Ahead, 3/4 Impulse: 12Week Year 6/ROW80 Round 1; Midweek 1

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Hey there!

We’re two days into the first Round of Words of 2019, and the first check-in of both the round, and this 12 Week Year – my sixth.

I can’t say I’ve attained warp speed yet, but I’m gaining momentum. I was originally worried that having a submission goal so early in the round would put too much pressure on me. Instead, it focused me. Not only did I get the submission in with about 3 hours to spare, I completed a revision that significantly improved the draft, and I did it without any panic.

The early success has buoyed me. I’m on my way.

How are you doing with your goals?

Not at warp, but also not encased in the glass of a currently defunded museum gift shop….


Week One Totals:

Completed: 14/59; 24%

In Progress: 23/59; 39%

Still Waiting: 22/59; 37%



Completed: 10/24; 42%

In Progress: 9/24; 38%

Still Waiting: 5/24; 20%

 Body (9 items):

  • I complete a 200 meter swim.
  • I reread Intuitive Eating through Chapter 7; 28%.
  • I assess approximate number of whole grains currently consumed.
  • I assess approximate number of vegetables/fruits currently consumed.
  • I assess approximate amount of fish/seafood currently consumed.
  • I assess approximate amount of water currently consumed.
  • I assess approximate number of self-prepared meals/snacks currently consumed.
  • I establish a three-step sleep routine: pajamas; brush teeth; read one section from Sleep, applying if possible.
  • I use naps as needed to reach 8 hours of sleep 1 day this week.

Mind (6 items):

  • I read Chop Wood, Carry Water through Chapter 5, Family; 104/287 pages.
  • I set a 4 hour Breakout Block in this week’s schedule.
  • I honor my #AllStarTrek time.
  • I play with one or both kids weekly, as desired.
  • I play with the dogs daily (unless not at home).
  • I ask both kids what play activity they’d like to do as a family this month or early next. We consider the choices, choose one, and schedule.

Soul (9 items):

  • I read front matter and explore the Acceptance section of Paths to Wholeness.
  • I create a place to sit and begin using my meditation cushions.
  • I touch base with my Slack group six days this week (not just for accountability, but for community).
  • I interact regularly on #AllStarTrek (Voyager and Enterprise, as possible).
  • I reach out to DIY-MFA 101 fb group and three unschooling FB groups this week.
  • I make plans to spend in-person time with at least two unschooling mom friends while Lise and I are at the winter waterpark gathering January 15-17.
  • I touch base with both kids daily.
  • We decide together how/if we want to mark the anniversary of Jim’s death.
  • I spend time just being with the dogs, and the cats as they will have me.



Completed: 1/4; 0%

In Progress: 1/4; 50%

Still Waiting: 2/4; 50%

  • We complete all daily items on the master hometending list one day this week. (this is a #babysteps goal; we want to make a habit of these, so starting slowly and building from there).
  • I ask kids to help as seems appropriate.
  • I post this goal to Discord family server and follow up with both kids.
  • I do A Year to Clear What’s Holding You Back lessons 14 and 15 this week.

To DO Today


Completed: 1/16; 6%

In Progress: 8/16; 50%

Still Waiting: 7/16; 44%


Administration (5 items):

  • Clear email inbox from 1,416 messages to 1,111. (1,298).
  • Unsubscribe to anything in those messages that is no longer relevant.
  • Make a schedule for organizing One Drive files.
  • Add schedule to calendar.
  • Email school district about legality concerns in the form they sent.

 Budget: 5 items):

  • Organize budget info I’ve gathered to this point.
  • Create a cash envelope to cover meals ordered/eaten away from home.
  • Schedule and hold first Tuesday financial meeting at dining room table so kids can participate if they wish.
  • Pay bills as needed.
  • Explain the 60% plan to kids.


  • Complete Year 6/Round One goalsetting.
  • Complete Year 5/Round Four evaluation.
  • Complete Week 1 WAM with ReGi.
  • Check in at Slack 6 days/week; ROW80 2 days/week.
  • Make arrangements with my ROW80 Accountability partner and honor them.

The Stuff of Life:

  • Look into part time reporter job – touch base with editor.



Completed: 2/7; 29%

In Progress: 1/7; 14%

Still Waiting: 4/7; 57%

  • Finish revisions for “R.I.P. Left Shoe” and moon poetry.
  • Submit to Pub 518 Influence of the Moon anthology by 12/31/18.
  • Add 333 words each to Enterprise fan fiction side stories: “A Beagle’s Bedside Manner”;Arachnid Nebula”; “Love and Loss”; and “Parted from Me”.
  • Add 1,111 words to Unpromised; my Enterprise fan fiction WIP.
  • Rough revise and post next five chapters of Unpromised to ff.net.
  • Pull five more Unpromised chapters: skim, title, save, and add to revision queue.
  • Reread The Last House, one of my two Kifo Island WIPs from 2017.



