NaNoWri….MORE!!! #ROW80/ #12WeekYear EOW5 Update

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Hey there, fellow ROWers!


A busy week has ended, and another waits in the wings!

Between household events, writing coursework, and NaNoWriMo, it was a busy, busy week for me. I think my 12 Week Year goalsetting framework is helping, though, because I somehow managed to accomplish a good deal, despite many comings and goings. I completed nearly half of my Week Five goals, and another ten are in some stage of progress. At the end of the week, only three items weren’t started!

No, I didn’t finish everything, or even (quite) get to everything. But I was focused throughout the week on doing those things I deemed most important, and, even when life handed me more than a couple of surprise packages, I kept on moving.

For Week Six, I’m going to focus on fine-tuning this system. It will be another busy week, but not QUITE as busy as this one, although there will be a book fair and writing group today (Sunday), another write-in on Monday evening, and a visit with a friend, another write-in, and of course VOTING on Tuesday, and a final round of clothing purchases with my daughter on Wednesday before I get some down time toward the end of the week – which is when the plumbing estimate is scheduled, because into this fertile mix, home repairs must fall.

Every day, there will be coursework and NaNo – and The Rest Of Life.

What’s on tap for you this week?


Election 2008


Week 5: 24 Items Total


  • 11/24; 46%

In Progress:

  • 10/24; 42%

Not Yet Started:

  • 3/24; 13%



I check in five days weekly with my Accountability Group, and twice weekly with ROW80.

  • Checked in with group on Sunday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. 4/5; 80%
  • Checked in with ROW80 Sunday and, well, Thursday. 2/2; 100%.

I complete my Action Plans for all goals.

  • 5/6; 83%

I create lead/lag indicators and stress-level rubrics.

  • I have stations, O, 5, and 10 assigned on the rubric. 10%

I learn how to score and plan my week.

  • Some progress with assessing percentages. 25%

I find someone to exchange Weekly Action Meetings (WAMs) with.

  • I will be meeting online with my friend ReGi on Saturday nights. 100%

I read the 12 Week Year coaching session for this week.

  • 100%

I score and plan each week.

  • Making progress with the planning; scoring still weak. 20%

I schedule and conduct WAMs weekly.

  • First WAM complete; 100%



I research plumbing and flooring – which comes first?

  • It’s plumbing. 100%.

I ask kids for ideas on common space projects.

  • A brief mention. 10%

To DO Today


I schedule a time each week to review my online calendar; adding and revising as needed.

  • I do this just before my WAM meeting with ReGi; at 10:30pm Saturday. This makes sense because a new week starts every Sunday, and I will be at the computer already. Plus – no #AllStarTrek =more free time for administrative details! 100%.

I trim Noli’s nails.

  • When trimming nails on my very food-motivated former stray, cheese is my best friend. She still hates and is afraid of the process, but this pit bull will do a lot for a few morsels of gouda! 100%

I clean Sapphire the betta fish’s tank.


New Writing:

I begin NaNoWriMo with my Kov/Koss Star Trek: Enterprise fan fiction novel, Unpromised.

  • 1,867 100%

I maintain my personal NaNoWriMo word count goal of 2,000 words Thursday-Friday.

  • 2,264 words Thursday; 2,551 100%

I double my word count at the Double Up Write-In on Saturday.

  • 901 words short; I can live with that!

I write 222 words on one of my other fan fiction stories in progress on Thursday and Friday.

I write 888 words total between my other fan fiction stories in progress on Saturday.


Professional Development:

I complete Pixels to Platform Module Two.

  • Week 2/2, 1/3 blocks complete; 70%

I explore CSS, finding resources for tutorials.

  • I found and saved three introductory tutorial sites. 100%

I resolve my font plug in issue.

  • I have a verified API key. Next, I need to learn how to use the plugin. 100%

I resolve the blog name server issue with Tech Surgeons.

  • It took a chain of emails, and working through two issues, but I can now access my site via both addresses. 100%

I submit my bio to 518 Publishing Company.


New Learning:

I complete Module Three of DIY-MFA 101.

  • 4/8 blocks completed. 50%.


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    • Unschooling for ten years has had the great side effect of allowing me to handle distractions well. And the last months have kind of made me immune to the little stuff, I guess – way too much big stuff to deal with!

      I wish I had your knowledge on home repair, though. That would be mighty handy now, and might save a lot of money, too!

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