stuff of Life:

  • I message my editor with questions about reporter job.
  • I choose one other income builder to focus on for the rest of the Year.
  • I prep for our Midweek Adventure.
  • I facilitate Lise preparing for our Midweek Adventure.


An Early Poem, age 9.



Completed: 0/5; 0%

In Progress: 0/5; 0%

Still Waiting: 5/5; 100%

  • I add 333 to four fan fiction side stories in progress.
  • I add 1,111 words to Unpromised, my fan fiction novel in progress.
  • I complete rough revisions for 2 chapters.
  • I post one chapter to ff.net.
  • I reread all existing planning/plotting materials for The Last House, one of my two Kifo Island novels in progress.
Future Home Contractor? About age 9, I think.


Completed: 2/11; 18%

In Progress: 2/11; 18%

Still Waiting: 7/11; 64%

Pixels to Platform:

  • I complete 4.2 Play Sheets.
  • I watch Module Four, Video Three.
  • I skim 4.3 Play Sheets.
  • I post Friday interaction invitation.

Try It Tuesday:

  • I research and draft 1/15 post.
  • I format, finish, and schedule 1/15 post.
  • I share 1/15 post to Twitter (x3); Facebook (x3); and Instagram (x2).
  • I research and draft 1/22 post.
  • I gather resources for 1/29 update post.


  • I research how to make Google Analytics work with my WordPress.org website, or delegate to Miah.
  • I network in person, and through 3 social mediae  groups this week.


On the staircase at the Schuyler Mansion, age 11 or so.


Completed: 1/5; 20%

In Progress: 0/5; 0%

Still Waiting: 4/5; 80%

DIY-MFA 101:

  • I complete 5.1 Play Sheets.
  • I watch DIY-MFA 101 Module Five, Video Two.
  • I skim 5.2 Play Sheets and simmer.
  • I participate in the first page crit session with page 1 of The Last House.

How to Revise Your Novel:

  • I complete Lesson 6 on pp 13-21 of On Any Tuesday Night.

Want to be accountable for your personal writing (and other) goals? 

Come ROW with us!

Find us on Facebook, at our blog, and at the #ROW80 Twitter hashtag!

Till Next Time!

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    • Academia isn’t really a part of our lives unless someone chooses for it to be. We’re unschoolers, so the learning here is based upon passions, and seldom takes the form of structured, schoolish lessons.

      We all learn rampantly, and both kids are excellent researchers!

      And I am definitely enjoying these twilight days of having dependent offspring. Far too soon, my son will be 18 (like, early in September!), and then my daughter is only 34 months behind him!

  1. I have lots of goals coming before writing, all of them linked to family somehow (yes even my work goals because I’m aiming at a life in which my job is helping me have a better family life financially & availability-wise)
    It seems only natural your daughter would come first.

    • I agree – family generally comes first. I also love what you said about your work goals. That’s my primary goal, followed by having work I love for when my kids move on with their own lives over the next few years.

      And, with the wedding, I can see why your goals didn’t skew as much to writing this time through. I hope you did/are enjoying your time away as you read this!

  2. Having time with the kids is essential even if it takes away from your writing. Sometimes not spending enough time with them can make you feel guilty which will impact your writing anyway. It’s not how long, but the memories you make.

    Have fun, and good luck this week.

    • Well, because we’ve always homeschooled, and because I’ve stayed home to focus on that, I’ve spent a great deal of time with both kids – but we don’t get the chance to have adventures like this one everyday, and while we were away, I realized it was the first time my daughter and I had been out of state together, just the two of us.

      My son and I have been a handful of times, but this was our first – and it was a great trip!

  3. We all have to work to keep our priorities in perspective. Good for you for making time to spend with the important people in your life. Hope the concert was great (not my particular cup of tea, but to each their own 🙂 )

    • I went to the concert “okay enough” with Panic! at the Disco – which I defined as not having such a lousy time that I ruined it for her.

      I came away a fan. It was a very good show, filled with passion. I am all about people doing whatever it is that floats their boats with passion.

      Making time for my kids has basically been my prime directive over the last decade, so I’ve gotten pretty good at it! =)

  4. Finding ways to honor the things that really matter has been a big thing for me lately too. It’s always been there, but somehow its importance has slowly grown. It’s definitely weighed in a lot of my choices as a writer…. 😉

    Goals, or not, personal care and growth, emotional connection… all of these things and more are what one needs to live. Well, live well. And you’re covering that excellently

    • I think it becomes more of a focus as we mature – and it definitely seemed to kick up a notch for me as the kids got closer to adolescence. Something about them being nearer to independence than babyhood…

      I suspect moving to another state and leaving the home where you made your family might do it, too…

      And thank you. =)

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