A Tricky Kind of Now: #ROW80 R2/ #12WeekYear End of Week 11

Hi there, ROWers and friends!

This week’s goals end with less blue than last – but much more green spread through the middle, which means things have, in the final days of the round, become more balanced.

Today, though…it’s tricky. First Father’s Day without the father of my children. First for them in a single-parent family. And Lise and I are going to her first Pride event at a local park later in the day – another milestone to add this year’s seemingly ever-growing collection. It seems like a good way to spend a part of this day…

What are your plans for today?

What makes you smile (I could use extras, today)?

Share in the comments!


Goal Status:

  • Goal Completed.
  • In Progress.
  • Black: Still Waiting.
  • 86’ed
  • Goal Change.


I write 1,667 words/day (average) on Still Nameless, till complete, for JuNoWriMo.

  • June 10: 2,193. June 11: 2,007; June 12: 0; June 13: 1,331. June 14: 1,172; June 15: 2,246; June 16: 1,671 Balance:- 621.

I write a 100-250 word flash fiction for #thursthreads, using prompt.

I draft my share of the JuNoWriMo Pep Talk Newsletter text by Friday sprint.

  • Received Week 3 pep talk by email; drafted my intro. Week 4 was ready on Saturday: read and simmering.

I participate in Story A Day’s Write On Wednesday (share about last week’s story) and draft retrospective.

  • Read this week’s prompt; simmering.


I revise, set up, test, and schedule my JuNoWriMo newsletters (as possible) by 2am Friday.

I complete spot revisions Story A Day fan fiction pieces and post.

I polish my #thursthreads piece and submit.

I complete beta of Chapter 10; Stained Blood.


I complete Pixels to Platform Breadcrumbs Exercise.

I complete Pixels to Platform Mood Board.

I complete Pixels to Platform Play Sheets for Module 2, Video 2.

  • Author Photo Sheet finished; Author Bio Sheet ongoing.

I watch Module 3 Video 1.

I assess M3V1 Play Sheets; assess time needed for completion.

I learn enough about Adaucity to use microphone for at least one reading.

I finish reading all poetry chapbooks loaned to me; simmer.

  • Reading 4/6.


I enact my Summer Blogging Plan; make adjustments as indicated.

I read through JuNoWriMo 2017 files; determine if/what of that content I can use/repurpose.

I create a schedule for creating content based on Pixels to Platform and Blogging Cheat Sheet learning.

  • Simmering as I work through Module 2.

I respond to all pending comments.

  • Responded to all new; started working my way backwards through existing comments.

I revise my About page, based on Pixels to Platform learning.

I add a Welcome page, based on Pixels to Platform learning.

Other Social Media:

I update my fanfiction profile.

I keep up with #AllStarTrek, ROW80, #accountabilitygirls, P2P Facebook group, and general Twitter, Facebook, and email.

I post and browse at least once on Instagram and Pinterest, because I miss them.

  • Browsed a bit on Instagram; posted and browsed on Pinterest.

Family Finances:

I read at least one post at 1500 Days.

I publicize my Fiverr gig at least 3 times this week.

  • 3/3; Facebook timeline, with hashtag; Twitter, with hashtags; in a blog post which I shared and asked to be shared forward.

I publicize my 3 garage sale site items at least 3 times this week (both of these are a bit of marketing practice for me in a low-risk, low-bigscarything kind of way).

  • Item 1: 1/3 and changed price.

I do research/take photos for next three items to prep for sale.

I complete Phase One of the administrative task begun last week.

I complete review of PayPal auto payments and list these in my planner.

I rough out family budget and facilitate our making decisions about questionable expenses.

  • Created a task list for adapting expenses. Put our Y membership on hold, as we weren’t getting there anyway.


I continue my bedroom reset (declutter/tidy; move and organize cabinets; bring in chair; make plan for clothes in closet).

  • Small cabinet moved/rough organization started; decluttering/tidying; reset dresser top.

