Finding My Strut? #ROW80 /#12WeekYear  End of Week 9

Hi there, ROWers and friends! 

 On Sunday, I wrote about striding and strolling my way to my goals.

Since then:

  • I’ve had a couple of days of intense activity, followed by two mellower days.
  • I mailed the package to Jim’s family, and feel freer without the emotional burden of that self-imposed obligation.
  • Lise’s homeschool report is drafted, and Miah’s has been started.
  • My recently composed flash fiction story, “Symphony at Song Glass Cabin,” was accepted to Pub 518’s upcoming anthology, Exploits in the Adirondacks. First round of edits due at end of month; a first review found only minor fixes needed.
  • I’ve also had an epiphany regarding our house, and how we can deal with some rather significant structural damage in our one bathroom. It involves a cargo container addition, possibly two, and moving several rooms. I’ve got a quick sketch and a headful of ideas, but very little else, thus far. I’m watching Fixer-Upper, though – so stay tuned!

I’m not sure I can claim a strut just yet – but with my reading approaching swiftly, and things taking on some semblance of order here…I can sense it out there, somewhere…

What brings out your strut?

Blue with Overstrike: Goal Completed.

Green:  In Progress.

Black: Still Waiting.

Black with Overstrike: 86ed.

Red: Goal Change.

 Relationships, Family, and Home:


Complete homeschool reports and submit. Due Week 11.

  • Miah’s report: opened file; began adapting intro. It’s a start.
  • Progress: 47%.

Facilitate Miah’s driving practice; four times weekly. Weeks 9-12.

  • Weather not especially conducive; talked about pre-licensing course and gear-up for his license.
  • Progress: 30%.

Move bedroom furniture to better accommodate nurse visits; deep clean as I go; ask for help from kids as needed.  Week 1.

Use one-on-one time to touch base with both kids. Weeks 912.

  • Touching base in bits and pieces.
  • Progress: 100%

Set aside a few minutes five days weekly to arrange facilitation of needs. Weeks 9 -12.

  • Yes, each day. Hometending; personal enrichment; cooking; shopping; connection with and facilitating interests/goals for both. 7/7 for session.
  • Progress: 100%.


Focus on at least ten minutes with some combination of family members in common spaces daily. Weeks 912.

  • 7/7 days this session: mostly in kitchen area while cooking/cleaning.
  • Progress: 100%.

Gather and consider how to make our home a sweeter place. Weeks 9-12.

  • Discussed division of home labor; major renovation ideas; upcoming travel; and puppies.
  • Progress: 100%



Inventory sauces; get count on what/how many labels needed: Due Week 3.

  • Stored labeled sauces to make room for inventory of unlabeled (for which I have a different plan).
  • Progress: 93%

Go through checking account and insurance policy info; make list of monthly/quarterly bills and due dates: Due Week 4.

  • Progress: 85%

Pay Jim’s back sales taxes; find out how to dissolve business. Due Week 6.

  • Progress: 35%.

Do (or delegate) our taxes: Due Week 10.

  • Progress: 25%.

Create a base family budget for the kids and I: Due Week 12.

  • First step: we have an eating out budget for the month.
  • Progress: 55%

Focus on learning via the courses I already have in progress: Weeks 9-12.

  • Progress: 60%.

Work on beta projects I’ve agreed to as opportunity arises. Weeks 912.

  • Progress: 100%.

Keep in touch with other writers –  reading blogs; commenting; participating in sprints and blog hops as I am able: Weeks 9-12.

  • Some sprinting; some blog reading/commenting.
  • My #SoCS post, Redefine.
  • Prepped for #BOAW2018 Blogfest.
  • Progress: 100%.


Make lists of things we could use help with, as we think of them. Weeks 912.

  • The very beginnings of a list, sort of. I listed a few essentials in my #SoCS post.
  • Progress: 63%

Ask both kids for ideas at least weekly. Weeks 912.

  • Talked with both regarding various new ideas.
  • Progress: 100%

Pair lists with those willing to help at least weekly. Weeks 912.

  • Continued simmering ideas on how to request help with our improvement projects.
  • Progress: 15%

Seek out someone(s) with good organizational skills who can coordinate as/when needed. Weeks 9-12.

  • Progress: 0%

When someone offers general assistance, be ready with ideas. Weeks 912.

  • Progress: 100%

Body, Mind, and Soul:


Watch Star Trek: Enterprise whenever possible; join in Twitter live chat at #AllStarTrek. Weeks 9-12.

  • Every day, yes.
  • Progress: 100%

Resume taking pictures, beautifying our home, drawing, coloring, singing, and other activities that I enjoy, as opportunities arise. Weeks 9-12.

  • Home and Garden TV; drawing simple renovation plans; photography; decluttering/organizing/hometending; singing; coffee with a friend; walking.
  • Progress: 100%

Experiment with Instant Pot weekly. Weeks 912.

  • Made couscous and sautéed ground turkey.
  • Progress: 100%.

Keep eyes open for likely recipes. Weeks 9-12.

  • New Plated recipes.
  • Progress:100%

Use Ninja for food prep once weekly. Weeks 7-12.

Alternate days of restful focus with more active days. Weeks 9-12.

  • Active two, then restful two, when I couldn’t give any more.
  • Progress: 75%.

Listen to my body, mind, and soul, and follow their leads to adjust accordingly.  Weeks 912.

  • Not so much Wed. and Thurs., but couldn’t avoid it on Friday and Saturday, when I napped and dozed frequently.
  • Progress: 50%


Follow a morning routine when possible. Weeks 812.

Use quiet moments as they present themselves. Weeks 9-12.

  • Better than at the beginning of the week.
  • Progress: 50%.

Make a practice of being present- right here, right now. Weeks 912.

  • Again, a bit better.
  • Progress: 50%.

Prioritize time and connection with my beloveds over busy-ness. Weeks 912.

  • Success here, at least!
  • Progress: 100%


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    • Or…I won’t. I keep finding little bits and pieces of Jim’s unfinished business. It’s kind of how life works, I guess.

      Until then, I’ll keep trying to find a blend of taking care of the unfinished marriage stuff, the family stuff, and my own stuff…

      And be thankful for people who cheer me on! =D

    • I think I need a couple of those days in every week about now. I’ve been going full bore for a long time. Sometimes, we all need to rest, and I’m finding lots of ideas born in those mellower spaces.

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