Completed: 0/6; 0%

In Progress: 4/6; 67%

Still Waiting: 2/6; 33%

  • Complete Pixels to Platform:remainder of Module Four.
  • Create an editorial calendar for January 2019.
  • Schedule time to work on TryIt Tuesday posts; production; and publishing…batching is best.
  • Research Curriculum Vitae; list my relevant experience.
  • Configure Google Analytics for my website.
  • Network via DIY-MFA 101, Pixels to Platform, ROW80 and Albany NNWM, and through my daily life, via write-in and #AllStarTrek.


Claw Hand


Completed: 0/2; 0%

In Progress: 0/2; 0%

Still Waiting: 2/2; 100%

  • Complete DIY-MFA 101 (complete Module 5 Video One play sheets; Watch Video 2; skim play sheets).
  • Complete How to Revise Your Novel Lesson 6, using On Any Tuesday Night, pp 9-40.

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  1. Shan, you’ve really rocked your goals right out of the gate! Congrats on getting that submission in, and good going on the rest of your life goals, too. Keep it up, and here’s to another great week!

    • Um… I’m a writer, not an engineer! =D

      Trust me. You don’t want me near the warp coils, the Heisenberg Compensator, the transporter, the EPS conduits, or even the food replicators! Terrible things could happen!

      Think I’ll stick with what I do well – words, kids, and pets! =D

      But thanks for the laugh!

  2. Shan, I appreciate your very organized way of creating balance and nurturing creativity in your life — with family, friends, your self, and the writing. Congrats on getting those revisions done AND in making the deadline for your submission. I’m hoping that 2019 will bring you much joy. My personal motto is to cherish each moment — as you do.

    • Hi, Beth! Always a delight to have you pop by!

      It’s less about seeking balance, and more about creating an ever-shifting blend that fits all the parameters of my life. It’s an inexact science at best…you know, Lovely Chaos! =)

      The organization is something I’ve had to focus on – I’m not especially organized by nature, and I used to avoid any attempts to systemize my life.

      Once I found more open-ended systems I can adapt as needed, though – things got a LOT better in a short time. I keep learning, and finding what works for me. That will be changing again this year, because Jeremiah will be 18 (!!!!!!!!!) in early September, and I become “mom as support network” rather than “mom as sole parent legally responsible for his care.”

      I’ll blink my eyes after that, and Lise will have finished her legally required homeschooling…oh, and before either of those, I may have a part-time job. I’ve been out of the work force for 11 years, and it will be a change!

      Jim’s motto was “Eat dessert first”, and we’ve kind of adopted that here – less in the literal sense, and more in the living life with joy as much as we can sense.

      I almost didn’t make the deadline. I had a specific idea for a story in mind, but it wasn’t solidifying the way I needed it to to really draft it. In the not so distant past, I would have given up, but instead, I took a story that I wrote last spring, went through it with a fine-toothed comb, as it were, polished it up, and sent it back out into the world again. It’s a much better story, and I also sent two of the three poems I wrote – one of them isn’t ready for the world yet, and I know it.

      It was a good feeling to send them out. There’s another submission I want to make for the end of the month; now I can focus on that.

      • Thank you, Shan, for your thoughtful response. We can say that change is constant — and sometimes it brings great change, even chaos, but we learn from the process as well. With tenacity and grit, we go forward with love, cherishing what we can, accepting the change that inevitably comes, and keeping those good memories close. I can’t believe Jeremiah is nearly 18, that you will start a new job . . . but hope 2019 will be very good to you. Always, Beth

        • Not only is he closing in on 18, he’s a strapping 6’3″ – and shaves!

          I have a phone conversation for the job on Wednesday afternoon, so a new chapter of my life might be starting…

          2019 has been a lovely year here, so far. I could do with more compassion in the administration of the nation, but, rather than dwell on that, I will work to increase my own.

          And I have learned much from the times of chaotic change.

  3. It’ll be nice to see you bring back the Kifo Island stories. They were/are lovely. The steps you’ve made already will propel you through the rest of the round… no matter what Life may hand you, you’ve already got this.

    • The Kifo Island series hasn’t gone anywhere – it just got caught, like everything else in my life – in the whirlwind of this last year. I wrote in both current WIPs in the last 12 months – I just didn’t manage to finish either of them.

      So that is going to happen, and I’m going to have a moving-forward-with-the-series plan, before I start any new ones (I’ve lost track, but I think these two will make eight complete rough drafts). The only one I’ve started revisions on is Sea Changes, (Ava, Donovan, and Karina’s story), so it’s past time to start looking toward getting that done.

      Honestly, I’ve just been holding off to finish the revision course with my fanfiction, so I can start running Kifo books through with some sense of what I’m getting into.

      But I haven’t abandoned them!

    • I’m finiding that the 12 Week Year method works very well. It’s impossible to argue with percentages, and that helps me see where I’m maybe trying to do too much (something I’m very prone to do, but becoming more mindful of).

      And thank you. It’s good to have a submission out there right out of the gate!

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