Halfway Into Week 5 – Goals! #ROW80 / #12WeekYear

It’s been a while since I’ve been here. 

First there was getting ready to camp. Then there was camping. Then there was coming home, and throwing myself hard into my wet, sloped driveway hours later. Then a burst of activity that had me out of the house for hours every day even when I couldn’t draw a deep breath because I hurt from throwing myself hard into the driveway. Then Sunday was my birthday, and then there was more busy-ness…and now it’s Thursday morning, and here I finally am.

I’ve decided to bring my ROW80 updates back home to this blog. They felt lonely at Patreon, so I’ll just link them from there to here. There’s another reason, too – but I’m not quite ready to share it. For now, let’s dive not into the driveway, but into my Week Five Goals, shall we?

I’ve updated my original Round 3 goals and will share them in a separate post. The new goals appear at the top, with the Week Five Action Plan steps below.

Color Code:

  • Blue With Overstrike: Completed.
  • Green: In progress.
  • Black: Waiting in the wings.
  • Black With Overstrike: 86’ed.


I develop a freelance career while continuing to develop fictional and creative writing.

I complete my TextBroker evaluation article, and 20 freelance projects, between all potential sources (TextBroker, fiverr, other clients), and develop a stream-of-consciousness writing workshop to offer at area community centers/YMCAs/libraries (Maybe test drive it as a NEUC funshop?).

  • I read Natalie Goldberg’s The True Secret of Writing for further inspiration.
  • I brainstorm the workshop offering.

I complete the rough draft of Still Nameless, a Kifo Island novel-in-progress, and a short story daily in September, focusing on character backstories/related shorts.

  • Complete draft of Still Nameless.  I believe I am winding down the penultimate scene of this (way longer than expected) novel draft, at last!

I draft my talk for the Northeast Unschooling Conference (NEUC).

  • Reread A-Z posts.
  • Brainstorm ideas.


I research, revise, and submit projects to paying markets with the goal of self and family sustenance.

I complete any necessary revisions/sign contract for “Storm at Song Glass Cabin.”

  • Complete publisher’s four last-minute edit requests and submit final draft.

I reread and revise “R.I.P. Left Shoe” for another contest/submission.

  • Reread story.
  • Simmer story.

I redeem my free month of Duotrope in August, and research 10 markets weekly.

  • I find and save the appropriate email.
  • I sign up for the free month.
  • I research fiction, essay, poetry, and/or creative nonfiction markets; 10 each week.


I use Pixels to Platform and Intentional Blogger learning to develop and implement my revised blogging/marketing strategy.

I set up and begin circulating my newsletter.

  • I expand the opt-in freebie.
  • I write newsletter content.

I complete the preliminary stages needed to get my new website up and running, and decide whether to import my WordPress blog whole or piecemeal, as I streamline it.

  • I purchase a website hosting program.
  • I fill out new client questionnaire, and initiate contact with company regarding my needs.
  • I continue interaction as needed to establish the site. Current email read and simmering.

Family Finances:

I balance our income and expenses while exploring and developing revenue streams which support our lifestyle and priorities.

I mindfully tend to and oversee our finances through budgeting and careful stewardship of funds.

  • I keep track of financial transactions in my planner as they occur. Rethinking this plan; keeping tabs more through online means, at the moment.

I draft, revise, and implement sauce inventory reduction plan.

  • I follow up with the Rooster as needed. I’ve forgotten to check back in the last two weeks, due to camping and injury.

I complete setup and hire printing of my first poetry chapbook, Epic Hours, and begin marketing it at Albacon (September 14-16).

  • I review current materials.


I create an attractive, hyggelig home – inside and out – through decluttering, reordering, repurposing, and beautification.

I complete a decluttering/reset of my bedroom/workspace, including finishing my desk.

  • I commit to lengthier work sessions when needed to complete scheduled items.

I make a list of projects to complete in each common room, including garage and porch, and spend one cycle each week in July and September, and two each in August, working on these projects.

  • I spend my time in each room moving its project list forward. I’ve gotten a bit distracted along the way.

I make a project list for the yard, and spend one cycle each week in July and September, and two each in August, working on these projects.

  • I spend my time in each space moving its project list forward.
  • I commit to lengthier work sessions when needed to complete scheduled items.


I nurture myself and my loved ones – body, mind, and soul.

I complete all required homeschool reporting and testing for the 2017-2018 academic year for both kids, and Lise’s 2018-2019 Individual Home Instruction Plan (IHIP), as well as requesting the district draft a letter stating that Jeremiah has met all NYS homeschool requirements and can be considered “graduated” – which is true as of July 31, 2018!

  • I proof the IHIP and submit to district.

I set specific goals for activity and adapt them as year 4 progresses, with the focus on what feels good.

  • I take Noli for a walk at least six times weekly. 3/6, due to injury and Miah stepping in.
  • I take Noli to the dog park weekly (adapt for weather and travel). We went on Tuesday.

I attend to mindfulness daily through meditation, journaling, and other mindfulness practices.

  • I meditate six days weekly. 2/6.
  • I journal six days weekly. 2/6.
  • I read my bullet journaling ebook, and explore bullet journaling. At 24% in the ebook, and ordered a dot-grid journal to use as my first journal.


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