And the Busy Beat Goes On: #ROW80 / #12WeekYear Midweek 6 Update

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Hey there!


Sometimes, life runs in cycles. Right now, I’m in a busy phase:

  • taking writing courses,
  • getting home repairs lined up and moving forward,
  • preparing for winter,
  • voting,
  • helping  swiftly-growing Lise get clothes that suit her and the weather,
  • NaNoWriMoing,
  • promoting anthologies I appear in,
  • developing my new website,

and I’m sure other things I’m forgetting because that’s all the room my brain has for the stuff I’m doing because I’m also a widow of less than a year trying to figure out – well, everything, because my husband was my Accomplice, my partner in crime (so to speak – we weren’t Bonnie and Clyde or anything!), and my best friend….after 20 plus years of marriage, it’s still strange making certain decisions by myself, or just with the kids. It feels like cheating, somehow.*

Sometimes it feels like the tail is wagging the dog….who is sitting in my desk chair!


Anyhow, life will eventually slow to a mellower pace. I’ll have more leisure time, and more time at home, under a roof that doesn’t leak, and pipes that don’t, either.  Until then, though – I’m busy, busy, busy, as this update shows.

Know what I mean?

*It apparently also leads to run-on sentences that made sense when I wrote them…


Most goals are currently in progress, though New Learning has suffered the most from this extremely busy spell. I’ve got an equal seasoning of completed and unstarted tasks to round things out.


  • 5/26; 19%

In progress:

  • 15/26; 58%

Still Waiting:

  • 5/26; 19%



I check in five days weekly with my Accountability Group, and twice weekly with ROW80. 45%

  • Accountability: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday; 60%
  • ROW80: Sunday; 50%

I complete my Action Plans for all goals. 100%

I create weekly lead/lag indicators and stress-level rubric. 60%

  • I reread The 12 Week Year chapters on lead/lag indicators to get a feel for them, and created lead indicators for my Selftending Action Plan Steps. 35%
  • I’ve completed my Selftending Stress Level Rubric. 100%.

I assess possible obstacles and create plans to deal with them. 0%

I learn how to score and plan my week. 75%

  • Read the scorekeeping and blocking chapters; putting into practice gradually. 75%

I plan and score this week. 55%

  • Planning completed; rudimentary scoring in place. 55%

I schedule and conduct a WAM on Saturday night. 30%.

  • It’s a recurring event in my calendar, so scheduled. 30%



I ask kids for ideas on common space projects.  100%

  • We’re mulling the idea of reconfiguring the living room once the roof has been replaced, and Lise would like some living room shelving and art supply storage.
  • Asked Miah; he needs thinking time.
  • We jointly decided to do two scheduled two hour cleaning blocks together each month.

I research plumbers. 100%

I complete brainstormed task list for each common area (excepting garage) and my bedroom. 15%

  • 1/5 in progress; 15%

I complete first draft of regular tasks by day, every other day, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, seasonally, biannually, and annually. 5%

  • Began bedroom list; 5%

To DO Today


I make a list of systems to explore, and what aspect of life they will help me order. 20%

  • I’ve been simmering this, and, for this 12 Week Year, I’m going to stick to learning the 12 Week Year system, following it through as best I can, and making a habit of using my calendar. 20%

I make a list of organizational websites/books I want to explore. 0%

I schedule time in Week 7 to explore these sites. 0%


New Writing:

I complete 2,000 words/day average onUnpromised for NaNoWrimo. 43%

  • Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday counts met.

I complete 222 words on one of four fan fiction stories-in-progress. 43%

  • Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday counts met.


Professional Development:

I complete Pixels to Platform Module 2.  75%

  • I’m 2/3 of the way through Video 2/3.

I participate in the Glens Falls Chronicle Book Fair. 100%

  • I had a great time networking!

I promote my stories. 100%

  • I shared my website’s Writing page on Facebook. 

I submit my bio to Pub 518. 0%


New Learning:

I complete Module Three of DIY-MFA 101. 75%

I complete Module Four of DIY-MFA 101. 0%

I create and maintain a block schedule for each week’s module. 10%

  • I adapted Module 3 schedule to finish.

I complete each block of work thoroughly. 5%

  • What I have done, I’ve done as well as possible, but some takes more time to complete as I move on…

I interact with the DIY-MFA 101 community through the Facebook page as I finish each block of work. 5%

  • I’ve interacted once in the past days.

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  1. Hey, SJ, it’s heartening to see you so vigorously (and exhaustingly) back in the saddle, my friend. I wanted to comment on your actual blog but didn’t see the comment box. Did it go away or am I just blind? Anyway, with admiration and wishes for continues strength,


    On Wed, Nov 7, 2018 at 3:30 AM Shan Jeniah’s Lovely Chaos wrote:

    > shanjeniah posted: ” Hey there! Sometimes, life runs in cycles. Right > now, I’m in a busy phase: taking writing courses, getting home repairs > lined up and moving forward, preparing for winter, voting, helping > swiftly-growing Lise get clothes that suit her and t” >

    • Well, that’s WEIRD! I don’t see it either, and I have the comments allowed box checked.

      Might be some WordPress weirdness related to my posting this on the blog, and having a website? I haven’t ironed out all the kinks in getting the two of them to chat happily and play nicely with each other yet. They seem to see each other more as frenemies!

      Can you tell me how you managed to comment? That might help me track down what went wrong and put it right again. I didn’t see the box, either, but when I clicked reply on your comment, it appeared.

      Maybe It’s just being shy today? Or its preferred candidate won, and it celebrated a bit too much?

      I will try to get to the bottom of it soon – and I will be sharing it on the website later, so hopefully there will be a comment box on that post… although maybe I shouldn’t take that for granted!

      By the way, it’s ALWAYS lovely when you pop up in my comments, Gretchen! I’ve been missing a lot of folks as I reorient nearly everything in my life. That’s going to be a goal for 2019 – to be better at being in touch with folks who inspire me!

      May you have a lovely remainder of the year, and beyond!

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