High Note; Minor Key: #ROW80 / #12WeekYear End of Week 6 Update

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Hey there!


The beginning of the week was crazy-busy. When my year is only 12 weeks long, each day has more meaning.

If part of one of those weeks is spent doing other life things, and I get behind with my goals, I could just give up and figure there’s no way I can catch up.


I could decide that any progress I make is a step toward my goals and do what I can in the time that I have. It’s like Eden said in the #ROW80 blog for today. Any progress beats none, and so I made the decision to do what I can.

Thursday, life settled again. I still had things to do – a trip to the dog park on a lovely day, an estimate  from the plumber, and laundry. Still, I managed to do a lot on my goals between Thursday morning and midnight Saturday. I’m not sure that would have been the case, without a good set of goals developed through The 12 Week Year.

Moving through the process this way, with time spent developing my goals and experimenting, has grounded me in my goals in a new way. I see the purpose behind them, and why it matters that I do everything I can to move forward, even if it’s not as far or as fast as I’d like.

That’s handy… because somewhere late in the evening on Saturday, my laptop did one of those forced restarts Microsoft sometimes has, and I lost my obstacle/contingencies progress, and my goals master list. It could be worse. This is the week I reassess everything, so rebuilding can be part of the process, and, who knows? Things might even be better than they would have been, otherwise.

In other words, I’m making the best of it.


How do you deal with setbacks and busy times?

I’d love to hear it!


Most goals are complete!  YES!!! That’s the first time since I don’t know when! Not only that, but every goal has been moved forward this week. Hooray for me!


16/25; 64%

In progress:

9/25; 36%

Still Waiting:

0/25; 0%



I check in five days weekly with my Accountability Group, and twice weekly with ROW80. 100%

  • Accountability: Sunday- Friday.
  • ROW80: Sunday; Wednesday.

I complete my Action Plans for all goals.

I create weekly lead/lag indicators and stress-level rubric. 100%

  • I got a feel for lead/lag indicators with my weekly Action Plan.

I assess possible obstacles and create plans to deal with them. 4/6; 67%

I learn how to score and plan my week. 100%

I plan and score this week. 100%

I schedule and conduct a WAM on Saturday night. 100%.




I ask kids for ideas on common space projects.  100%

I research plumbers. 100%

I complete brainstormed task list for each common area (excepting garage) and my bedroom. 100%

I complete first draft of regular tasks by day, every other day, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, seasonally, biannually, and annually. 5%

  • Began bedroom list; 5%

To DO Today


I make a list of systems to explore, and what aspect of life they will help me order. 100%

I make a list of organizational websites I want to explore. 100%

I schedule time in Week 7 to explore these sites. 100%

  • Added to my calendar.


New Writing:

I complete Module Three of DIY-MFA 101. 90%

  • I will complete the first outline exercise, then do the rest as I move forward.

I complete Module Four of DIY-MFA 101. 5%

  • I’ve downloaded and organized all materials.


Professional Development:

I complete Pixels to Platform Module 2.  100%

I participate in the Glens Falls Chronicle Book Fair. 100%

I promote my stories. 100%

I submit my bio to Pub 518. 100%


New Learning:

I create and maintain a block schedule for each week’s module. 75%

  • I have a Module Four block form – no time frames added yet.

I commit to honoring that schedule and adapt promptly if I am unable to do so on a given day. 35%

  • The latter part of the week has been better; I’m considering better approaches that work when life gets very busy.

I save weekends for a buffer/catchup period. 50%

  • This weekend will be far more conducive to this than last.

I complete each block of work thoroughly. 50%

  • What I have done, I’ve done as well as possible, but some takes more time to complete as I move on…

I interact with the DIY-MFA 101 community through the Facebook page as I finish each block of work. 50%


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  1. I continue to be amazed by how organized you are! There is no program or plan that could ever get me this on task. You rock! Keep up the good work!

    • Chris, I honestly don’t feel so organized most of the time. A lot of this past year has been me scrambling to do whatever I could think of, with my brains feeling a bit like they’re leaking out of my head.

      It IS getting a little better, and I’m now hoping to have all the administrative minutiae left over from Jim’s death dealt with by the first anniversary on January 12.

      I highly recommend the 12 Week Year. It’s a very different approach, and there are walk-throughs for each step in the process.

      You might just amaze yourself! =D

  2. WOOHOO! Look at all that blue.

    That’s about the same attitude I took when I realized I’d lost the last several chapters of Still Burning when I switched computers. I took about half an hour to grumble then decided to just get down to rewriting it. I know it’s different than what I originally had, but I’m hoping it’s even better.

    • I haven’t made it back to the goals and obstacles yet, but I’m getting a lot closer to that point. Probably finishing that in the coming week.

      It was a LOT of blue. I predict not nearly as much this week, but it was a heavy work load, with a lot of roofing stuff going on, so I’m okay with that.

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