Today for Just Jot It January 11, 2019

Today, the time just flew away

From time of waking to right now

Almost ten pm, the wood stove flue

Wide open, because we woke to no heat

And the fuel delivery hours away still

I had a call I needed to make

And an old friend to see

But we made a warm fire before I left

And later figured out how to restart

The furnace after bleeding air from the lines

So now it’s late, and the kids are watching videos

And laughing together while I write this poem

About a day when time just kind of flew away

Into new opportunities, new learning,

New connection with an old friend

Warmth and laughter and coziness

And thankfully, no one here has the flu.

This jot is part of Just Jot It January, where today’s prompt, “flew/flue/flu” is brought to us by M. Oniker. To learn more or join in, click the links!

Till next time!