“Mr. Carstairs”: Kifo Island for #SoCS

“Mr. Carstairs”

“Take your medication, Mr. Carstairs.”

“In other words, give my power to you, choke it out while I’m swallowing your control – “

“Mr. Carstairs – “

“My name is Zeke.”

“I’m required to call you Mr. Carstairs.  We’re not allowed to be too familiar with our patients.”

“In other words, they control you.”

“’They,’ Mr. Carstairs?”

“They. The ones we never see. The ones who control everything – only most people never even notice their strings being pulled and twisted.”

“Mr. Carstairs, this is a psychiatric hospital – “

“In other words, a control center. A brainwashing facility. A torture chamber – “

“Mr. Carstairs, you’re alarming the other patients – “

“They should be alarmed! We’re all prisoners here!”

“You’re not. You were homeless and hungry. You’re safe here – but if you alarm the others, I’ll have to isolate you.”

“In other words, I’m a prisoner.”

Will Zeke take his medicine?

Will the hospital employee ever call him by his first name?

Is Zeke right about the purpose of the hospital?

Any guesses?


The above freewriting ties into my rough draft novel, Tsunamis, from my as-yet unpublished Kifo Island series. It may or may not ever become a permanent part of Zeke’s story.

  • To “meet” Zeke, read here.
  • To read more from Tsunamis, click here.
  • To read more Kifo Island excerpts, go here.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is hosted by Linda G. Hill’s blog, Life in Progress. This week’s prompt is the phrase , “In other words,” used at least once. Dip your toes in the #SoCS waters here.


  1. I have a few tales about how frightened I would be in Zeke’s position… It’s not something to go through. Though perhaps Zeke is imagining some of what he fears in its specifics, the fact is… he’s correct. Thing is… being correct doesn’t mean it’s right or that the institution is wrong. That… I don’t know, since this bit of story seems very new to me.

    • It’s part of Zeke’s backstory. Not sure whether you’ve “met” Zeke. He’s lots of fun to write, but also nerve-wracking, because I love him very much, and he sometimes gets into very scary situations.

      The balance of whether he or the medical professionals are more correct is ever-shifting for him…he’s not always capable of keeping that balance.

    • Thanks, Linda! I’ve since revised it twice, then polished, and I think I caught more of the menace and dissonance, as well as Zeke’s distinct personality. And all because of this prompt, so thank you! =D

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