Stepping Through Time #ROW80 /#12WeekYear End of Week 10

Hi there, ROWers and friends!

 On Wednesday, I wrote about sleepwalking – finally getting some long-needed and restorative rest.

Since then:

  • I’ve chosen my new bedframe, though I haven’t bought it, or selected new mattresses yet – I want to do some research first.
  • We had another significant Wednesday snowstorm – 2 weeks in a row, Oh, and our snow shovel broke, so it’s a good thing for warmer weather and Subarus that can tromp through the snowbanks.
  • I’ve made significant progress on Jeremiah’s homeschool report, so I should be ready to submit by the Thursday deadline.
  • We cemented plans to visit friends we haven’t seen in way too long -next weekend!
  • And now it’s Daylight Savings Time, so most of America is a bit bleary and confused…

Has your week brought any interesting developments?

Blue with Overstrike: Goal Completed.

Green:  In Progress.

Black: Still Waiting.

Black with Overstrike: 86ed.

Red: Goal Change.

 Relationships, Family, and Home:


Complete homeschool reports and submit. Due Week 11.

  • Miah’s report: 8/16 sections completed (through Economics).
  • Progress: 70%.

Facilitate Miah’s driving practice; four times weekly. Weeks 1012.

  • 1/4.
  • Progress: 30%.

Move bedroom furniture to better accommodate nurse visits; deep clean as I go; ask for help from kids as needed.  Week 1.

Use one-on-one time to touch base with both kids. Weeks 10-12.

  • Lots of connection with both this week, discussing hopes and needs.
  • Progress: 100%

Set aside a few minutes five days weekly to arrange facilitation of needs. Weeks 10 -12.

  • Each day this session. Hometending; travel plans; connection with and facilitating interests/goals; finding life insurance papers, homeschool reports. 7/7 for session.
  • Progress: 100%.


Focus on at least ten minutes with some combination of family members in common spaces daily. Weeks 10-12.

  • 6/7 days this session; schedules didn’t line up Friday.
  • Progress: 90%.

Gather and consider how to make our home a sweeter place. Weeks 10-12.

  • More conversation about sharing hometending; ideas for redecorating/organization.
  • Progress: 100%



Inventory sauces; get count on what/how many labels needed: Due Week 3.

  • Progress: 93%

Go through checking account and insurance policy info; make list of monthly/quarterly bills and due dates: Due Week 4.

  • Progress: 90%

Pay Jim’s back sales taxes; find out how to dissolve business. Due Week 6.

  • Progress: 40%.

Do (or delegate) our taxes: Due Week 10.

  • Progress: 35%.

Create a base family budget for the kids and I: Due Week 12.

  • Progress: 60%

Focus on learning via the courses I already have in progress: Weeks 10-12.

  • Progress: 65%.

Work on beta projects I’ve agreed to as opportunity arises. Weeks 1012.

  • Completed 10; Sc.1 comments.
  • Progress: 100%.

Keep in touch with other writers –  reading blogs; commenting; participating in sprints and blog hops as I am able: Weeks 10-12.

  • Sprinting each weekday.
  • Read and commented on ROW80 and BOAW blogs.
  • Progress: 100%.


Make lists of things we could use help with, as we think of them. Weeks 1012.

  • Progress: 70%

Ask both kids for ideas at least weekly. Weeks 1012.

  • Talked with both regarding various new ideas.
  • Progress: 100%

Pair lists with those willing to help at least weekly. Weeks 1012.

  • New ideas simmering ideas on how to request help with our improvement projects.
  • Progress: 20%

Seek out someone(s) with good organizational skills who can coordinate as/when needed. Weeks 10-12.

  • Progress: 10%

When someone offers general assistance, be ready with ideas. Weeks 1012.

  • Progress: 100%

Body, Mind, and Soul:


Watch Star Trek: Enterprise whenever possible; join in Twitter live chat at #AllStarTrek. Weeks 10-12

  • Every day.
  • Progress: 100%

Resume taking pictures, beautifying our home, drawing, coloring, singing, and other activities that I enjoy, as opportunities arise. Weeks 10-12.

  • Home and Garden TV; decluttering/organizing/hometending/beautifying.
  • Progress: 100%

Experiment with Instant Pot weekly. Weeks 1012.

  • Progress: 70%.

Keep eyes open for likely recipes. Weeks 10-12.

  • Downloaded a whole foods Instant Pot Cookbook.
  • Progress: 100%

Use Ninja for food prep once weekly. Weeks 7-12.

Alternate days of restful focus with more active days. Weeks 10-12.

  • Each day has held both activity and rest.
  • Progress: 75%.

Listen to my body, mind, and soul, and follow their leads to adjust accordingly.  Weeks 1012.

  • I did well here.
  • Progress: 100%


Follow a morning routine when possible. Weeks 812.

Use quiet moments as they present themselves. Weeks 10-12.

  • Continues to be a strong spot.
  • Progress: 100%.

Make a practice of being present- right here, right now. Weeks 1012.

  • Yep!
  • Progress: 100%.

Prioritize time and connection with my beloveds over busy-ness. Weeks 1012.

  • Recovered from early-week distraction and had lots of later-week connection.
  • Progress: 90%

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  1. Though I know you’d love to see even more blue here, it’s a lovely shade with those hghlights of green… Soaring… a sense of horizons to reach.

    Our shovels both broke during that last set of storms too. 😛

      • Hear hear! I am DONE with snow (at least for a little while. Though… the icy waterfalls today were definitely worth the inconvenience too.

        • I’ll bet they were lovely! Were they the ones close to you, or did you go further afield?

          I have crocuses! =D

          I went out to take some “before” pictures of the yard, since cleaning and beautifying are on the list for this round, and found their lovely brave little deep purple selves. =D

  2. Glad to see you making progress on so many things! Good luck getting the new bed in.

    I’m always glad when DST begins, as we get an extra hour of daylight in the evening, and I can finally kick Seasonal Affective to the curb… at least until DST ends in the fall. Have a great week and keep up the good work!

    • I’m happy for you, Jennette. And what I would give to have you here to offer suggestions on these home repairs – I’m in a bit out of my element (well, actually, hugely out of it, but I’m learning).

  3. The snow has mostly melted here as well and I’m looking with new eyes on how everyone reports in for ROW80, hoping still to find that perfect, low-stress way to set goals (measurable) and report progress somewhat easily. Sunday ‘should’ be the perfect day for that! I enjoy the green and purple here that shows so much in progress. Those spring flowers are not too far away. Have a great week, Shan.

    • I keep a template on an open tab, and add/adapt as needed. My colors make it easy for me to see where I’m succeeding, or not so much, and motivate me to change things to blue – because I adore blue.

      My goals have a very different feel this round because I didn’t know, going into it, what life would bring – but I certainly didn’t expect Jim to die only days into the round, or how convoluted the adjustment process would be.

      I’m hoping my Round 2 can aim a bit more toward measurability and stability.

      As for those spring flowers – we’ve got a fresh dump of snow here, but I’ve been buying a couple of boxes of bulbs every time we go to the store, so I will be ready to make some flowers happen when the ground is ready – here, usually after Mother’s Day.

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