Opening to the Now: #ROW80 Round 2 /#12WeekYear 3 Midweek 3

Hi there, ROWers and friends! 

It’s Wednesday – so that means it’s time to unveil my Week 3 Action Plan (Here’s my End of Week 2 progress). 

But first, a bit about my Tuesday:

  • I participated in my second Meet the Author event. The audience was engaged, and asked a lot of great questions.
  • On the way to the event, I noticed an animal shelter. I’ve been looking for a canine companion, and stopped on my way home…and met Nadine-who-will-be-Magnolia (Noli). We hit it off right away, and, once she’s spayed, she’ll be coming home with me. Tomorrow, we’re looking for a sister for her, because Lise wants a dog, too.

What’s new in your world this week?


  • Wednesday: Weekly Action Plan
  • Sunday: Weekly Wrap-Up.
  • Quarterly review after Weeks 3, 6, 9,
  • Final Review: after Week 12.

Goal Status:

  • Blue with Overstrike: Completed.
  • Green: In Progress.
  • Black: Still Waiting.
  • Black with Overstrike: 86’ed.
  • Red: Goal Change.

Relationships, Family, and Home:

Family Stuff:

I facilitate Miah’s driving at a pace that’s comfortable for him.  

  • A missed turn led to a driving adventure Sunday.
  • Discussed vehicle maintenance plans and road test.

I facilitate kids’ social travel and time with friends as desired.

  • Sleepover/friend visit for Lise.

I register for Unschoolers Rock the Campground 10  and reserve our rooms at the Northeast Unschooling Conference.

  • Registration is open for URTC.
  • Discussed room plans with my kids and Lise’s best friend, who will be our guest..

I facilitate their efforts to make our home a space where they can invite/entertain friends.

  • Encouraged/discussed room cleaning with both.
  • Began reading Hygge.

I spend 11:11 gathering materials for each child’s third quarter homeschool reports.

  • Both kids shared some of their independent activities.

I facilitate both kids’ learning as needed.

  • Art, drivers’ ed, French and English grammar, literature, home economics, music, and more.

Home Stuff:

I facilitate home and yardtending, asking for assistance as needed.

  • Bedrooomtending; dishes; general hometending.

I post three items (already selected) on a local yard sale site.

I rough draft a schedule for hometending as a baseline for action.

I touch base with Lise about next steps in baking/selecting a mop she wants to use.

Relationship Stuff:

I schedule lunch/coffee dates with two friends.

  • Will meet my friend Darcy on Thursday.

I send thank you notes to Jim’s sisters, and contact them via text to touch base.

  • Texted both.


Writing/Revising Stuff:

I complete the first revision pass of “Storm at Song Glass Cabin” (short story), and return to publishers.

I collect materials, organize, get beta feedback, apply, finalize layout, and submit my Secret Project.

I use April CampNaNoWriMo to complete the rough draft of Still Nameless (Kifo Island #8).

  • 30,819 new words; 3,705 this week.

Blogging From A-Z April Challenge: The Alphabet of Grief – complete 26 posts.

I check in at Story A Day, catch up on recent podcasts, and begin collecting story sparks for this year’s stories. If there is a way to get advance notice of the prompts, I utilize it.

Learning Stuff:

I complete Pixels to Platform intro and Module 1.

  • Watched Video 1 for Module 1

I complete two 11;11 learning sessions for How to Write Flash Fiction That Doesn’t Suck.

I complete organization for How to Revise Your Novel, and one 11:11 learning session.

Networking Stuff:

I serve as an DIY-MFA Pixels to Platform Master Class Ambassador.

I answer blog comments and visit other blogs on my current informal schedule.

I complete current chapter of Stained Blood, return to author, and highlight next section for revision.

I touch base with author next in my queue, and another possible beta author regarding manuscript schedule.

I post current goals and Dark and Bitter reading video/transcript to Patreon, and update Facebook Writer page and blog sidebar.

Family Financial Stuff:

I go through current receipts.

I set budget for groceries, eating out, and monthly expenses, using receipts and bank statement as guides.

I contact insurance agent (re: business insurance).

I read at least one article or blogpost on a financial matter.

I talk with both kids about what prosperity means to them.

  • Discussed with Lise; opened topic with Miah.

Body, Mind, and Soul:

I return to tai chi on Thursday, and swim afterwards.

I shift opening of 5k training to next week, so Noli can be part of it.

I make chicken and rice soup; garlic parmesan chicken, bone broth, and a pasta bake.

I meditate and journal daily, and twice daily at least three times this week.

  • Meditation (Insight Timer at 3:33) and journaling each morning.

I read at least one spiritual growth article this week.

I allow myself sufficient time for rest, recreation, and reflection, without guilt.

  • Time with friends; Spider Solitaire; dog adoption; Fixer Upper.
  • Meditation, journaling, pondering ongoing.

I share my experiences with others as I am inspired.

  • Through blogging, and in person.

I create art that allows me to explore and express my emotional state.

  • Singing and writing.

I memorialize Jim’s place in my life, and make changes as I am moved to, without guilt.

  • Through writing, and in life (shopping; financial decisions).

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This was Corki, our late pittie mix. Noli looks like a purebred; same sweet face and disposition, though….



    • I’m nervouscited to have her here. It’ll be an adjustment (maybe especially for the cats) but she really is a love.

      Hoping to get a good bit more done this week, but it will be a busy one.

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