Forward After the Fall: #ROW80 /#12WeekYear  EOW 7


Hi there, ROWers and friends!

On Wednesday, I wrote about stumbling– those times when it all seems to be falling apart, and my goals seem out of reach.

Something I tend to forget, in the falling-down time, is that it’s possible to pick myself up after I stumble – to brush myself off and assess the damage, then get back to the business at hand.

And that the damage usually isn’t as bas as I thought it might be, in the heart of the fray.

It’s true this time. That stretch of uncomfortable and tempestuous days has led to growth, inspiration, epiphany, energy, and accomplishment. That discomfort was like the growing pains I used to get when I was a kid.

I’ve been simmering ideas most of the session – but not just simmering. Miah and I finally got the bulk of my L-shaped Command Center completed (still need to finish the door and two drawers, but it’s functional). I’ve spent a good deal of time and attention setting it up and tweaking, and that led to the realization that I could reset the rear corner of my room, which was cluttered and mostly unusable. I spent most of Saturday doing that; it was a pleasant challenge both physically and mentally, and I’m delighted with the results.

I’ve got a bit left to do before I’ve eliminated all the clutter piles, but I’m feeling much more centered and peaceful – if I have order in my personal spaces, I feel as though I can expand that into other parts of our home, and my own personal, family, and professional life.

So, although I’m thrilled by the return of calm and productivity, I also value the tempest that birthed them.

How was your week?

Blue with Overstrike: Goal Completed.

Green:  In Progress.

Black: Still Waiting.

Black with Overstrike: 86ed.

Relationships, Family, and Home:


Complete lists of homeschool activities/ update attendance for November. Due Week 2.

  • Progress: 10%.

Facilitate Miah’s driving practice; four times weekly. Weeks 712.

  • Wednesday – Friday, all locally, in a mix of weather and purposes. 5/4.
  • Progress: 100%.

Move bedroom furniture to better accommodate nurse visits; deep clean as I go; ask for help from kids as needed. Week 1.

  • Much more this session, as I re-imagined my personal spaces.
  • Progress: 100%.

Use one-on-one time to touch base with both kids. Weeks 712.

  • Solid success.
  • Progress: 100%

Set aside a few minutes five days weekly to arrange facilitation of needs. Weeks 712.

  • Hometending; administration; provisioning; personal enrichment. 7/5.
  • Progress: 100%.


Focus on at least ten minutes with some combination of family members in common spaces daily. Weeks 712.

  • 7/7.
  • Progress: 100%.

Gather and consider how to make our home a sweeter place. Weeks 7-12.

  • More discussion on help/ overwhelm, and nurtured myself by devoting considerable time to my bedroom reset in addition to regular hometending.
  • Progress: 100%



Inventory sauces; get count on what/how many labels needed: Due Week 3.

  • Progress: 90%

Go through checking account and insurance policy info; make list of monthly/quarterly bills and due dates: Due Week 4.

  • Progress: 85%

Pay Jim’s back sales taxes; find out how to dissolve business. Due Week 6.

  • Progress: 35%.

Do (or delegate) our taxes: Due Week 10.

  • Progress: 25%.

Create a base family budget for the kids and I: Due Week 12.

  • More consideration of our budgetary needs.
  • Progress: 50%

Focus on learning via the courses I already have in progress: Weeks 7-12.

  • Worked on 5 Story Middle revisions; completed 2/5. Completed ending for 1/5; submitted to themed small press anthology.
  • Progress: 100%.

Work on beta projects I’ve agreed to as opportunity arises. Weeks 712.

  • Progress: 50%.

Keep in touch with other writers –  reading blogs; commenting; participating in sprints and blog hops as I am able: Weeks 7-12.

  • Sprinted Thursday.
  • Progress: 60%.


 Make lists of things we could use help with, as we think of them. Weeks 712.

  • Progress: 50%

Ask both kids for ideas at least weekly. Weeks 7-12.

  • Talked with both; brainstormed a bit.
  • Progress: 100%

Pair lists with those willing to help at least weekly. Weeks 712.

  • Informally, yes.
  • Progress: 100%

Seek out someone(s) with good organizational skills who can coordinate as/when needed. Weeks 712.

  • Progress: 100%

When someone offers general assistance, be ready with ideas. Weeks 7-12.

  • Progress: 100%

Body, Mind, and Soul:


Watch Star Trek: Enterprise whenever possible; join in Twitter live chat at #AllStarTrek. Weeks 7-12.

  • Every night this session. We’ve begun again. =D
  • Progress: 100%

Resume taking pictures, beautifying our home, drawing, coloring, singing, and other activities that I enjoy, as opportunities arise. Weeks 7-12.

  • More Home and Garden TV; decluttering/organizing/hometending/setting up Command Center/resetting bedroom; singing; and fan fiction reading.
  • Progress: 100%

Experiment with Instant Pot weekly. Weeks 7-12.

  • Progress: 0%.

Keep eyes open for likely recipes. Weeks 712.

  • Progress: 0%

Use Ninja for food prep once weekly. Weeks 7-12.

  • Progress: 0%

Alternate days of restful focus with more active days. Weeks 7-12.

  • Still doing well with this one.
  • Progress: 100%.

Listen to my body, mind, and soul, and follow their leads to adjust accordingly.  Weeks 712.

  • After a stumble earlier in the week, I resumed listening; and things are getting better in many ways…there’s a lesson in there!
  • Progress: 100%


Follow a morning routine when possible. Weeks 712.

  • Progress: 0%.

Use quiet moments as they present themselves. Weeks 7-12.

  • Lots of renewal/planning/execution time.
  • Progress: 100%.

Make a practice of being present- right here, right now. Weeks 712.

  • I picked myself up and remembered. =D
  • Progress: 100%.

Prioritize time and connection with my beloveds over busy-ness. Weeks 712.

  • Much better, but still room for improvement this session.
  • Progress: 95%

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A #nofilter view of my Command Center in progress, from my bed. #NoFilter


    • Thank you, Kitt. I know Jim supported my writing, and us making improvements to the house and our lives. That makes it easier to move forward, rather than staying stuck. Having teenagers helps, too -they are growing and changing sometimes by the second, it seems – and it’s my job to make sure their lives are inspiring and nurturing.

      And I’ll take all the cheers I can get, for the clumsier times! =D

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