Tripping Toward Tricky Treats: #ROW80 /#12WeekYear Midweek 5 Update

Hey there, fellow ROWers!

It’s time for what just might be my busiest midweek update of 2018. 

Sunday was a writing group meeting – the last pre-NaNo.
Monday was a NaNo kickoff party at a local library.
Yesterday was the Smokey-pup’s post-spay checkup, buying pumpkins for Lise to carve, taking the dogs to the dog park since Smokey got her all-clear, and doing laundry and a little shopping.

Today is some clothing shopping with Lise, a stop at Spirit for a final component for my costume, trick or treating with my teen Black Cat Fallen Angel – might be her last year – and then off to the Albany Region National Novel Writing Month Halloween/NaNo Kickoff Party at the local Denny’s where we meet weekly, year round.

Tomorrow, I’m taking Jeremiah to pick up an item he’s purchasing from a local garage sale site.

Friday, so far, is blessedly uncomplicated, other than laundry.

Saturday, I’ll be at a private NaNo Double Up write-in, and have my first WAM (see below).

And then Sunday brings a book fair….but I’m getting ahead of myself

Lise’s jack o’lanterns. It’s the first year she didn’t need any help with conception, cleaning, or carving! Photo by Lise Burton. Edited and used with permission by Shan Jeniah Burton.

The challenge for the week is fitting in those tending goals, and the learning goals, around all the out-and-about times.

How do you deal with times like this?

Week 5 Action Plan: 24 Items Total


Completed: 2/24; 8%

In Progress: 9/24; 38%

Not Yet Started: 13/24; 54%


These midweek totals are a little deceptive, since NaNoWriMo begins at midnight, and I can’t begin addressing those six goals until then. I expect a more balanced scorecard by Sunday’s update.


I check in five days weekly with my Accountability Group, and twice weekly with ROW80.

  • Checked in with group on Sunday. 1/5; 20%
  • Checked in with ROW80 Sunday. 1/2; 50%.

I accomplish at least 50% of my Action Plans for all goals.

  • 3/6; 50%

I learn how to score and plan my week.

  • Progress with assessing percentages. 25%

I schedule and conduct WAMs weekly.

  • First WAM is scheduled; 50%


I research plumbing and flooring – which comes first?

  • It’s plumbing. 100%.


I schedule a time each week to review my online calendar; adding and revising as needed.

I trim Noli’s nails.

I clean Sapphire the betta fish’s tank.

New Writing:

I begin NaNoWriMo with my Kov/Koss Star Trek: Enterprise fan fiction novel, Unpromised.

I maintain my personal NaNoWriMo word count goal of 2,000 words Thursday-Friday.

I double my word count at the Double Down Write-In on Saturday.

I write 222 words on one of myother fan fiction stories in progress on Thursday and Friday.

I write 888 words on one of my other fan fiction stories in progress on Saturday.

Professional Development:

I complete Pixels to Platform Module Two.

  • Week 1/2; 50%

I explore CSS, finding resourcesfor tutorials.

I resolve my font plug in issue.

New Learning:

I submit my bio to 518 Publishing Company.

I complete Module Three of DIY-MFA 101.

  • 2/8 blocks completed. 25%.


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