Light, Shadow… Enigma!

Once again, I’m running late to the party. Or, in this case, parties – the #JusJoJan and First Friday Photo parties, that is. I wanted to be on time. I feel a bit like that enigmatic White Rabbit…

Every day, I resolve to get these done earlier in the day, and then…. I don’t. The Rest of Life kicks in, and, before I know it, time has slipped by…again, and I’m pushing up against midnight.

I’d say time is an enigma, but I know I’d be lying. What it is is a construct of man, more or less. The deadline of midnight is arbitrary – come to think of it, so is midnight. Or noon.

Or 9:00 AM, which is when I opened my eyes this morning, and, once I could see blearily past the pit bull ready to bathe my face, I spied this lovely artistry of light and shadow on my bedroom wall…

What stories could be written here? Why do such simple, scientifically explicable things so fascinate us? Why does it seem that there is magic and artistry here, when, in fact, it’s simply the effect of sunlight coming in through the window, past my headboard, and shining through the sheer scalloped drape of a scarf I used to soften the hard lines of a wooden shelf?

Now, there’s an enigma!

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s Just Jot It January and Eden Mabee’s First Friday Photos.  To learn more about one or both of these blog hops, click on the title, and you’ll be transported straightaway – no enigma there; it’s just a hyperlink!

Till next time!


  1. This play of light and shadow reminds me of one I tried to catch just a few weeks ago (when we’d had that evening at the Desmond). I came home and the full moon was casting a shadow of treebranches on the fresh snow… blues, grays and black on a bed of crystal. Magical…

    The photos I tried taking didn’t do it justice at all. But I have that moment etched in my mind because I tried taking those pictures…. Even in failing, I succeeded in capturing that moment. *squees*

    • That sounds lovely, and I’m glad you have it for your own, photo or not!

      I sometimes DON’T try for a picture so I can keep the moment in my mind without a camera or phone in the mix.

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