A is for Anger: The Alphabet of Grief for #atozchallenge Day 1

Shards Which Consumed

Anger so sharp

Anger in shards

Shards of grief

Shards of fury

Fury at death’s approach

Fury at life’s troubles

Troubles build up

Troubles deepen and drift

Drifting to sleep when he calls out

Drifting restlessly when he needs

Needs water, needs milk, needs to pee

Needs taste of pineapple on his tongue

Tongue gone blurry with effort

Tongue gone slurry with coming death

Death is his abdication from anger

Death’s approach his reason why

Why all he wants should be given

Why my anger feels so wrong

Wrong to be impatient with a dying man

Wrong to be mad at the man I love

Love binds us still together

Love too soon to be torn apart

Apart and forever riven

Apart and not by choice

Choice taken away

Choice burning to ashes

Ashes are what remains

Ashes of furies past

Past robbed his life

Past stole away his breath

Breath gathered in to argue

Breath expelled in screams

Screams as we argued

Screams echo and fade

Fade away like furies

Fade away and die

Die like the man I love

Die like anger’s flames

Flames of injustice

Flames that consumed

Consumed his flesh

Consumed his passion

Passion of lovers

Passion of poison

Poison in his body

Poison anger so sharp

Sharp and slicing

Sharp finality




My Blogging From A-Z April Challenge theme for today was “The Anger of Grief.”

I hadn’t intended to write a Blitz poem, but that’s where inspiration took me, and, since April is National Poetry Month, I’ve spontaneously decided to write a blitz for each day’s prompt as I explore The Alphabet of Grief in the aftermath of my husband’s death.

Sometimes, there may be more than a simple poem…but anger is something I’ve had a very unsettled relationship with in the best of times, and being angry at a spouse who is dying is not something I’ve had time to become comfortable with, even given that I was exhausted and grieving the imminent loss of my husband and best friend…

So, for tonight, I’ll just leave this as it is.

Come back tomorrow, when we’ll Band Together.

You can find other A posts here!





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