Try It Tuesday: Brush Fright

My #oneword for 2019 is: Embrace. I want to open my arms wide to life in the new year –even Tuesday, the day so often seen as ho-hum.

I want to give poor maligned Tuesday a hug.

What’s This Try It Tuesday thing, anyway?

Try It Tuesday is one part how-to, one part home lab, and one part journal – a way for me to explore some things I’ve always wanted to try, but never quite got around to.

Oh…and I record every step of the way.

I’m hoping it will not only inspire me, and help you find something you’ve always wanted to try, and, well – Try It!

How It Works:

I share the process from initial research, to gathering materials and resources, and on to the actual nuts, bolts, laughter and tears (or laughing so hard I cry, as the case may be) along the way…all of it!

When I finish one project, I’ll do a wrap-up highlight post, and replace it with another, all year long!

So… what’s this week’s Tuesday Try-It?

Watercolor Painting

For most of my life, my Bob Ross tendencies have lain dormant, even as I dreamed of painting clouds, dead trees, and ocean sunsets. Maybe I’ll never be good – but it’s long past time I let myself try!

I really am a beginner, here, if we don’t count the elementary school projects – all enforced lessons created by someone else. That means I have a LOT to learn when it comes to watercolors.

A trip to the art store later, I am armed with a beginner’s watercolor kit (a very small pad of paper, 2 brushes, some decent cake watercolors, and a palette), and a set of watercolor tube paints.

My early research shows that I’ll probably also want a round brush and a mop brush, as well as a standard sized pad of paper or two. I have a friend who might have the brushes, but I haven’t had the chance to look for the paper yet.

So, basically…

I’m afraid to get my brushes wet.

Yeah, I know. That’s kind of absurd. I mean, I’m not talking about going to art school in Paris or changing my life – just trying my hand at a new kind of creative play.

But there it is.

There’s no point denying it when it’s true. So, for this Try-It, I’ve decided to first fortify myself by watching the following videos. That’s what I’ll be focusing on for the next couple of weeks. Hopefully, that will get my past my brush-wetting fright, and into the lovely chaos of watercoloring.

Will I end up with loveliness, chaos – or a liberal blend of both?

I’ll find out by trying. You can find out by popping in on Tuesday, January 29 to see a recap of what kind of (potentially beautiful) mess I’ve gotten myself into this time. That’s also when I’ll share the date for my next Watercolor post.

If you don’t want to wait that long, follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram, where I’ll be posting updates randomly along the way.

What’s On Tap for Next Week?

Menu Planning

I’m not especially motivated by food, but I do want to feel healthy and be nourished by what I eat. I also want to create a workable family budget. Planning my meals seems like a good way to feed these goals. I’ll start tickling my taste buds on January 22!

Until then, I’m off to tackle my brush fright!

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