Three Sunrises…Just Jot It January 10, 2019

I remember a sunrise on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, before Jim and I were married. That makes it July 1997. I took pictures through the branches of a juniper tree, and we sat out on the patio of the North Rim Lodge. I found it personally rather hysterical to my upstate New York self that we were sitting in Adirondack chairs in Arizona.

Grand Canyon Sunrise.

There was another, almost two years back. Jeremiah and I went for a predawn walk and watched the sunrise. He’d just gotten his glasses the day before, and was amazed at how clearly he could see leaves, birds, colors, clouds…and I was amazed that I’d had no idea how much he wasn’t seeing them, before the glasses.

Flike Road at Sunrise
Sunrise on our country road in upstate New York.

I took a dawn walk last spring with my newly adopted my pit bull, Noli. I was treated to a sun rising through amazing clouds…it seemed symbolic. My life as a wife was over; my life as a widow was breaking, and it was now up to me to define how it would be.

This jot is part of Just Jot It January, where today’s prompt, “sunrise”, comes from Toortsie.

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