A Little Higher  for WIPpet Wednesday

Welcome to WIPpet Wednesday, a weekly blog hop which encourages writers to move WIPs (works-in-progress) to publication by posting excerpts related to the date.We’re led by the capable fingers and nimble mind of Emily Wrayburn.

Hello there, fellow WIPpeteers – and, to those just along for the ride – welcome! Hop in, get comfy…but don’t leave popcorn in the center seat!

Two weeks in a row – yay, me!

I feel like things are starting to settle into something like a rhythm…not quite a routine, which is fine, because I’m not the kind of person who enjoys having each day play out the same. But we are getting to a point where there’s a normalcy about being a family of three and not four; where Jim’s absence, though still acute, isn’t quite as raw. I’m not feeling as though I’m fumbling and stumbling along nearly as often…and, once or twice, I’ve even felt as though I’ve got something that approaches a handle on things.

Which doesn’t mean that there isn’t still a tremendous amount to learn and do…only that I’m starting to feel like, eventually, I’ll crest that mountain and be able to scan the horizons that await us…

On to the WIPpeting!

It’s time for another installment of my TnT fan fiction story, adapted from Humanity’s Enterprise. It’s a patchwork of sorts, written in different styles, at different times, and for different projects. I’m slowly figuring out how to pull them all together into a coherent whole that explores just how and why T’Pol was the one Vulcan chosen to accompany Enterprise NX-01 on her maiden voyage.

I’ve decided to use this story, once revision gets to a point I’m comfortable with, as my initiation into Wattpad. So please don’t hesitate to let me know if something’s not working for you – it will make a better story in the long run!


Trip Tucker has something he needs to say to Enterprise’s brand-new Vulcan Science Officer, but she’s not exactly making it easy when she says she doesn’t expect any better of a human.  We pick up immediately after my last TnT post, A Vulcan Question Mark,

Here’s the standard disclaimer. I don’t own them; I don’t make money from them; I just love them, and I tell the stories they give me as well as I can.

WIPpet Math:

  • Today is March 21, 2018. I added the two digits of the date to offer 3 short paragraphs.

 “What the hell’s that supposed to mean?”

The words burst out before he could catch them. Her eyebrow slanted up a little higher, and she regarded him coolly. There wasn’t any need at all for her to say even a single syllable in response.

Trip could see it in her eyes. He’d just proven her point.

What point did Trip prove?

Can he recover from this?

Will T’Pol accept Trip’s apology?

Any guesses?

If you enjoyed this snippet, and want something more before next Wednesday, you can pop over to my fanfiction.net page.

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