I do two hometending rounds each in garage and porch.

  • 1/2 for both.

I do 2 rounds in each common room – bathroom, dining, kitchen, and living room.

2/2 complete for all but living room: 1/2.

I do a sinkful of dishes daily (on average), and laundry at least 5 times this week.

  • Laundry 2.5/5; dishes 6/7.


I move rest of branches to containment.

  • Setting this aside till fall; remaining branches are relatively out of the way.

I weed/clean flowerbeds.

I mow/ facilitate mowing of meadow (I mean, backyard) and mow front/side yards.

  • Encouraged Miah to mow in back; now about 80% demeadowized.

I take decorations off mailbox post.

  • Branches removed/ lights mostly untangled.

I place radio fence flags once range is set.


I complete my Weekly To-Dos and post to Slack.

I complete both kids’ third quarter homeschool reports and submit.

I choose three recipes for this week.

I make this week’s recipes.

  • Groceries purchased; spaghetti sauce made: 1/3.

I help Lise with Smokey, her puppy.

  • Practical care; advocating for puppy’s needs; nails clipped.

I take Noli to dog park twice.

  • 1/2.

I take a long walk with Noli each day, on average.

  • 6/7.

I test radio fence, and move receiver box to Noli’s spare collar.

I begin training Noli to the radio fence.

I get an average of 5 hours’ sleep each day.


I meditate and journal upon rising each sleep 3 hours or more.

  • Tuesday-Saturday mornings.

I read one inspirational article.

I meditate two middays..

I  meditate and journal before sleep 5 times.

I  light a candle and read from Sleep before bed 5 times.

I  use a sleep meditation at bedtime 5 times.

  • These aren’t working with my wee-hours Twitter spring hosting, so I’m 86ing them till July.


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  1. Congratulations on getting that link to Fiverr up and running. And, it looks pretty good. Since you’re on Word Press and I don’t know the ‘how to’ for this format, can you check a box for that Fiverr box that takes the reader to a new window rather than having your reader leave your blog??? Otherwise, congratulations on all your amazing progress, especially on writing for JunNoWriMo AND working on that beta and something that sounds way above my technology benchmark (audiobooks or videos or ????). May you have a wonderful week ahead.

  2. I hope all is going well. I know the day must have been difficult for you, but I hope you and the kids were able to find some joy amid the tears.

    Things, for me, have been low-key lately. Plugging away at WIPs, taking a deep POV workshop, and overall just deepening my craft and my life. I’ve been struggling with some health stuff that has kept me from being as active on the blog and social media as I would like, but I’m trying to find that balance.

    Take care, Shan!

  3. Hi Shan, sending all of you a big hug. Sorry, I haven’t been around much, but my mental health has turned my life upside down. If you need anything shared on social media please let me know. I am not on FB, but can help with Twitter, G+ and reblog on WP. Also, I would like to write to less publicly. Could you just send me an email at bee.halton@gmail.com when you have a minute? I don’t seem to have or be able to find your email. Thanks a lot. Have a good day!

  4. Happy Pride event! It’s probably good you’re doing something new on such a difficult day.

    • Thank you! I’m excited for her to find some in-real-life people she can connect to on that level, and be accepted without worrying about who has questions or can’t get how a person could like girls and boys.

      I thought the same thing when I realized this one (by luck, in a place that has lots of space, because she’s not fond of crowds) was on Father’s Day. A good shift of focus that might become tradition.

    • It’s being held at Yaddo, a lovely old mansion with a formal rose garden. The Mansion is now an artists’ retreat, and the grounds open to the public. It’s one of my favorite places to go, and the whole town is very accepting of diversity (Saratoga Springs), so I expect it will be a good thing.

      She decided she wanted to do a Pride event last August, and has been waiting for June ever since.

      And, yes…I’m very happy with the progress. The middle of this list has just been sitting there mostly untouched for way too long, and it’s always a huge sigh of relief to get the reports submitted.

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